The world of Vaping is growing at an exponential rate, there are more vaporizers entering the market every day in every category. Vaping enthusiasts need an expert guide to keep up with all the rapid changes in the vaporizer marketplace. That is why we created The Vape Guide, to serve one-stop stop depository of everything vapers need to know to stay on top of all the new vapes and information emerging each day. On our site, you will find the latest reviews of all the latest vaporizers and accessories in the categories of dry herb, extracts, and e-liquids.

We are a group of vapers who write, writers who vape, editors who vape, designers who…well, you get the idea. We all love vaping and we wanted a place to share that passion with other people, whether they’re longtime vapers, just getting into vaping, or curious as to what vaping is about. We created this site for vapers of all experience levels so beginners and experts are all welcome.

Each product is thoroughly tested by our reviewers so that we can give our readers an honest and complete evaluation. That way, they will know whether that product is right for them. As part of our policy of complete disclosure, we do get a commission when you make a purchase via one of our links. We use that to run and maintain this website and keep it free from annoying ads that will slow down your computer or smartphone. We appreciate all of our readers and thank all of you for making TheVape.Guide your number one source for vaping news and reviews, and for helping us to continue doing what we love.

So where do you get started? If you’re brand new to vaping, then you can start with our education pages. You can learn all about the different type of vaping there, from dry herb, to extract vaping, to e-liquids, and to CBD. Are you a seasoned vaper, then check out our best of lists, where you can find out the best vapes in each category. Everyone can check out the latest posts page for the latest in vaporizer reviews, news, previews, and more. And you bargain hunters should make sure to check out the coupon codes page before making a purchase. That’s because you guys deserve the best from us when it comes to reviews and shopping.

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