The G-Pen Connect is no longer available on the manufacturer’s website. See KandyPens Session (Review | Buy) as an alternative.

Have you got a dab rig, but you don’t want to use a torch all the time? Then G Pen has the device for you. It’s called the G Connect and as the name suggests, it connects to your rig where the nail normally would. So, you would put your dab into the Connect instead of the nail. That means that the Connect is more of a dabbing accessory than an actual vaporizer. So, is there a market for this? Will it replace your blowtorch forever? Keep reading to find out.

Kit and Accessories

G Pen Connect Kit and Accessories
Clockwise from bottom left: Carrying case, micro USB charging cable, 14 mm male glass adapter, glass connector, 850 mAh battery.
  • G Pen Connect
  • 14 mm male glass adapter
  • 850 mAh battery
  • Micro USB charger
  • Hard-case zipper pouch

Compatibility: The G Pen Connect is compatible with wax extracts.

Optional Accessories

You can purchase different sized glass adapters if the default one included in the kit doesn’t fit your rig. There are 18 mm and 10 mm adapters available to purchase from the G Pen website for $17 each. You can also get replacements for all of the other components and accessories included in the kit as well.

Design and Features


G Pen Design and Features
The Connect has magnetic battery and bowl cap connections, which makes assembly quick and easy.

The Connect is an interesting looking device that’s clad in a metal body with G Pen’s signature matte black finish. The main body has a thin, somewhat cylindrical shape by itself, but the somewhat large rectangular battery pack connects magnetically to the rest of the device. The cover of the ceramic bowl is also magnetic, which is nice and convenient. 

The battery pack sticks out from the rest of the device, which looks a little awkward at first, but this is actually a useful feature because that is where the power button is located. The button isn’t a small button like you would expect, instead it takes up one entire side of the battery pack. That is a good design choice because it makes the Connect much easier to use while it is attached to your rig.

Speaking of which, the Connect easily attaches to any rig as long as it has a 14 mm joint. If it doesn’t, then you will need to buy one of the optional glass adapters to use the Connect with it. Yeah, that’s not too convenient, but at least they’re cheap. Overall, the Connect is easy to use since you can set it up so quickly, assembly is literally a snap. That makes it a safer and easier to use alternative to a torch and nail. 


Naturally, the main feature of the Connect is that it is a simple to use, less hazardous alternative to a blowtorch that can be attached to most dab rigs. There aren’t exactly a whole lot of devices like this, so the Connect is in a class of its own.

How to Use

G Pen Connect How to Use
The glass adapter of the Connect fits snugly and firmly on to any compatible glass rig.
  1. Twist the glass adapter on to the bottom of the glass connector of the device.
  2. Insert the device into the joint of the dab rig.
  3. Remove the cap from the tank. 
  4. Place your dab into the ceramic bowl and replace the cap.
  5. Attach the battery to the magnetic connection point.
  6. Turn on the device by pressing the battery button five times.
  7. Press the battery button three times to select a voltage level.
  8. Press the battery button twice to start automatic heating.
  9. (Optional) Hold down the battery button for fifteen second manual heating.
  10. Once heating is complete, hold down the carb release button to increase airflow.
  11. Inhale from the mouthpiece of the dab rig.

You can take a look at the instruction manual right here.

Cleaning and Maintenance

You only have to worry about cleaning the ceramic bowl and you do that the usual way of wiping it down with a cotton swab soaked in isopropyl alcohol. You can also initiate a burnoff to get rid of more stubborn residue. You do that by engaging manual heating mode on the highest voltage setting to melt off any sticky, leftover residue. You also need to clean your rig of course, but I assume you already know how to do that.

Performance and Vapor Quality


The Connect heats up very quickly, in fact, the heat time is comparable a torch. It also stays cool to the touch, unlike a heated nail, so it’s overall a whole lot safer and more convenient than a blowtorch and nail combo.

Vapor Quality

The Connect uses a ceramic bowl so the flavor is great. After all, experienced extract vapers tend to favor ceramic nails because the neutral material keeps the flavor pure. One of the big advantages that the Connect has over a torch and nail is that it gives you the choice of more precise temperature selection via the three different voltage settings, Blue: 3.1V/ Green: 3.6V/Red: 4.1V. That allows users to more precisely customize their vaping experience in a way that they couldn’t with a torch. 

G Pen Connect Performance and Vapor Quality
The variable voltage settings of the Connect allows you to choose between smooth flavor and thin clouds or dense vapor and more intense flavor.

So if a vaper wants to prioritize flavor over vapor density, they can select the lowest blue setting, and if they want intense vapor and big clouds, then it’s the blue or green setting for them. Needless to say, it is much trickier to modulate those qualities with just a torch. A torch is capable of reaching higher temperatures than the Connect so truly hardcore users would prefer that option. The Connect is more for users who occasionally want a more customizable vaping experience from their rig and don’t want to bother buying an e-nail or portable dab rig.

Instead of a traditional carb cap, the Connect features a carb release button that functions in much the same way as a cap. Press it while you’re inhaling and you definitely notice the increased airflow, lower draw resistance, and richer flavor. It helps to cool down the vapor as well, so it’s a good idea to use it during high voltage vaping. If you really want to get ripped, then you can use the manual heating option because the vapor it produces is seriously intense. The main problem with this mode is that it’s hard to hold down the battery button and the carb release button at the same time, so you end up using one or the other, but not both. 

Battery Performance

The Connect uses an 850 mAh battery so it can go for a while before it needs to be recharged. Duration drops if you regularly use the Connect on the higher voltage settings and if you use manual heating a lot. Recharging can take an hour or two, but it is certainly easier than refilling a butane torch.

The Connect Compared To Portable Dab Rigs

G Pen vs Portable Dab Rigs
The Connect is a more portable, less expensive alternative to portable dab rigs, but only if you already own a glass rig.

Portable rigs like the KandyPens Oura and Pulsar Rök are the other trendy way to more easily use wax extracts at high temperatures with the aid of a water bubbler. So how does the Connect compare to them? Well, the rigs have the advantage in that everything you need is already there, but if you already have a rig, then the Connect is the better choice. That is because it is much cheaper than any of the available portable rigs. 

It is also more adaptable since it can be used with most glass rigs, even if you need to buy a compatible adapter, the overall cost is still much lower than a portable dab rig. So, the Connect is a cheaper extract vaping option that hits just as hard as the portable rigs. That makes it a more reasonable choice as long as you already own a glass rig. If you don’t, then buying a portable dab rig is a better choice than buying the Connect and a dab rig.