Product Preview

Boundless Vexil Blue Color Design

Since 2016, US-based brand Boundless Technology has been manufacturing and updating its product line. As opposed to releasing several new devices at every turn, Boundless has a select few that they run with opt to re-release them with better and more apt updates. Their CFC dry herb vaporizer was first released in 2018 and re-released as the CFC 2.0 (review | buy) in 2019 and their popular Terp Pen was upgraded as the Terp Pen XL (review | buy).

This is why it’s pretty exciting to see and soon get to review a new device from Boundless – the Vexil. A palm-sized dry herb vaporizer that features a zirconia cooling system, magnetic mouthpiece, USB-C charging, four preset temperatures, and conduction heating technology. I have yet to receive the product for a full review, but the product page is filled with enough information for a good overview of the Vexil.

Boundless Vexil Parts and Breakdown

The Boundless Vexil has a particularly interesting design in that it actually looks slightly flat, with several raised angles throughout its body. On the front of the device is what seems to be a display with a flame graphic to indicate heating or temperature and on the side three small buttons, the power button, and two arrows for toggling through the 4 pre-set temperatures. The top portion of the device is an angular mouthpiece cover that sits on top of the smaller zirconia mouthpiece.

Boundless Vexil Magnetic Mouthpiece with Zirconia Chamber

The main body casing is made of metal, which is quite new from Boundless since they usually have plastic casings on their devices. It measures 10.8cm tall and 4.5cm in width – meaning that the Vexil is pretty portable and would definitely be concealable in your palm, and will fit any purse you place it in.  The Vexil is powered by an internal 1800mAH battery which lasts 6 sessions on average.

Boundless Tech calls the Vexil a “Compact Powerhouse” and it’s not hard to see why. Under the hood, the Vexil has a ceramic chamber that holds .5g of herb and uses convection heating to get the most flavorful vapor possible. The Vexil is also the first Boundless device to have zirconia pieces – namely the zirconia spiral cooling air path, and the mouthpiece. Zirconia is an advanced, neutral material that cools down vapor and keeps it pure.

So far, it seems like a pretty cool new device with a unique design. I’ll definitely post a review as soon as I get it!

Stay tuned!