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The Pax 3 is one of the most popular and most lauded dry herb vaporizers of all time. Why? This intro isn’t nearly long enough to give you the whole story, but some of the reasons include its iconic style, its flavor quality, its versatility, its simple use, its impressive accessory list, and more. So, if you finally manage to get your hands on this legendary vaporizer, you’ll want to get the most out of it. That’s what this article is all about.

You’ll learn all the secret techniques that many Pax users have been using to get the full potential out of their vapes. Some of these tips and tricks are useful for all dry herb vapes, while some are unique to the Pax 3. So, without further ado, it’s time to learn all about the Pax 3 tips and tricks that will squeeze every bit of potential out of the Pax 3.

Get a Good Grind

pax 3 vaporizer review
The chamber of the Pax 3 should be packed tightly to provide the optimum vaping experience.

The Pax 3 starter kit states that “A tightly packed Pax is a happy Pax”. A great grinder is how you get a tightly packed—and happy—Pax 3. A great grinder is a must for any vaporizer, so the Pax 3 is no exception. That is because well ground herb allows you to pack the chamber more easily and more tightly. Once the heating process starts, a good grind ensures that the herb gets vaped more evenly.

If you want a recommendation, then give the SLX grinder a try. It’s available from Amazon and it’s a solid choice because it is designed in a way that ensures a perfectly fine grind and it has a smooth action that’s easy on the wrists. Plus it never needs cleaning! If you’re looking for a great companion to your brand new Pax 3, the SLX is it.

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Use The Half-Pack Oven Lid If You’re Flying Solo

pax 3 oven lids
L to R: Full Oven | Half Oven | Concentrate Insert

The Pax 3 is great for group hangouts where you can pass it around. Of course, there are times when you’ll be vaping all by your lonesome and you might not need as much of your herb supply to get going. If that’s the case, then the Pax 3 has you covered, literally.

The Pax 3 includes a half pack oven lid in its kit for when you don’t need a fully loaded chamber. Remember that line from the previous tip about the Pax being happy when it’s tightly packed? Well, the half-pack lid keeps a tight pack even with less herb.

Normally a loosely packed chamber means that the herb gets vaped unevenly, which results in an unsatisfying session. The half-pack lid keeps the herb packed tightly, thus ensuring an even vape. Basically, the half-pack lid allows you to do a lot with only a little.

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Use a Screen Filter

Arizer Solo 2 vs pax vs crafty vs davinci
A screen filter can improve the vaping experience of almost any dry herb vaporizer.

This is a hack that works with any type of weed vape, so it stands to reason that it would work on the Pax 3 as well. Here is how you go about it. First, you need a metal screen about the size of a nickel, which you can get for cheap at pretty much any smoke and/or vape shop. Second, you need a pen or pencil, which you can get anywhere. Now, here is what you do next:

  1. Wrap the screen around the pencil so that it has a curve sort of like a taco shell.
  2. Pack the herb chamber of your Pax 3 with herb, leaving a little space at the top for the partially folded screen.
  3. Place the screen on top of the packed down herb with the open end facing out.
  4. Cover the herb chamber with its lid and operate the Pax 3 as you normally would.

What’s the point of all this arts and crafts stuff? The bent screen makes the herb vape even more efficiently and evenly. The end result is a smoother draw, bigger clouds, and better vaping. You don’t need to do this since the default Pax 3 vaping experience is already great. This trick just makes a great experience even better.

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Engage Stealth Mode When You Need to Vape on the Low

pax 3 smartphone app
Just shake the Pax vaporizer to pair it with your smartphone, and access the 4 preset temp profiles, each with a different situational use.

If you want—or need—to vape in public, then you probably don’t want anyone knowing what you’re up to. That’s especially true if you happen to be in a state that has a less than enlightened view of cannabis consumption. Not that we’re encouraging you to break the law or anything. When you do need to engage in some covert vaping, you can just select the Pax 3’s stealth mode.

Stealth mode is one of the many preset temperature profiles called dynamic modes available on the Pax 3. The stealth mode produces less vapor and odor, plus it speeds up the cool down times and dims the LED lights so that they aren’t as noticeable. Stealth mode gives you everything you need to vape in secret while still getting all the great flavor you expect from the Pax 3.

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Empty The Chamber After Each Session

When to change herb pax 3 vaporizer
Empty the chamber after each session so that the Pax 3 performs to the best of its ability.

Yeah, we get it, nobody likes to clean, especially after a session when you’re still feeling the effects of the THC in your system. But if you want your Pax 3 to have a long, happy life, then it is vital that you keep your Pax 3’s herb chamber clean. If you don’t, then sticky residue will agglomerate on the surface of the chamber, which interferes with the vaping experience.

The coagulation of vaped buds will clog up the oven and prevent the fresh herbs from getting vaped evenly. Even worse, putting off the cleaning will just make it more difficult when you do eventually need to clean. So, don’t be lazy and clean your chamber before it starts to negatively affect the vaping experience.

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