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While there definitely are new products released on the market all the time- there are those that remain popular despite being released years back. The Storz & Bickel Mighty (review | buy) and the Arizer Solo 2 (review | buy) are two such products. Obviously, they have a lot more differences rather than similarities - but they're both known for their build quality and for having hybrid heating systems. Both devices are renowned for producing the best quality vapor you can get from a portable

The Mighty was released in 2014, 4 years after S&B released the Volcano - the first-ever vaporizer. Expectations were high for the company that started it all-and the Mighty definitely didn’t disappoint- it’s also been a mainstay on our best dry herb vaporizers list. The Mighty simplified dry herb vaping and made it nearly foolproof with its onboard controls. It also features a rugged exterior made from medical grade plastic called PEEK, and sports an ingenious finned design that keeps the entire device cool even throughout successive sessions at high temperatures.

Arizer Solo 2 Design

The Solo 2 is another flagship product much like the Mighty is for S&B. It features several Arizer signature features such as high-quality borosilicate glass mouthpieces that cool down the vapor and make loading pretty easy. It also has a relatively wide temperature spectrum of 122-428°F, which can be controlled and viewed on the built-in OLED screen. The entire device body is made from sturdy brushed aluminum which adds to its overall premium feel.

Both devices, while they are categorized as portables - are actually on the larger end of the scale. Neither device will fit in your pocket but will do just fine in a purse or a backpack. The Mighty also features dual compatibility and may be used with wax and other solid extracts. But for the purpose of this comparison - I will be focusing on both device’s performance with dry herb. To test the Mighty and the Solo 2- I used Sour Glue CBD from InHemp (visit store) and THC herb from my local dispensary.

Kit and Accessories

The Mighty and the Solo 2 kits both include everything you need to start vaping right out of the box - the devices, chargers, cleaning tools, and spare filter screens.

Solo 2 Kit

But the Solo’s kit definitely comes with more items- you get 2 glass tubes in 90mm and 110mm, a glass aroma dish for using aromatherapy herbs, and two silicone stem caps. Arizer’s line-up of accessories for most of their products are quite extensive, and since the Solo is their flagship device- there’s definitely a good number of notable accessories you might want to check out:

  • Curved Mouthpiece – this allows you to use the device without having to hold it directly under your lip. (In my opinion- it’s also the best mouthpiece to use the device with.)
  • Tipped Aroma Tube – This mouthpiece has a tapered opening that reduces the amount of vapor you inhale, making it less overwhelming for some users and more natural to use.
  • Frosted Glass Tube – (available in 14mm and 19mm) this allows you to attach the Solo 2 to a water pipe. I tested this accessory with my rig from Higher Standards
Crafty/Mighty Kit and Accessories

S&B’s device accessories may be used interchangeably between their devices and are available for sale on the Storz & Bickel website. There’s a lot to choose from, but the two more notable ones actually already come included with the Mighty.

  • Dosing Capsules– small capsules that may be pre-filled with herb and easily popped in and out of the oven while you’re on the go. The capsules also fit a keychain, so you can simply pre-fill and go. S&B also sells filling trays and filling aids that can fill nearly 40 capsules at a time. 
  • Filling Aid– this clips to the top of the vaporizer and is essentially a funnel into the oven. It also doubles as a container so you can store a small amount of herb inside. The filling aid securely clips onto the oven and ensures that no debris falls around the heating element- keeping your vape clean at all times.

Design and Features

These two devices could not be more different in design - the Solo 2 sports a sleek columnar design, while the Mighty has a rugged, rough look. Also, as previously mentioned, both devices are quite large for portables and probably won’t fit in your back pocket.

The Mighty is sized at 5.5″H x 3.2″L x 1.2″D, or roughly the width and height of the larger iPhone models. The exterior is made with a medical-grade plastic called PEEK. While the use of plastic on a premium device might be questionable for some - PEEK is an advanced biomaterial often used in medical implants. This implies that the material is durable and was malleable enough to create the ingenious signature finned design that keeps the entire device cool.

Looking directly at the Mighty, it’s pretty easy to spot where everything is - the oven is in the center column directly under the swiveling mouthpiece, while the batteries are on either side of the device. The bottom half of the device contains two tactile temperature buttons and a digital display so you have precise temperature control.

Solo 2 Review

The Solo 2 measures 4.5 x 1.7 x 1 inches and weighs around 200grams. It sports a sleek, minimal columnar design that places function over style. Other than the tall glass mouthpiece, the next detail that’ll grab your attention is the circular menu pad and the OLED screen right above it. The bright OLED screen displays the usual information such as device temperature and battery levels. The menu pad is surprisingly responsive and well-sized, meaning you won’t find yourself accidentally pressing the wrong end of it or fumbling for controls.

The entire device body is constructed with aluminum and its finish definitely adds to its solid and sturdy feel. While it doesn’t exactly have a heat dissipation design like the Mighty, it does comfortably warm even after successive sessions.


The Mighty’s battery definitely lives up to its name, lasting for a record two and a half hours. It has a proprietary charger that charges the device from zero in only 90 minutes. Proprietary chargers may be somewhat of a downside though, once you run out of juice and you’re far from your charger - there’s really no way of charging the device.

Arizer Solo 2 Review

The Solo 2 beats the Mighty’s battery by half an hour, capable of going for up to three hours without a recharge. Charging is also done with its accompanying proprietary charger, and also takes 90 minutes. The Solo also features pass-through charging, meaning you can continue to use the device while it’s plugged in.

Both devices have the best battery life on a portable vape, and while proprietary chargers may be a little inconvenient at times - these batteries will most likely last a whole day’s worth of intermittent sessions. Between these two devices - the Solo 2 definitely has the better battery.


Arizer Solo 2 Kit and Accessories

The Mighty’s mouthpiece is also made from PEEK and does a fine job of cooling the vapor to an extent. The fact that it tucks/swivels away when not in use is also quite convenient. To compensate for its short mouthpiece, right below it is the cooling unit, which is there to reduce vapor temperature for a more comfortable experience. 

It’s hard to talk about the Solo 2 without talking about its signature heat-resistant borosilicate glass mouthpieces. It’s one of the Solo’s most notable features, cooling down the vapor before it reaches the user’s mouth and the neutral material of the glass also helps to keep the flavor of the vapor pure so it’s untainted by any foreign materials.

Ease of Use

The best devices are the ones you can use straight out of the box and don’t require brushing through manuals to figure out. Both the Mighty and the Solo 2 are two such devices. While their sizes might make them seem intimidating to new users, using them requires no learning curve.

Crafty and Mighty Review

The Mighty’s well-sized display and the display layout make it easy to see everything that’s happening with the device - actual temperature up top, set temp below, and the battery level at the bottom. The display is flanked by two tactile triangular temperature adjustment buttons. All the controls and information are presented to you upfront. The only button outside this space is the small orange button on the side which powers the device on and off - but you might find yourself rarely using this button to turn off the device. The Mighty’s built-in shut-off timer tracks your use and automatically turns off after two minutes of inactivity.

Arizer Solo 2 Controls

The Solo 2 also has a pretty large and clear OLED display which displays all the necessary information. As mentioned earlier, the circular panel is pretty responsive and well-sized - making locating the buttons pretty easy. Simply hold the menu button and the “up” button to turn it on and press the up-down buttons to increase the temperature in 1° increments or hold either button down to increase or decrease the temperature by 10°. While that’s all easy enough - it’s loading the Solo 2 that’s the most seamless of all. Just place the bottom of the mouthpiece onto the herb and twist slightly to load. I  definitely recommend having a great grinder like the SLX (review | buy) that grinds your herb to a fluffy consistency - making it easier for the glass stem to collect.


Right out of the gate, it’s important to say that both devices produce excellent vapor.

Mighty Portable Vaporizer Review

The Solo 2’s glass stems are definitely fantastic and do a great job at keeping the vapor cool and flavorful at any point in your session. This is on top of the fact that hybrid heating makes for much better results especially when compared to conduction ovens. The Solo 2 heats up in about 30-60 seconds, depending on your desired temperatures. The only downside is that the standard straight 10mm mouthpiece sometimes results in a somewhat restrictive, milkshake-like draw especially when packed too tightly. For best results, I recommend using the bent mouthpiece and a slightly loose pack.

Solo 2 Loading Procedure

There’s a reason why S&B’s vapor is the standard of the industry. For starters, they invented the hybrid heating system - heating herb thoroughly and efficiently each time. The Mighty has a temperature range of 104°F and 410°F and heats up in 45 seconds (on average). The first hit on the Mighty is very flavorful with lighter vapor and gets denser throughout the session. Each session on the Mighty is satisfying and simply perfect.

Bottom Line

Both devices are cult favorites that produce excellent vapor. They’re large portable options with long battery lives, simple controls, and are easy to maintain. The Mighty’s definitely got a premium price tag at $350, while the Solo 2 is much much cheaper at $165. The Solo’s hybrid heating + glass mouthpieces make it such an excellent buy for its price. If you’ve capped your budget in that range, then by all means- this might just be the one for you.

It’s hard to find a vaporizer that’ll beat the Mighty, and the Solo 2 has a leg up in some aspects - but it only comes close at best. What keeps the Mighty king, other than its great vapor quality, is its consistency. A session with the Mighty is always great, and once you’ve tried it - it’s hard to look anywhere else. If you’re looking for S&B quality vapor but at a slightly lower price of $280 - then the Mighty’s little brother, the Crafty+ (review | buy)  is definitely worth checking out. It does just as well, in a smaller, also finned body.