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Thank you for visiting our site. It is our honor and privilege at TheVape.Guide to provide you with the most thorough, in-depth, and well-researched reviews on vaporizers, vape-related accessories, and basically all things vaping!

TheVape.Guide, as an authority on today’s vaping culture and market, is proud to deliver expert, informed opinions that will inform you in making the vaporizer choice that is best suited to your needs. All our reviews and any information found on TheVape.Guide initiates primarily from our policy of honesty and transparency with our visitors and, in keeping with this policy, it is important that we tell you about our relationship with our affiliates.

The Vape Guide and our Affiliates

As with many websites that provide product reviews, TheVape.Guide receives financial remuneration for purchases made through the links on our site. What this means is that we receive a referral fee from such linked sites whenever our loyal readers make a purchase from their trusted sites.

This is a common practice and one that allows us to keep our site free of ads and other such unwanted distractions that hinder the online browsing and shopping experience. It also helps in the maintenance and operating costs of this site and allows us to continue providing you with the best vape reviews available anywhere.

Our Honesty Guarantee

Even though we receive referral fees from some of our affiliates, they do not have any bearing on our reviews as our opinions cannot be bought or influenced. We realize that we are in a position to affect the purchasing habits of anyone who visits our site and that is a responsibility we do not take lightly. Besides–TheVape.Guide’s reputation is at stake in this context and we would not jeopardize the trust of our customers by promoting false information on products that we, ourselves would not spend our own money on.

It is our moral and ethical duty to provide you with honest, independent, and unbiased reviews. TheVape.Guide adheres to the Federal Trade Commission’s regulations which  require any website utilizing affiliate links to openly state that they are doing so. TheVape.Guide willfully adheres to this rule as we have confidence that our readers can see that our years of experience and expertise guide our reviews, not promises of monetary compensation.

We would tell you about our affiliate referral fees even without the legal obligation to do so because we value the trust we have built with our audience and maintaining that trust is of paramount important to us.

TheVape.Guide’s affiliates are all authorized and legitimate

We ensure the safety, honesty, and reliability of our affiliates through a three-step process of vetting, verification, and validation.

  • Vetting – We thoroughly examine each of our affiliates to make sure that they are legitimate businesses which are authorized to legally distribute the products they are selling. We will not lead you to fraudulent or illegitimate organizations.
  • Verification – We confirm the legitimacy and security of our affiliates by doing business with them prior to referring our loyal readers to do the same. We will not recommend any affiliates that we have not first used, ourselves.
  • Validation – This is part of our review process. We ensure the quality of any product we review that is featured on our affiliate’s website. Our reviews are honest and impartial because that is what our readers deserve and have come to expect from TheVape.Guide.

TheVape.Guide’s primary responsibility is to our readers

Above all else, TheVape.Guide’s main obligation is to provide honesty to our readers; honesty in our reviews and honesty in our business practices. You deserve truth and openness in reviews because without them you cannot make an informed decision.

It is our duty and our honor to provide you with the best vape reviews you can find without having to worry that they have been tainted by dishonesty or monetary motives. We will continue to be open about our affiliate links while providing the professional and unbiased reviews you have come to expect from us.

Our affiliates are important to us but not as important as you, our readers. TheVape.Guide owes its very existence to our readers and we will continue to repay your investment in us by providing you with the most thorough, well-researched, and unbiased reviews you can find anywhere.

Thank you for making us your Vape Guide!

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