Best Dry Herb Vaporizer of 2018

The Complete Buying Guide for the Best Weed Vaporizers

Last update: 6/22/2018

ūüĒł Finding the ‚ÄúBest Vaporizer‚ÄĚ can be overwhelming and really depends on your personal needs and style.

We put together this guide to help you find the best dry herb vape for your needs. We include coupon codes when available and links to official stores. If you buy through our links we may get compensated by the store, which helps us keep this website running.

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Vaping – whether with a dry herb vaporizer or e-cigs – has become increasingly popular in recent years. This is particularly due to the emergence of studies like¬†this one,¬†funded by Cancer Research UK, which support that vaporizing poses¬†fewer long-term health risks than¬†smoking. Former smokers and cannabis users now have an abundance of vaping options to choose from – each tailored to the individual user’s needs and lifestyle.

Once you experience the benefits and¬†convenience of a good portable weed vaporizer, it’s hard to go back to burning your herbs – at least full time. ¬†That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best weed vaporizers among many different categories: so you can find what you need. We constantly update this list, so you can always check back as new vapes are released.

Over the years, the staff at The Vape Guide has tested hundreds Рlikely thousands Рof vapes, and we formed this list based on our combined expert opinions. The vapes in this list are primarily dry herb vaporizers. If you prefer wax and concentrates РI recommend checking out our list best vape pens for your melt-ables.

Best Weed Vaporizer of 2018

Category Vaporizer (click to quick-scroll)Best price
Best dry herb vaporizerDaVinci IQ $274.99 @ DaVinci official store
Smartest vaporizer PAX 3 $249.99 @ Pax Vapor
Best for home useArizer Solo 2 (or Air 2) $249.99 @ Vape-Smart
TVG10 for 10% off
Best bong-style vape Hydrology 9 $250 @ Vape-Smart
TVG10 for 10% off
Best flavor / vapor quality Firefly 2 $329.95 @ Firefly
Best on demand weed vape Ghost MV1$295 @ Ghost Vapes
Best for group vaping Mighty / Crafty $349 | $279 @ Vape-Smart
TVG10 for 10% off
Most simple to use G Pen ELITE (or G Pen Pro)$149.95 @ G Pen
TVG10 for 10% off
Best dry herb pen Atmos Pillar $149.95 @ Atmos
Best for beginnersAtmos VICOD 5G$129.95 @ Atmos
TVG15 for 15% off
Best cheap vaporizer Atmos JUMP $59.95 @ Atmos
TVG15 for 15% off
Best for wax KandyPens Prism+$127.95 @ KandyPens
TVG25 for 25% off
Currently under evaluation Arizer Go (ArGo)$269.95 @ Vape-Smart
TVG10 for 10% off

Best dry herb vaporizer:

DaVinci IQ

best dry herb vaporizer

The quick why: The DaVinci IQ is the best overall dry herb vaporizer of 2018. The IQ looks and feels amazing and performs par excellence. It is simple enough for a first timer and powerful enough for the most experienced users. Built from premium materials, the zirconia air path keeps vapor cool, and produces thick vapor and rich flavor. IQ allows customization of temp settings with patented Smart Path Technology for optimal sessions.  The IQ also has Bluetooth and a smartphone app Рbut the user can control everything without the app.  If you are tech savvy and love new gadgets, the IQ is for you.

Manufacturer: DaVinci | Oven: Ceramic | Oven-capacity: .3 gr | Wax-compatible: No | Battery life: 3-5 sessions | Temp control: +/- 1 | Smartphone connectivity: Yes | Warranty: 10 years

Read full review: DaVinci IQ



Pax 3 Review

The quick why:¬†The PAX 3 is as¬†smart as it is¬†sleek. Also compatible with wax and concentrates the PAX vape offers a slew of high-tech features:¬†Bluetooth, a¬†smartphone app, and¬†haptic¬†feedback. Lip-sensing technology increases efficiency by activating heat when the device is brought close to the lips and cools when removed.¬†PAX Vapor, hailed the ‚ÄúApple of Vaporizers‚ÄĚ for its aesthetic, timeless designs and unparalleled functionality, has created the Smartest Vaporizer ever in the Pax 3.

Manufacturer: PAX Labs | Oven: Stainless steel | Oven-capacity: .3 gr | Wax-compatible: Yes | Battery life: 4-6 sessions | Temp control: +/- 1 | Smartphone connectivity: Yes | Warranty: 10 years

Read full review: PAX 3

Best vaporizer for home use:

Arizer Solo 2 (or Air 2)

best vaporizer for home use- Arizer Solo 2, Air 2, Argo

¬†The quick why:¬†The Arizer Solo 2 & Air 2¬†(and now the new ArGo)¬†are new spins on Arizer’s prev. gen. vapes. Arizer introduced new features and updated the LED display for efficiency and ease-of-use. ¬†The Solo 2 is¬†large for a dry herb vaporizer but its performance and vapor quality are exceptional. The air is smaller and the ArGo is the smallest. All three products are great portables and will perform top notch. Added bonus- Arizer’s products require 0 maintenance. If you vape mostly at home- the Solo 2 is the top choice in 2018.

Manufacturer: Arizer | Oven: Ceramic | Oven-capacity: .2 gr | Wax-compatible: No | Battery life: 10-15 sessions | Temp control: +/- 1 | Smartphone connectivity: No | Warranty: 2 years

Read full review: Arizer Solo 2

Best bong-style vape:

Hydrology 9

hydrology 9 vs solo 2

The quick why:¬†Hydrology9¬†by¬†Cloudious9 is an exciting recent addition to the dry herb vaporizer arena.¬†Its noteworthy bong-style design makes this vape unique on the market. The LED light system is cool and functional as it conveys temperature and battery level.¬†Air vents allow customizing to the user’s preferred draw resistance. The Hydrology 9¬†also introduces the built-in stir-stick which sifts the bud in the chamber – maximizing efficiency and¬†lowering waste. ¬†The Hydrology 9 also uses water-filtration¬†– similar to a bong – which cools the vapor. This vape is the undisputed winner in this category and¬†definitely the¬†best¬†vape for your next party.

Manufacturer: Cloudious9 | Oven: Ceramic | Oven-capacity: Large | Wax-compatible: Yes | Battery life: 15 sessions | Temp control: 5 stages | Smartphone connectivity: No | Warranty: 2 years

Read full review: Hydrology 9

ūüí°Pro Tip: use a good grinder

SLX "non-stick" Grinder

SLX Grinder Review Residue Free

The quick why: When using herbs in a vaporizer, it is important to grind your herb finely and expose as much surface area of your bud as possible. This will increase efficiency and improve vapor quality. When you inhale through a vaporizer, hot air enters through air intake holes, and passes through weed/herb, heating it up and picking up active ingredients in the form of vapor.

Our team here at TheVape.Guide agrees that the SLX is the best grinder to use with a dry herb vaporizer. We love the ceramic coating which prevents residue from sticking, so it operates smoothly for a longer period of time Рwith minimal cleaning and maintenance.

Best flavor / vapor quality:

Firefly 2

father's day coupon codes

The quick why: The Firefly 2 is actually the winner of two categories: best flavor and best solo vape. The Firefly 2 uses a unique convection heating system Рmeaning that the heat source does not come in direct contact with the dry herb. This allows you to take draws on-demand, saving the rest for later use Рa very convenient feature for a dry herb vape. Thanks to a premium-quality glass vapor path and convection heating, the flavor is unparalleled. The design of the Firefly vape is also reminiscent of a bowl or pipe. The Firefly vaporizer provides the Best vapor quality.

Manufacturer: Firefly | Oven: Glass | Oven-capacity: .2 gr | Wax-compatible: Yes | Battery life: 6-8 sessions | Temp control: 4 levels with boost | Smartphone connectivity: Yes | Warranty: 10 years

Read full review: Firefly 2

On-Demand Convection heat

Ghost MV1

best vaporizer convection heat

The quick why: The Ghost MV1 is a futuristic, dual-use vaporizer that supports dry herb and concentrates. This vaporizer provides on-demand heating with the convection heating process, but manages to keep vapor cool with pronounced flavor. The Ghost MV1 works for semi-advanced users who like versatility, getting super high, and appreciates the latest, premium vaping gadgets. One minor drawback is that the usage is involved, and not as simple as other vapes on this list.

Manufacturer: Ghost | Oven: Ceramic | Oven-capacity: .2 gr | Wax-compatible: Yes | Battery life: 4-6 sessions | Temp control: +/- 1 | Smartphone connectivity: Yes | Warranty: 5 years

Read full review: Ghost MV1

Best for group vaping:

Crafty & Mighty

Crafty review

The quick why:¬†The¬†Crafty and Mighty are two beasts. They‚Äôre impressive to carry around, get plenty of attention and they deliver. The Mighty has double the battery life of its little brother – the Crafty – and will allow up to eight sessions of use. That‚Äôs around 80 minutes! The company behind them – Storz & Bickel – is the same German company that makes the legendary Volcano, units known to last a lifetime. If you are a ‚Äúsession‚ÄĚ or a ‚Äúgroup‚ÄĚ user, the Mighty or the Crafty are your best options.

Manufacturer: Storz & Bickel | Oven: Stainless Steel | Oven-capacity: .3 gr | Wax-compatible: Yes | Battery life: 4-8 sessions | Temp control: +/- 1 | Smartphone connectivity: Crafty-Yes, Mighty-No | Warranty: 2 years

Read full review: Crafty Vaporizer

Most simple to use:

G Pen Elite (and G Pen Pro)

G pen elite review

The quick why: The G Pen ELITE is sleek, has an ergonomic design and is very well balanced while holding or using. The ELITE’s simple interface allows precise temperature control with an LCD screen to display settings and temperature. A deep ceramic oven with 360 heat provides strong, potent vapor. The G Pen Elite is available in various collaboration versions with companies such as Burton and Badwood, and has been one of the most popular vaporizers out on the market in the last year. This vape is great for the money and very simple to use.

Manufacturer: G pen | Oven: Ceramic | Oven-capacity: .3 gr | Wax-compatible: No | Battery life: 4-5 sessions | Temp control: +/- 1 | Smartphone connectivity: No | Warranty: 1 year

Read full review: G Pen ELITE

Best dry herb vape pen

Atmos Pillar Tyga

The quick why: Generally, vape pens are not powerful enough to heat up for the required duration to vape dry herb, but the Atmos Pillar is a powerful dry herb vape pen that gets it done. It has a temperature-controlled stainless steel oven and a sturdy, ribbed design. It’s a well-designed vaporizer from Atmos, in collaboration with the rapper Tyga. This is definitely the best dry herb vape pen due to flavor quality and convenience.

Manufacturer: Atmos | Oven: Stainless Steel  | Oven-capacity: .25 gr | Wax-compatible: Yes | Battery life: 3-4 sessions | Temp control: +/- 1 | Smartphone connectivity: No | Warranty: 5 years

Read full review: Atmos Pillar Tyga

Best vaporizer for beginners:

Atmos VICOD 5G (2nd Gen)

father's day dry herb vaporizer coupon codes

The quick why: The Atmos VICOD 5G¬†is a simple ‚Äúpoint-and-shoot‚ÄĚ vape that can be turned on and used quickly without any customization or mobile app connectivity. It has a good size ceramic oven for personal vaping, and vapor quality that is usually reserved for higher-end vaporizers. The draw resistance is minimal, and it produces a lot of vapor, even with short draws. A very simple and effective unit for half the price of a comparable quality vaporizer makes the VICOD 5G the best vaporizer for beginners.

Manufacturer: Atmos | Oven: Ceramic | Oven-capacity: .25 gr | Wax-compatible: Yes | Battery life: 4-6 sessions | Temp control: +/- 1 | Smartphone connectivity: No | Warranty: 5 years

Read full review: Atmos VICOD 5G

Best cheap vaporizer:

Atmos JUMP Herb Vape Pen

atmos jump review

The quick why:  A few years ago, vape Pens used to cost around $200 and did not perform half as well as the Atmos JUMP. The fact that these dry herb vape pens Рat this level of quality Рare available for $60 is a sign of how far vaporizer technology has evolved. The JUMP is an awesome dry herb vaporizer at this price. Its small oven is perfect for solo use, it is quick-charging via USB, and a one-button interface makes this a good vape-for-the-buck.

Manufacturer: Atmos | Oven: Stainless steel | Oven-capacity: .25 gr | Wax-compatible: No | Battery life: 3-4 sessions | Temp control: No | Smartphone connectivity: No | Warranty: 5 years

Read full review: Atmos JUMP

Best for wax:

KandyPens Prism+

best weed vaporizer for wax- KandyPens Prism+

The quick why: As I¬†mentioned earlier, if you are a dual user –¬†herb and¬†wax – I do NOT recommend vaping them in the same device, and instead- check out my best vape pens list. One great choice for wax, however, is the¬†KandyPens Prism+ (not compatible with dry herb). It is compatible with any type of THC wax or shutter, dab, or any type of concentrate. It has a glass mouthpiece, minimal draw resistance, and it comes with two excellent coils ‚Äď Quartz and Ceramic. The PRISM is the Best Wax Vape Pen of 2018.

Manufacturer: KandyPens | Coil: Ceramic + Quartz Titanium | Coil-capacity: .2 gr | Battery life: 9-10 sessions | Temp control: 4 settings | Warranty: Lifetime

Read full review: KandyPens PRISM

PAX Labs

Has been a leading innovator in the vaporization movement with superior and technologically advanced products such as the PAX 3 and the JUUL e-cig, that are simple and fun to use.

Other vapes we love:

Atmos Aegis Review

Atmos Aegis Review

The AEGIS is very simple to use and will work well for a first timer, who is looking for a way into the vaporizer world. It heats up quickly and is easy to carry around. One thing I did not like was ...

New to vaping dry herb?

Here's what you need to know

Vaping FAQ's

Weed (dry herb) vaporizers are (typically) handheld devices with small ovens, or chambers, that are used to heat a substance–such as dry herb or extracts–to a specific temperature. This releases active ingredients (THC/CBD) in the form of vapor. The vapor is inhaled in order to enjoy the full benefits of any medicinal herb or extract. A vaporizer will not burn your herb, thus not releasing combustion-related carcinogens and other toxic substances.

Vaporizers use the small oven chamber to heat the herb and then pull the potent vapor through an air path until inhaled from the mouthpiece. Most portable vaporizers are powered by an internal, rechargeable battery. These days many are accompanied by a mobile app and a digital LED screen to monitor settings and preferences.

That is not a simple ‚Äúyes‚ÄĚ or ‚Äúno‚ÄĚ. Yes- it will smell, but much less than smoking weed would. While the user vapes, and inhales and exhales vapor, the vapor exhibits a mild scent that dissolves quickly even in a closed environment.

Unlike smoke, it will not stick to anything, and will not smell on your breath. After usage, it is best to empty and quickly clean the oven to eliminate the smell. Smell-proof cases are also available for many vaporizers.

For most types of medical marijuana 370-410 degrees Fahrenheit will work best. Warmer temperatures will produce harsher, more visible vapor. Lower temperatures will produce flavorful, mild vapor.

The majority of modern vaporizers have a temperature control option, allowing the user to set the exact temperature. Some even have advanced heating profiles with varying temperatures throughout the session.

You will be able to tell by the flavor, the amount of vapor, and how many draws you have taken. There is no exact formula to this, and vaporizers do not tell you when it is time for a new bowl ‚Äď yet.

Every new bowl starts off very potent, aromatic and flavorful, and then decreases with use. Most people make this judgment intuitively ‚Äď based on personal preference.

I do not recommend it ‚Äď unless it is a unique feature of a particular vape.

When a vaporizer reaches vaping temperature, the herb loses flavor and potency. The problem is that if you reach vaping temp and then turn off the device or allow it to cool completely, the material in the chamber is still ‚Äúcooking.‚ÄĚ This, of course, ‚Äúuses‚ÄĚ the material‚Äôs potency.

So, it is best if you use one oven per session. Keep in mind, if you are a ‚Äúsolo‚ÄĚ or ‚Äúgroup‚ÄĚ vaper, choose a vaporizer with a suitable oven size.

  • Conduction– The heating element is touching the dry herb and heating it via contact direct contact.
  • Convection– The heat is generated ‚Äúaway‚ÄĚ from the herb, and then pulled in with a draw, passing by the herb to warm it along the way. Convection vaporizers have a reputation of providing better flavor.
  • Induction– Very fast heating method in which heat is propagated using magnetic induction to heat any material within the field, dry herb for example. The materials within the field heat, but never come in contact with the heating source. The Loto Lux is the first vaporizer to use the induction heating method.
  • Combustion– The old-fashioned way of consuming marijuana that we are all familiar with‚Äďassociated with smoking. The material is burned with flame and the user ingests charred materials along with the desired target‚Äďtobacco or dry herb in this case.

Weed Vaping Tips

Vaporizers work best when the weed is completely dry, not moist. I know that this may be counterintuitive to most of us, but trust me on this one.

When using completely dry weed- you can grind it better which will improve your session, the air will be able to travel through your herb properly and extract the THC/ CBD, you will get more vapor. And if all this wasn’t enough, it’ll be easier to clean your vape after a session (less sticky stuff). So yes definitely dry weed is better.

Most medical marijuana sold in dispensaries around the US is already completely cured and dry, and ready to use with a vape.

If your weed is moist, there are various ways you can dry it. Some involve putting it a paper overnight to suck up the moister; some will leave it in a glass jar and open daily- eventually, the moister evaporates, and you’re left with dry herb, perfect for vaping.

If you read my reviews or watch my videos- you know I ALWAYS recommend using a good grinder. You see, you can use the best weed in the world, with the best vaporizer in the world, but if your weed is not finely ground–you won’t get the results you want.

When you grind your weed properly, you expose more of the plant’s surface area to hot air, which will extract the THC / CBD more efficiently.

Use a good Grinder. My favorite is the SLX non-stick Grinder, or the Easy Grinder (electric).

When packing your oven, you want to pack it tight and be generous with your weed. Don’t try to save by not packing tight- this will only waste your weed as you will not get good results and try again.

Place your finely ground weed in the oven, packing using a packing tool, and pack it dense and tight.

One thing you do not want to do is- pack your oven too tight. Remember that hot air needs to travel through your herbs, so leave enough gaps to allow an easy flow.

You probably won’t figure it out in the first session, but keep making small adjustments, and eventually, you’ll find the best way to pack your specific vape, for your specific needs.

Starting low, and then increasing temperature, will allow you to enjoy a wider spectrum of cannabidiols and make the most out your weed.

Many of the Terrapins, cannabinoids and other molecules have a different boiling temperature. Meaning they are vaporized in a different temp.

When starting your session low (around 370F) and gradually increasing (max 420F), you will enjoy optimal flavor in the beggining, and super strong vapor and potent at the end.

Some portable herb vaporizers are also compatible with THC wax and extracts. But I recommend purchasing a dab vape pen, and separating the use of herb and concentrates.

The reason is that in time wax will make your vape sticky, harder to clean, and may affect its performance. If you purchase a high-end vape such as the Firefly or DaVinci IQ, you will not be happy if it gets sticky and hard to use quickly.

I have weed vapes that I have been using for over 4-5 years. I clean them after a session, and never use them with wax. Dab pens are cheap, and coils can be replaced in a second. Keep your main dry herb vaporizer clean and purchase a pen for your extracts.

When vaping, you want to find a sweet spot where it is easy to take a draw, but you also get enough vapor. It’s hard to explain and varies greatly between devices, but basically, you want to pull until a bit before it is too hard, and then try to “surf” the draw and stay there for as long as you can.

You do not want to be fighting with the vaporizer by pulling too hard, but you also need a significant amount of air to feel results.

Experiment with your own vape, and find that sweet spot that will get you enough vapor, while breathing comfortably.

Cleaning a vape is kind of like washing the dishes- the faster you do it, the easier it is. It is MUCH easier to clean your vape right after a session. Even just emptying your oven after a session will help dramatically with cleaning.

Also, the vape will smell less like weed if you empty it right away.

You can inhale before and after the temperature has reached- even while the vape is heating up (or cooling down), you can take a draw and enjoy a wider spectrum of beneficial ingredients. When a vape is heating up, the weed is releasing a rich and flavorful aroma. Feel free to enjoy it ūüėČ

Stir your herb during a session- This may not be practical with all vapes, but if you can stir your herb while you vape- the extraction will be more consistent. Some vapes such as the Hydrology 9 has a built in stirring tool that can be used during a session.

Weed Vaping Questions Answered

Dry flower, cannabis extract or e-liquid are the substances of choice for vapor pen users. You can get a vapor pen for whichever media you decide to vape. There are also vapor pens that support multiple substances, like the V2 Pro Series 7.

The Pax 2 Vaporizer is the first dry herb vaporizer released by Pax Labs after their rebrand from Ploom in 2015. The Pax 2 brought a trendy, tech-oriented face to the world of vaporizers upon its arrival, which is why it‚Äôs one of the best dry herb vapes out–exceeded only, of course, by it’s big brother: Pax 3.

There‚Äôs a range that goes anywhere from $60.00 for a cheap weed pen to $275(+) for one on the high end. Choosing something in the medium-low range will be good for beginner and intermediate users, while the higher range will be ideal for experienced, long-term vapers–and even smokers.

Instead of combusting the herb in the chamber, a dry herb vaporizer heats the cannabis (via convection, conduction, a hybrid version of these, or induction) until it vaporizes. Heating the dry herb just prior to the point of combustion lets the user consume the cannabinoids present in the dry herb without ingesting carbon monoxide and other hazardous, charred materials–as occurs in traditional smoking.

Once your vapor pen is charged, open the device to expose the heating chamber and fill it with ground herb. Return the chamber cover and power on to start heating.

As a rule of thumb, five clicks in quick succession will turn on a vapor pen.

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To use a coupon code, copy it to your clipboard, visit the store by clicking the link, add items to your cart, and paste the coupon code during checkout.

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