Puffco Peak Pro eRig review

Expected Release Date: Late October 2020.

Puffco is one of the popular brands that manufacture extract vapes such as Puffco Plus (Review | Buy) which is currently one of the best wax vapes this 2020. They also released the Puffco Peak (Review | Buy) which is considered as one of the finest portable dab rigs ever made. It received a “High Times Best e-Rig” award and other awards across other categories.

On October 7th, 2020, Puffco announced that they are releasing a new version of the Peak, called Puffco Peak Pro! It follows a mountain-like design as the previous model and has some new exciting features such as Wireless Qi Charging, Smartphone App, Customizable LED Lights, and Real-Time Temp Control. This is my first look at the Puffco Peak Pro and will update this once we get the review unit from Puffco and publish a full and comprehensive review. 

Kit and Accessories

Puffco Peak Pro Kit & Accessories

The Puffco Peak Pro keeps the same accessories in the kit with a slight improvement:

  • Carrying Case – The carrying case was redesigned and now has a handle which makes it more comfortable to carry.
  • Oculus Carb Cap & Tether
  • USB-C Charger
  • Dab tool & Cleaning Swabs
  • Extra Ceramic Bowl

Additional Accessories:

Puffco will also be releasing the first few accessories for the Peak Pro-

  • Power Dock (Visit Store) – This serves as a sturdy base for your Puffco Peak Pro. Aside from that, you can use it to charge the Peak Pro wirelessly. It also serves as a portable power bank that you can use to charge your USB devices.
  • Travel Pack (Visit Store) – The travel pack includes: backpack storage to store cleaning tools and dabbing tool, an angled silicone mouthpiece for better inhaling position, and a new hinging tether to keep the carb cap in place.

Peak Vs Peak Pro

This is a quick summary of the upgrades of the Peak Pro from the previous model. They are similar in weight and height as well as they are both easy to use and maintain. The upgrades are:

  • The Puffco Peak Pro uses a USB-C charger rather than a micro-USB which means the Pro version has a faster charge time. Also, it has a Wireless Qi Charging function when you use it with the Power Dock.
  • The Puffco Peak Pro heating coil is 40% bigger than the original.
  • The water bubbler of the Puffco Peak Pro can store more water that filters the vapor more.
  • The Puffco Peak isn’t a smartphone app compatible.
  • The Puffco Peak uses a standard carb cap while the Puffco Peak Pro uses an Oculus Carb Cap.
  • The LED lights are now customizable when using the Puffco Peak Pro.
  • The Puffco Peak Pro has a slight improvement in design.

Design & Features

Puffco Peak Pro has two major parts which are the base and the water bubbler. The whole thing stands at 7″ tall and just under 3″ wide which is relatively the same as the previous model. It has a single button on the front that is used to adjust the preset temperatures and has haptic feedback as well that vibrates when it has finished heating. As you can see, the Peak Pro is still easy to hold and simple to use.

The Base

The base is made of durable silicone and received some minor upgrade that improves its function and design. The part where the chamber rests now has a matte gray finish instead of the boring stainless steel. The Puffco Logo now flashes colors when in use. It also now has curved edges that make it even more comfortable to hold and pass around amongst friends. One thing that I’d like to add is the LED light strips underneath the base can now be customized via the smartphone app.

The Water Bubbler

The Water Bubbler is made of highly heat resistant and durable borosilicate glass. It retains the conical-shaped design and now has a higher water volume capacity that filters the vapor as you inhale from the tip. So we’ll expect a finer and purer vapor when using the Puffco Peak Pro.

Heating Chamber

The Puffco Peak Pro has the same ceramic heating chamber as the original but it now has a 40% larger bowl capacity that’s optimized for heavy users and is convenient for group sessions. Oculus Carb Cap that prevents the wax from spilling while heating. It also has a window that lets you monitor the heated wax.

The Peak Pro has a Real-Time Temperature Control that keeps the exact temperature while vaping regardless of how much extracts you put in. The sensor that’s embedded inside the chamber made it possible which resulted in a more refined and controlled vaping experience. The Puffco Peak Pro is possibly the first eRig that has this feature.


The Puffco Peak Pro is estimated to last up to 20-30 dabbing sessions and probably last a few days of casual vaping. Though the battery life is similar to the previous model, the Puffco Peak Pro has a USB-C charger rather than a micro-USB. It means the Peak Pro can fully charge within an hour and a half. It also has a Wireless Charging Function if you have the Power Dock.

Smartphone App

In my opinion, the smartphone app of the Puffco Peak Pro is the most awaited feature that users will like. It displays some information such as the heat setting, bowl’s current temperature, battery life, and overall dab consumption. Aside from that, it allows users to customize and control functions like:

  • Heat Setting: Puffco Peak Pro has 4 preset temperatures that you can adjust via using the app. The default is as follows- 490°F, 510°F, 530°F, and 545°F. You can also customize and save your preferred heat profile which allows you to set the temperature from 450°F-620°F and adjust the heat timer up to 2 minutes (default is 15 seconds). So, if you’re that kind of vaper that loves to tweak things and experiment heat profiles in your vaporizer, you’d probably like this upgrade.
  • Customizable LED Lights: This lets users customize the brightness and color of the LED Lights when heating. It has a “Lantern Mode” which lets you choose 4 modes: Pulse, Wave, Disco, and Stealth mode for discreet sessions.
  • Ready Mode: If you activate this feature, the Puffco Peak Pro will heat up to the last known heat profile whenever you remove it from the Power Dock.

Performance & Vapor Quality

Puffco Peak Pro Portable Dab Rig

Until I have the physical unit, I’ll base the performance & vapor quality on the previous Puffco Peak Review: The Puffco Peak Pro might have a similar heat up time since the bowl is bigger and still has the same slow-heating ceramic oven. I think the wax would be extracted efficiently as the previous model. And finally, it won’t get hot to touch since all of the heat is centered in the bowl.

As for the vapor quality, I expect it to be finer and purer since the water bubbler has a larger water volume capacity. Ideally, the vapor is flavorful in the lowest setting and the vapor will be denser if you crank it up to a higher heat setting. If you’ll use the app, you can create and experiment with your own heat profile that suits your preferences.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, the Puffco Peak Pro features a real-time temp control that keeps the exact temperature where you want it. This is a great upgrade since the vapor quality will be consistent no matter how hard you inhale or how much extracts you put into the bowl.

Bottom Line

Puffco Peak Pro Portable Rig

Overall, this is my first impression on Peak Pro: It will perform better and produce a denser and flavorful vapor. I liked how Puffco uses the latest technology and executes it properly by making this masterpiece while maintaining the simplicity in design.

Vapers will love using the smartphone app since it’s simple and has a straightforward interface; and the optional accessories provide great value for their price (especially the Power Dock). I won’t be surprised if Puffco will be successful this year since the Puffco Peak Pro can potentially be one of the top-tier eRigs this 2020.

A word about the price: The Puffco Peak is already one of the most expensive eRigs available that cost at about $300. The Puffco Peak Pro might cost $400+ that’s similar to the Dr. Dabber Switch (Review | Buy) which is compatible with Wax & Dry herb. Though it might hurt some vapers pocket, this is a decent and advanced eRig that offers a lot of new and exciting features.