Last Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Pax is a reputable vaporizer company that produces high-quality, portable vaporizers for both dry herbs and concentrates. Their products are known for their stylish and minimalist designs, advanced heating technology, and excellent vapor quality. Pax vaporizers are made from durable materials like medical-grade stainless steel and anodized aluminum, and feature intuitive user interfaces for easy use. With models like the Pax 3 and Pax Era Pro, Pax offers a range of vaporizers designed to cater to different vaping needs. Pax is also known for their excellent customer service, offering a 10-year warranty and dedicated support team.

Pax Stores and Coupon Codes

Pax Plus

The new Pax Plus didn’t offer substantial upgrades over its predecessor, but it is still the best small-form dry herb vape you’ll find. It warms up quickly, has smart features such as standby mode, and the vapor quality is outstanding. If you vape mostly out of the house and prioritize portability and discreetness, the Pax Plus easily has the best size-to-performance ratio in the industry.

Authorized Stores

MSRP $250

Pax Mini

The Pax Mini brings Pax performance for the cheapest price tag we’ve ever seen from the brand. It uses the same conduction oven, but the size is reduced to .25gr, which is more suitable for most users (vs. .5gr with the Plus.) It has one heat setting, but it gets efficient extraction and delivers potent vapor. This is easily the best vape you can buy for that price.

Authorized Stores

MSRP $125

Pax Era Pro

The Era Pro uses PaxSmart pods that automatically set the recommended temperature and dosage settings on the given flavor. It has a Pod ID feature that gives you all the necessary information (CBD/THC content, flavor profile, etc.) which can be found by using the smartphone app. The smartphone app allows users to change the temperature and dosage of how they want it to be. It has a large variety of flavors since the Era Pro is backward compatible with the older pods of Pax.

Authorized Stores

MSRP $69

Pax 3

The PAX 3, despite being released all the way back in 2016, is still definitely a solid purchase. It’s a small and compact device that’s made for today’s users. The accompanying smartphone app enables you to tweak your experience to your liking. With its refined design, extreme portability, straightforward interface, and the option to vape concentrates (if you get the complete kit)- the Pax 3 is well worth its $200 price tag.

Authorized Stores

MSRP $199