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Best e-Nail of 2019

For THC wax & extract

Last update: 3/31/2019

ūüĒł¬†eNails are electric heating elements used to vape THC wax (think: electronic bong for extracts). Also called¬†eRigs, eNails maintain a constant temp, resulting in optimal vaporization—and are considered the purest way to vape wax.¬†

The following is our Guide to the Best eNails for your needs. Coupon codes and links to official stores included where applicable.

An eNail aka eRig is the ultimate method for vaping waxy THC concentrates. E-nails allow for ultra high temps and precise control, unlike vape pens. Even experienced vapers get intimidated by e-nails because of the size, expense, and complexity. Though, as occurs with technology, e-rigs are becoming smaller, more affordable, and easier to use.

E-rigs earned their reputation due to use of advanced components like high powered batteries and nails made from titanium, ceramic, or quartz. THC Wax is placed on the nail, and the powerful batteries used in eNails heat the nail itself to temps as high as 1000¬įF in just seconds.

Intended for home use, vape pens are still the choice for vaping wax on the go—but concentrate users looking for an elevated experience, and to take their casual sessions to the next level, should seriously consider an eRig.

The Vape Guide has tested hundreds of e-rigs and based on this experience, we suggest the following list of the Best eNails of 2019 for waxy THC concentrates.

Get your dabs and enjoy our Favorite eRigs of 2019. Also, check out our favorite vaporizers for weed list.

Best e-Nail of 2019

for THC wax & dabs

Best e-NailDabado Bolt Pro 2$199.99 @ Dabado
TVG10 for 10% off
Best ValueDabtech Elite$129 @ Dabtech
TVG20 for 20% off
Best WarrantyKandyPens ICON$119.95-199 @ KandyPens
TVG25 for 25% off
Best Complete Kit Dr Dabber BOOST eRig Black Edition$159.95 @ Dr Dabber
TVG15 for 15% off
Best for Beginners Dabado Bolt V2 E-Nail Review $129.99 @ Dabado
TVG10 for 10% off
Cheapest eNail Atmos STUDIO eRig$89.95 @ Atmos
TVG15 for 15% off
Most PowerfulCloudV ELECTRO $150-$250 @ Vape-Smart
TVG10 for 10% off
Best Rig / Pen Hybrid Atmos Swiss $129.95 @ Atmos
TVG15 for 15% off
Best "Bong Style" Vaporizer Hydrology 9 $250 @ Vape-Smart
TVG10 for 10% off
Best High End eNail Dr Dabber Switch$399.99 @ Dr Dabber
TVG15 for 15% off
Most Versatile e-Nail FocusVape Tourist $259 (CAD) @ TVape

Best E-nail:

Dabado Bolt Pro 2

dabado bolt pro 2 e nail kit

The quick why: The Dabado Bolt Pro 2 is the best e-nail available right now. Why? This is an e-nail beginners and veterans can both enjoy. Newbies can start out with the ceramic nail and work their way up to the ceramic or quartz nails, and vets can pick their poison. All the nails are extra large and the precise temperature controls go to 900¬įF. There’s also the swappable 18650 battery, when you’re out of power, just pop in a fresh battery. The Bolt Pro 2 is a super customizable rig, which is why it’s the best e-rig around.

Manufacturer: Dabado | Nail: Ceramic, Quartz, Titanium | Nail capacity: 0.6 gr | Herb compatible: no | Battery life: 25-30 sessions | Temp control: +/- 1 | Warranty: 1 year

Read full review: Dabado Bolt Pro 2

Best Warranty:

KandyPens ICON

kandypens icon design

The quick why: The KandyPens ICON¬†is available as a kit (including vape mod + attachment) or as a 510 attachment component with only the nail + glass parts (w/o the mod). The ICON package includes 3 nails: Quartz, Ceramic, and Titanium and operates with temp control depending on the Mod. A 2-piece¬†glass water filtration tube¬†produces super pure tasting vapor. The ICON is one of the best e-Nails of the year, and one of the most powerful e-Rigs tested to date. Prepare to get lifted. ūüôā

Manufacturer: KandyPens | Nail: Ceramic, Quartz, Titanium | Nail capacity: 0.35 gr | Herb compatible: no | Battery life: 4-6 sessions (depends on vape mod) | Temp control: +/- 1 (depends on Vape Mod) | Warranty: Lifetime

Read full review: KandyPens ICON e-Nail

Most Powerful eRig:

Dr. Dabber Boost eRig

Dr. Dabber Boost Black Edition

The quick why: The Boost¬†Black Edition eRig¬†is just what the Doctor ordered for beginners and advanced users alike. Dr. Dabber prescribes a plug-and-play e-Nail¬†that pleases whether you’re new to the dab game, or your lungs are a bit more conditioned. The Boost comes as whole kit or a 510 attachment that works with most vape mods. Included are three nails: Quartz, Ceramic, and Titanium. Dr. Dabber sells attachments and water filtration glassware compatible with the Boost on their website.

Manufacturer: Dr. Dabber | Nail: 3 nails: 1 Titanium, 1 Quartz, 1 Ceramic | Nail capacity: 0.3 gr | Herb Compatible: No | Battery life: 30-40 uses | Temp control: High and Low temp ranges | Warranty: 1 year

Read full review: Boost Black Edition eRig

Best Complete eNail Kit:

Dabado Bolt V2

Dabado Bolt V2 design

The quick why: The Dabado Bolt V2¬†improves upon the original Dabado Bolt with the addition of an LCD screen(!) and replacement heating rod. The LCD screen allows exact temp control, an upgrade from the Dabado Bolt—and even the Bolt Pro. Considering the vast temp range of the Bolt models, knowing the precise temp is a huge asset. The Bolt V2 retains all the great qualities of the original Bolt such as the magnetic carb cap and base. The Dabado Bolt V2 is a great choice for concentrate lovers who want a high quality, reasonably portable e-nail.

Manufacturer: Dabado | Nail: 3 nails: 1 Titanium, 1 Quartz, 1 Ceramic | Nail capacity: 0.3 gr | Herb Compatible: No | Battery life: 20-30 sessions | Temp control: High and low temperature ranges | Warranty: 1 year

Read full review: Dabado Bolt V2

Cheapest e-Nail:

Atmos STUDIO e-Rig

Atmos Studio Rig How to Use

The quick why:¬†The¬†Atmos STUDIO eRig¬†is an attachment designed to fit all box mods and batteries. It features¬†both a titanium nail chamber for waxy concentrates and an additional ceramic chamber for dry herb. The STUDIO works incredibly w/ wax, and the water filter results in ultra clean-tasting vapor for dry herb too. This is easily the¬†Best e-Nail for under $100. You will need your own 510 vape mod, but that’s it for an ideal dabbing session–whether you’ve got dry herb or wax.

Manufacturer: Atmos | Nail: 2 Nails: 1 Ceramic and 1 Titanium | Nail capacity: 0.3 gr | Herb compatible: Yes | Battery life: depends on vape mod | Temp control: No | Warranty: 5 Years

Read full review: Atmos STUDIO eRig

Best eRig for Beginners

Atmos Q3

Atmos Q3 Kit Design

The quick why: The Atmos Q3 is technically not an e-Nail. If you’re a first timer, the Q3 may be the best vape for you because it’s easy! It performs like an eNail, but w/out temp control and water filtration–meaning flavor will not be quite¬†as good as a rig, but will still get you started and definitely put your vape pen to shame. The plus is that it is very easy to use, particularly as far as¬†portability and maintenance. Finally and most importantly–triple quartz rods do your dabs major justice.

Manufacturer: Atmos | Nail: Triple Rod Quartz | Nail capacity: 0.3 gr | Herb compatible: No | Battery life: 3-6 sessions | Temp control: No | Warranty: 5 years

Read full review: Atmos Q3

Pro Tip: Organize your Work Tools

Dab Tools + Containers

KandyPens K-Box Performance

The quick why: Anybody into dabbing THC extracts quickly discovers the importance of dab tools¬†to the vaping process. Silicon storage containers¬†help to store your wax safely and preserve its flavor, while high grade precision tools get your wax exactly where you intend to place it–minimizing waste of your precious dabs. Check out these¬†dab tools on Amazon for the latest tools at the cheapest prices.

eRig with Best Battery:

Cloud V ELECTRO e-Nail

Cloud V Electro aqua bubbler

The quick why: The Cloud V ELECTRO e-Nail is a¬†kit that includes the battery and¬†water attachment, to start you dabbing like a pro now. Both the mini and full-size versions have precise temp control (550-1,000¬įF). The mini and full size come with 3300 and 6,000mAh batteries respectively, allowing ~60 min of use on a charge. Both come with Quartz + Titanium Nails, so you can reorder your preferred one. If you’re looking for an easy entry to eDabs, the ELECTRO is the best complete eRig kit you‚Äôll find–no fussing, just dab.

Manufacturer: Cloud Vapes | Nail: 1 Quartz, 1 Titanium | Nail capacity: 0.35 gr | Herb compatible: No | Battery life: 3-8 sessions | Temp control: +/- 1 | Warranty: 1 year

Read full review: Cloud V ELECTRO

Most Versatile eNail:

FocusVape Tourist


The quick why:¬†The FocusVape Tourist is a dual use vaporizer that supports¬†both dry herb and concentrates–and both surprisingly¬†well! The Tourist uses 2 different mouthpieces and 2 different heat settings for dry herb & wax, hence why it works so great w/ both. It’s easy to switch between modes and the water filter works with both media—so vaping dry herb becomes its own unique experience. The FocusVape Tourist is the best choice for dual users¬†looking for one¬†versatile¬†eNail.

Manufacturer: FocusVape| Nail: 1 Titanium | Nail capacity: 0.3 gr | Herb compatible: Yes | Battery life: 20-25 sessions | Temp control: +/- 1 | Warranty: 30 day Store

Read full review: FocusVape Tourist

PAX Labs

Has been a leading innovator in the vaporization movement with superior and technologically advanced products such as the PAX 3 and the JUUL e-cig, that are simple and fun to use.

Other Wax Vaporizers we love:

New to vaping THC concentrates?

Here is what you need to know ‚Üď

THC Extract e-Nails FAQ

Dabbing¬†is the consumption of THC extracts, such as oil and wax. The best way to dab is with an eNail or Vape Pen. We cover,¬†What is Dabbing? and all your dab related question in our vaping educational series…check it out ūüôā

Personal preference, but IMHO dabs or oil concentrates have a few inherent benefits over dry herb:

  • THC dabs are just concentrated dry herb, meaning that you need less physical material to experience the same benefits as with dry flower.
  • There‚Äôs no byproduct with wax as there is with dry herb; no combustion occurs with¬†vaporization, making for a neater experience.

e-Nails, also known as eRigs, are the electronic version of a dab rig. Used to vape THC extracts, eNails have more advanced, powerful capabilities than vape pens do.

  • eRigs plug in to an electric source and heat the nail using electricity—no torch is required.
  • Also, most eRigs come with glass water filtration components so that vapor is filtered for optimal flavor and cloud production.

e-Nails are usually available in two options: a full kit or an attachment. If you own a vape mod, you can purchase just the attachment, which is 510 threaded. If you do not have a box mod, you will need a complete kit. e-Nails allow water filtration for cool and potent vapor.

An eNail can be made from either: Quartz, Ceramic, or Titanium. Some e-Nails will include more than one kind of nail so you can experiment with different materials, and re-order your favorite. Each produces a different sensation, flavor, and vapor quality.

Generally, yes. Some advanced e-Nails will allow control of the temperature anywhere between 500-1200 degrees Fahrenheit. Most e-Nails heat up quickly and can reach optimal vaping temp within seconds.

eRigs are more powerful than vape pens, so you can expect apparent vapor clouds and an associated smell. The smell, however, is entirely different than smoking weed or using a dry herb vaporizer.

There are 3 main types of vaporizers:

How to Use an eNail

  1. Ensure the eNail is either plugged in, or charged. ūüôā
  2. Select a temp to heat eNail up to.
  3. Place a rice-sized dab of wax onto the nail.
  4. Position the carb cab onto the nail.
  5. Inhale through the mouthpiece, remove carb cap to finish hit.
  6. Don’t forget to power off the eNail when finished.
  1. Make sure the eRig is powered off and cool.
  2. Use cotton swabs and isopropyl alcohol to remove residue from the glass components.
  3. The eNail (dab surface) self-cleans–just make sure to finish your dabs completely. ūüôā

Technically, yes. In theory, you are able to pack your eNail up in the convenient storage containers that they come with. However, they are definitely designed to be used at home, with electrical connectivity.

Optimal dab temperature is ultimately up to you.

  • Low temp dabs (500 – 650¬įF) will yield more flavorful, cooler hits with less of a throat hit–and subsequently, a less complete high.
  • Mid temp dabs¬†(my personal favorite), offer a great balance between flavor and effectiveness, without being too hot for comfort.
  • High temp dabs (801¬įF+) are often called hot and heady, as they will get you the highest, but result in eliminating flavor from the concentrates as well.

Traditional Nails:
‚ÄĘ Need to be heated and then cooled accurately, requiring guess work.
‚ÄĘ Accumulate residue, which is hard to clean, and eventually wear out your nail over time.
‚ÄĘ Require additional equipment to function, like a butane torch and a carb cap—costing you money in the long run, and making you get off the couch when you run out of butane.
‚ÄĘ Use electricity. They don‚Äôt run out of butane, and don‚Äôt cost you money in the long run, with essentially no maintenance.
‚ÄĘ Don‚Äôt heat and cool as quickly, but maintain a constant temperature, ensuring that your dab is vaped at your preferred temperature no matter what.
‚ÄĘ Reduce the leftover residue after a dab, by always staying hot and utilizing every bit of your wax ‚Äď leading to a better hit!

Wax & Dab eNail Vaping Tips

Yes, you can use essential oils—including CBD and THC—and just drip them onto the nail head and proceed per usual!

eNails will typically use a light¬†or LED screen to indicate that your nail has reached the desired temperature—one benefit of using a dab eRig.

Carb caps make it easy to vape at low temperatures by letting you “cap off” the vapor, and inhale it through the mouthpiece instead of a letting it escape from the point of vaporization.

Vape Pens and eRigs are good for different purposes:

  • Vape pens are portable, simple to use, and provide on-demand use.
  • eRigs are for at-home use, but provide unparalleled vapor quality for optimal concentrate vaping.

Vape pens are a good way to get started in dabs, while eRigs will definitely take you to the next level. Check out our Extract Vape Buying Guide for more info.

eNails are designed to be used almost exclusively with water pipes or dab rigs. They’re not portable because of their electric needs, and can’t really be used without a pipe. Vape pens are usually an all-in-one portable solution to vape concentrates or herbs on the go, and thus always have a function vs. form trade-off.

Enails are by far the best solution for home dabbing, providing consistent and regulated temperatures for optimal concentrate vaporization. There is still no vape pen that we know of that comes close to matching a good dab rig and enail setup—think: motorcycle vs car.

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