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An e-Nail is a gadget that is generally used to vaporize medical cannabis extracts. As the medical marijuana industry booms with states considering its legalization, extracts are becoming a popular means of supplying strong dosages of cannabis without the negative effects of carcinogens associated with smoking marijuana.

To effectively vaporize these cannabis extracts, you will need to generate high heat, typically between 650 and 800°F. An e-Nail allows you to set the exact temperatures when heating cannabis extracts.

Here are my current top picks for the Best e-Nails designed primarily use for Wax and Concentrates. Also, you can feel free to check out my Best Dry Herb Vaporizers and the Best Vape Pen for Wax. If that wasn’t enough check out the Latest Wax Vaporizers to see what was just released.

Best e-Nails

KandyPens Icon Review

The KandyPens ICON e-nail is 510 compatible and will work with most vape mods. A two piece water filtration glass tube ensures top-notch vapor quality. KandyPens includes three different Nails in the box so you can experiment and decide which is your favorite. The ICON is one of the best e-nails of this year, and one of the most powerful e-rigs I tested to date. Great product for in-house use.

Best Deal: Buy directly from KandyPens and use coupon TVG25 to save 25%.

Best seller 2 Atmos Studio Rig Review

Atmos Studio Rig Review

The Atmos 510 Studio Rig is universally designed to fit in ALL box mods and mod batteries. It features a titanium nail chamber for waxy concentrates and an additional ceramic chamber for dry herbs. It does a great job especially with wax, and the water attachment ensures smooth and good tasting vapor. This is the Best e-nail I tested that costs less than $100. Highly recommended.

Best Deal: Buy directly from Atmos and use coupon code TVG15 to save 15%.

3 Source e-Nail Premium Kit Preview

Source e-Nail Premium Kit Preview

SourceVapes introduce their ultra-portable eRig, the Source Nail Premium Kit. Featuring a slimmer 1950mAh battery, three easy heat settings, and the same Source Nail coil-less atomizers. Dabbers on the go can reach a whole new level of portability and simplicity with this portable e-Nail.

Best Deal: Buy directly from SourceVapes and use coupon code vapeguide10 to get 15% off.



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Editor choice 4 Cloud V Electro e-Nail Review

Cloud V Electro e-Nail Review

Portable e-Nails are becoming popular and the Cloud V Electro stands out in many different ways. With a 6000mAh battery and a Titanium Nail Dish the Cloud e-Nail delivers unparalleled performance in terms of heat up time, constancy, and temp control. It is impressive to hold and the Titanium Dish supplies supreme vapor quality. Highly recommended.

Recommended store: Buy directly from Cloud Vape.

5 Dr Dabber Boost eRig Review

Dr Dabber Boost eRig Review

The Boost eRig by Dr Dabber fits on any mod battery with 510 threading and uses Glass Water Filtration System which prevents clogging and building-up of residues. A nice mod attachment for anyone who's looking to vape Wax and Concentrate.

Recommended store: Buy directly from Dr. Dabber Official Store.


$109.95 $82.46

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Best value 6 Pulsar Hand e-Nail Review

Pulsar Hand e-Nail Review

The Pulsar Hand e-Nail is a an e-Rig style vaping device for wax and concentrates. It features a glass percolation chamber as well as a magnetic stainless steel carb cap with a multi-functional dab tool. If your looking for an Electric Oil Rig, the Pulsar Hand e-Nail is your All-in-One Solution that will not break the bank.

Best Deal: Buy the Pulsar e-Nail from Vape-Smart. Use coupon code thevapeguide581 to get 10% off.

7 Source Nail Review

Source Nail Review

Source Nail Signature Kit features coil-free atomizers that are completely smooth to vaporize concentrates. Source Nail is the first portable eNail to feature precise temperature control setting as well as three different coil-free atomizers including Grade 2 titanium, Ceramic, and Quartz. A small, simple, and easy to use e-Nail Kit from Source Vapes.

Best Deal: Buy the Source Nail at Vape-Smart and use coupon code thevapeguide581 to get 10% off.


$199.95 $169.95

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8 Vaporite V-Nail Dab Review

Vaporite V-Nail Dab Review

The V-Nail by Vaporite is a sturdy desktop vaporizer that is made of high-quality metal. With temperature settings up to 800 degrees and remote control, the Vaporite has everything we expect from a high-end desktop vape.

Best Deal: Buy the Vaporite V-Nail Dab at Aromatic Vapes they offer FREE Shipping.

9 Dabado Bolt e-Nail review

Dabado Bolt e-Nail review

If you're looking for a portable dab rig. Why not try Dabado Bolt e-Nail, it’s an all in one portable vaping device for wax and concentrates. The battery lasts up to 45-50 dabs of an uninterrupted vaping session and reaches up to 980°F. It's a perfect on-the-go portable Dab Rig that you will love.

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