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Best e-Nail of 2017

A complete buying guide for the best e-Dab Rig for THC concentrates

Last update: 3/27/2017

In recent years, many medical marijuana users (or recreational users in legal states) are making a switch from burning their dab, to vaping it using an electronic e-Nail (aka e-Rig). Vaping offers many advantages over combustion, and recent technology breakthroughs have made e-Nails smaller, more efficient, and more powerful. States from coast to coast are going through a marijuana legalization process, and THC extracts are becoming easier to get a hold of.

This gave a rise to a new category of vaporizers- the e-Nails. They intend to replace your typical dab rig setup using high-tech components such as titanium/ceramic/quartz nails, high powered batteries some offer precise temp control and can reach 1000°F in a few seconds. Experience the convenience of a good e-Dab once, and I promise it will be hard to go back to using a traditional Rig set up and a torch. Our constantly updated list for the e-Nails is the perfect guide to ditching your torch once and for all.

Over the past five years, our staff has tested dozens of e-Nails from a variety of brands. In the following list, we share our top picks for 2017. These eRigs are for use with Cannabis Dabs/Wax/Concentrate/Extracts, although some can also vape dry herb. If you are looking for a smaller, more stealthy way to dab on the go, check out my favorite vape pens.

? Finding the “Best e-Nail” can be an overwhelming task and really depends on your personal needs and vaping style. We put together this comprehensive guide to help you find the best Dab Rig for your needs. We included coupon codes when available and links to official stores.

best enail

Best e-Nail of 2017

Breakdown by category

Most powerful:

KandyPens ICON

The quick why: the KandyPens ICON e-Nail is available as a complete kit (that include a vape mod+attachment) or as “stand-alone” 510 attachment that only includes the nail and glass parts (without the Mod) for $199.95/. The ICON package includes 3 Nails: Quartz, Ceramic, and Titanium and can operate with temperature control, depending on your Vape Mod. A two piece water filtration glass tube ensures top-notch vapor quality. The ICON is one of the best e-Nails of this year, and one of the most powerful e-Rigs I tested to date. Great product for in-house use.

Manufacturer: KandyPens | Coil: 3 coils: Ceramic, Quartz, Titanium | Coil-capacity: .35 gr | Herb-compatible: No | Battery life: 4-6 sessions (depends on Vape Mod) | Temp control:  +/- 1 (depends on Vape Mod) | Warranty: Lifetime

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Best complete kit:

CloudV ELECTRO e-Nail

The quick why: the Cloud V ELECTRO e-Nail is a complete kit that includes the battery, water attachment, and everything else needed to start dabbing like a pro. Both Mini and Full-size versions have precise temperature control between 550°F to 1,000°F. The Mini has a 3300mAh battery and the full-size has a 6,000mAh that will allow up to 60 minutes of heavy use on a single charge. Both versions come with Quartz and Titanium Nails, and you can re-order your preferred one. If you are looking for an easy entry to eDabs, the ELECTRO is the best complete eRig kit you’ll find.

Manufacturer: Cloud Vapes | Nail: 1 Quartz, 1 Titanium | Coil-capacity: .35 gr | Herb-compatible: No | Battery life: 3-8 sessions | Temp control: Yes +/- 1 | Warranty: 1 year

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Best Cheap e-Nail:

Atmos STUDIO e-Rig

The quick why: the Atmos Studio eRig is universally designed to fit all box mods and mod batteries. It features a titanium nail chamber for waxy concentrates and an additional ceramic chamber for dry herbs. It does a great job especially with wax, and the water attachment ensures smooth and good tasting vapor. This is the Best e-Nail I tested that costs less than $100. Just keep in mind that you will have to use your own 510 vape mod. Overall, highly recommended.

Manufacturer: Atmos | Coil: 2 coils: Cermaic and Titanium  | Coil-capacity: .3 gr | Herb-compatible: Yes | Battery life: Depends os vape mod | Temp control: No | Warranty: 5 years

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Best for beginners:

Atmos Q3

The quick why: ok so technically, the Atmos Q3 is not an e-Nail. It does not have water filtration tight out of the box. But if you are a first timer, the Q3 may be the best vape for you. It performs as well as an e-Nail, but without temperature control and water filtration (meaning flavor is not as good as a rig). The upside is- it is MUCH easier to use. You can carry it around easily, and cleaning is easier. You still get a 3 Quartz rod atomizer that will be powerful enough for any dab you’ll through at it.

Manufacturer: Atmos | Coil: triple rod Quartz | Coil-capacity: .3 gr | Herb-compatible: No | Battery life: 3-6 sessions | Temp control: No | Warranty: 5 years

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Most attachments:

Source e-Nail Premium Kit


Source Nail Premium Kit Review

The quick why: the SourceVapes e-Nail can also function as a vape pen and just like other Source products- it has an unlimited amount of configurations and setups. The Kit includes 3 atomizers, glass globe, the battery (slim 1950mAh), and the attachments. Source uses grade 2 Titanium and the highest quality materials in this ultra-portable eRig. 3 heat settings available, and a super simple interface. Pro quality Dabs on-the-go reach a whole new level of simplicity with the Source e-Nail.

Manufacturer: Source | Coil: Titanium | Oven-capacity: .3 gr | Herb-compatible: NoBattery life: 3-5 sessions | Temp control: 3 levels | Warranty: 1 year

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Simple to use:

Boost eRig
Dr Dabber Boost eRig Review

The quick why: the Boost eRg by Dr Dabber is a great option for beginners looking for a plug-and-play e-Nail in a reasonable price. The Boost comes as a whole kit or as a 510 attachment that will work with most vape mods. Included are three nails: Quartz, Ceramic, and Titanium. The Boost has many compatible attachments and water filtration glassware on their website. Easy to use, good value.

Manufacturer: Dr Dabber | Coil: 3 coils: Ceramic, Quartz, Titanium | Coil-capacity: .3 gr | Herb-compatible: No | Battery life: 5-7 sessions | Temp control: No | Warranty: 2 years

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New to vaping with e-nails?

Here's what you need to know:

What is an e-Nail?

e-Nails (aka eRig) are the electronic version of a dab rig. It is used to vape medical  THC concentrates and extracts and generally are a bit more advanced and powerful than vape pens. e-Nails are usually available in two options- as a full kit or as an attachment. If you own a vape mod, you can only purchase the attachment (510 thread). If you do not have a box mod, you will need a complete kit. e-Nails allow water filtration producing a cool, tasty, potent vapor.

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What is the dish made of?

e-Nail’s heating dish can be any of these types: Quartz, Ceramic, and Titanium. Some e-Nails will include more than one kind inside the package so you can experiment with different kinds, and re-order you favorite.

Each will have a slightly different flavor, vapor amount/ and overall feel.

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Does a Vaporizer smell like weed after (or while) using it?

That is not a simple yes or no. Yes, it will smell but much less than smoking. While you use the vaporizer and blow vapor in/out, the vapor will have a gentle scent that will dissolve quickly even in a closed environment. Unlike smoke, it will not stick to anything, and will not smell your breath. After usage, it’s best to empty and quickly clean the oven to eliminate the smell. Smell-proof cases are also available for many vapes.

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Can I control the Nail’s temperature?

Depends on the e-Nail and vape mod that you are using. Some advance e-Nails will allow control of the temperature anywhere between 500-1200 degrees F. Most e-Nails heat up quickly and can reach optimal vaping temp within seconds.

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Which other types of vaporizers are available?

There are three main types- Dry Herb, Wax (concentrate, extracts), and E-liquid vaporizers (aka electronic cigarettes).
Dry herb vaporizers are used to vape the raw, dried, ground up medicinal herbs such as cannabis.
Wax Vaporizers are used to vape THC/CBD concentrates and extracts that are becoming increasingly popular in US dispensaries (in legal states).
e-Liquid Vaporizers and eCigs are used to vape e-liquids (with or without nicotine). That is a huge category by itself and contains vape-mods and electronic cigarettes. The important thing to keep in mind is – these are not used to consume THC in any way. They are not compatible with herb and wax. They act more like a “cigarette substitute.”

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