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Last Update: July 7th, 2019

Best Weed Vaporizers 2019

The Best Vaporizers for weed & Cannabis in all categories

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There’s never been a better time to buy a weed vaporizer. A whole new dimension in Cannabis consumption has opened up in recent years due to technology advancements of the newest vapes, as well as an expansion of the varioius ways you can take your THC. Weed Vaporizers can be as large as a blender or as small as a car key. But the goal is the same- vaporize THC in its various forms.

You don’t have to be an expert vaporizer user to get started with vaping weed. Most vapes are easy to pick up and start using, though selecting the best weed vaporizer is still a difficult task. The following are our top-rated weed vapes in all categories after countless hours of rigorous testing. Vapes by Storz & Bickel, KandyPens and Arizer continue to rule the game.


Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer

“A Portable Vaporizer is typically a handheld device that uses a rechargeable battery. Portable Vapes are compatible with weed in its dry form- dry herb.

1st Place


Mighty Vaporizer

Best portable vape

The Crafty and Mighty represent vaping at its best. Easy maintenance & consistent performance make these the best portable vaporizers of 2019.

$349 from Storz & Bickel

2nd Place


Arizer Solo 2

Best under $200

$187 from Vape-Smart
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3rd Place


Pax 3

Most Portable Vape

$249 from Pax Vapor

Best Wax Vape Pens

“Wax Vapes Pens compatible with THC extracts such as: Dabs, Shatter, or Concentrates. Some are also compatible with pre-filled oil cartridges.

1st Place


KandyPens Prism

Best Dab Pen

The Prism comes with two coils that will work with any type of Wax/ Dab. It has 4 temp settings, and it produces pure, aromatic flavor.

$97 from KandyPens
Use coupon code TVG25 for 25% off

2nd Place


Linx Hypnos Zero

Best Value

$79 from Linx Vapor

3rd Place


Atmos Dabber

Vape Pen/ Honey Straw Hybrid

$64 from Atmos
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Best Oil Vaporizer

THC oil is probably the easiest way to vape THC, as oil requires low voltage. Oil Vape Pens are typically batteries that can connect to pre-filled cartridges.

1st Place


KandyPens 350 mAh Battery

Best 510 Thread Battery

Once again KandyPens takes the first spot with this simple to use plug-and-play battery. It’s 510 Threaded, meaning it’ll work with any pre-filled oil carts.

$34 from KandyPens
Use coupon code TVG25 for 25% off

2nd Place


Atmos Pal

Great Value

$44 from Atmos
Use coupon code TVG15 for 15% off

3rd Place


KandyPens Rubi

Best Open-Pod Oil Pen

$49 from KandyPens
Use coupon code TVG25 for 25% off

Best e-Nail/ eRig

Dabbing Rigs (aka eRigs, eNails) are usually larger devices with glass attachments or water filtration. “If you’re a beginner, this is not the right place to start. eRigs are for experienced users.

1st Place


Dr Dabber Switch

Dual Use Beast

The Switch is the latest vaporizer from Dr. Dabber, and it uses a unique heating method- Induction. This means it heats up quickly, and delivers amazing flavor. It is dual use- for dry herbs and

$399 from Dr. Dabber

2nd Place

Dr-Dabber-Boost best weed dab vaporizer

Dr Dabber Boost

Best Kit for Beginners

$159 from Dr. Dabber
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3rd Place


Puffco Peak

Most Portable

$379 from VapeActive
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Best Desktop Vaporizers

Desktop Vaporizers are usually bigger and heavier than portables, and they require a plug-in. These vapes are also called Tabletop vapes or Whip Style Vapes.

1st Place

Volcano-Hybrid is the best desktop vaporizer

Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

Best Performing Vaporizer

The Volcano is the vape that started the whole thing. It’s considered to be the purest, most “medical-grade” vape you can buy. It’s big & heavy, but it’s a beast. The Hybrid is the latest version of the Volcano, released in July 2019.

$699 from Storz & Bickel

2nd Place


Arizer Extreme Q

Best Whip Style

$169 from VapeWorld
Use coupon code TVG15 for 15% off

3rd Place


Plenty Vaporizer

Best for Group Vaping

$249 from Storz & Bickel

Best Weed Grinders

A good grinder can make all the difference when using a dry herb vaporizer. The following grinders will improve the efficiency of your sessions and will last years.

1st Place


SLX Grinder

Best Overall Grinder

The SLX has a Ceramic coating on it’s interior, which helps prevent herbs and resin from sticking to it. It grinds to the perfect consistency required for vaping.

$59 from Vape-Smart
Use coupon code TVG10 for 10% off

2nd Place


Otto Grinder

Best Electric Grinder

$129 from Vape-Smart
Use coupon code TVG10 for 10% off

3rd Place


Space Case Grinder

Most Durable

$65 from VapeWorld
Use coupon code TVG15 for 15% off

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