Is the Herb in My Vape Cashed?

If you’re new to vaping, then there might be many things about it that you are not used to. The need to recharge your vape might be one such thing, cleaning it might be another, after all, you never had to worry about those problems with a joint. You may also wonder how to know when you’ve used up all the weed in your herb chamber.

It’s easy to figure that out with a spliff or with a bong because once the herb is charred and black, you’re done. Since vapes don’t burn the weed, it doesn’t become burnt and blackened, so knowing when it’s done and you need to refill can be tricky the first time around. Don’t worry though, this handy guide tells you how to know when it’s time for a reload, so your sessions are more enjoyable and more efficient every time.

The Clues To Cashed Herb

You can use your senses to find out when your weed is done. Here is how you figure it out.

The Taste

You can tell that your weed is done when it starts to lose its flavor. You’re familiar with how bubble gum eventually loses its taste after you’ve been chewing for a while. Well, a similar principle applies to marijuana, once it has been vaped to completion. All the terpenes that give each strain of marijuana its distinctive taste will have been used up, leaving the herb free of flavor.

The Smell

Once your herb has been thoroughly vaped, it starts to lose that sweet aroma. If you do it for long enough, it starts to take on a scent very similar to burnt popcorn, which is an unpleasant—but very noticeable—odor that no one likes. If you get that smell, it means that you vaped it way too much. If that’s what you’re smelling, it is time to dump the herb in your chamber for a new batch.

The Look

Normally, fresh herb is a bright green color, but once it has been cashed, all the color is drained out of it and it takes on a distinct brown color. As with any plant matter, a brown color is not a good thing and marijuana is no different, so take a quick look at your herb chamber while vaping, if it’s brown, don’t bother to stick around.

The Touch

Any good herb is soft and fluffy and it should retain that texture even after it has been completely ground up, once it has been completely vaped, it becomes stiff, brittle, and it crumbles easily. Normally, I would say that you should be careful when touching the herb in your vaporizer since it is likely to be hot, but the truth is that it is unlikely that you’ll need to perform the touch test with your herb. Any of the other sensory indicators should make it clear enough that you should empty out the chamber of your vape.

The Sound

Umm, vaped herb sounds crunchier than fresh herb? Yeah, I just wanted to fill this section out with all the five senses. If you’re listening to your herb, then you’ve probably used way too much of it.


Okay, technically not one of the five senses, but it’s still important with vaping herb. Most vapes have a preset “session duration,” which is typically between 5-10 minutes—about the same duration as an oven session. One of the best ways to gauge the right amount of time is by trial and error. Practice a few times until you know exactly how long it takes for the weed to be fully exhausted in your vaporizer.

How Long Until My Weed Gets Cashed?

Arizer Air 2 herb loading Review

It depends on the type of vaporizer you’re using and the temperature setting you choose. Naturally, vaping at higher temperatures will expend your herb a lot faster than a lower temperature setting. Vapes can use conduction heating, convection heating, or a hybrid of the two. No one type necessarily uses up the weed at a faster rate than the others, so that is not something you need to worry about.

How Do I Make My Herb Last Longer?

Ghost MV1 chamber

There are a few things you can do to maximize the lifespan of your herb:

  • Low Temperature Vaping – Vaping at the lower temperature settings on your vaporizer will make your weed last a lot longer. Not only does it extend the life of your herb, it is also a pretty pleasant experience since lower temperatures tend to bring out the flavor a lot better than higher temperature settings.
  • Grind Your Herb Thoroughly – A nice, comprehensive grind makes your weed last for a long time because it maxes out the surface area of your weed, so you can get great vapor using less herb. This saves your herb’s flavor and it saves you money since you can use less with each session.
  • Use an On Demand Vape – On demand vaporizers like the Ghost MV1 heat up your herb very quickly, which allows you the luxury of being able to vape anytime you want. Instead of having to use up all of your herb in a single session, you can vape for a while, put the vape away, and pick up where you left off later. The herb doesn’t lose its flavor while sitting in the chamber, so you can vape at your own pace and have one bowl last all day if you want to.

Never Vape With Cashed Herb

Aside from not tasting great, any attempt to heat up spent herb could result in the herb getting charred and producing smoke, particularly in conduction vaporizers. I know that your weed is precious and that you want to get as much out of it as you can, but you need to know when it’s time to let go.

Besides, if you really want to get the most out of your weed, there are other ways that you can use it. So, now that you’ve learned how to identify spent weed, go ahead and use each session to its fullest and enjoy your weed while it lasts.

Now for one final vaping tip: Make sure to empty the chamber right after a vaping session. Cleaning is easier because the cashed herb could get sticky and gunk up the chamber, making it much harder to clean, which is something you definitely don’t want.


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