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At TheVape.Guide, vaping is our way of life–part of our culture. We know that with all the products available, and with new products being released every day, it can be really difficult to decide which vaporizer you should go for.

We write our reviews to help you keep the facts straight. The staff at TheVape.Guide uses all the products we review, so you know that you are reading about actual user experience–one that you will likely share.

TheVape.Guide will help you make the right choice

We make it easy on you by dividing our reviews into relevant categories: dry herb vaporizers, concentrate vaporizers, e-liquids, e-cigarettes and so on. Each of our product reviews breaks down the pros, cons, and specifications of each vaporizer in detail. By the end of each review you will know as much about that vape as we do (i.e., everything). Then, you can decide if you must have it…or not.

 Our vaporizer reviews provide simple, yet detailed summaries of the facts that you need to know before you invest.


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TheVape.Guide will help you find the best deals

We believe that vapes should be priced fairly, so we continuously negotiate with most major online retailers to get exclusive coupon codes, promotions and giveaways for our readers.

The price of vaporizers varies greatly but we will guide you to the brands and stores where you can get the best deals in each category.

We get our readers discounts on some of the most awesome vapes available. TheVape.Guide always gets you the best price.

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Beginner or Advanced: The Vape Guide caters to all vapers

If you are a beginner–check out our beginners’ education articles, such as Dry Herb Vaping for Beginners, to get you started. If you are a vaping veteran – check out our latest posts, best vaporizers or vape pen lists to stay current. Whatever your level, we will keep you up-to-date with the changes and latest products, industry trends, and really – all things vaping!

We enjoy learning and researching about the newest technology in vaporizers and making that information accessible to our readers. Our site is constantly updated with the latest information because we hold ourselves to that standard as the authoritative vaping source. We will always get you the best coupon codes available, and only promote the most reliable and reputable stores, brands, and affiliate sites.

TheVape.Guide strives to be the undisputed, authoritative source for vaporizer reviews and vaping culture.

Vape with us 🙂

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