Zeus Thunder 2 Wax Pen Review

Zeus Thunder 2 Review
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The Zeus Thunder 2 is a very easy to use vape pen. Unlike other vape pens in same price point, this pen is constructed from high-quality premium material so it doesn’t look flimsy like pens made from polycarbonate plastic. Overall, I really like the Thunder 2 wax pen and its performance and aesthetics.

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In Depth Zeus Thunder 2 Review:

Unlike the first generation of the Zeus Thunder by Zeus Arsenal. The Zeus Thunder 2 wax pen ($89.99(CAD) from TVAPE) is only good for wax and concentrates. It is has improved design that delivers consistent pulls every time. But can this pen excel the hype of its predecessor?

First Impression and Design

One of the first things to strike you when you get your hands on the new Zeus Thunder 2 is the cool premium feel. This wax pen is sleek and stylish while still feeling robust and durable in your hands. The tank has a beautiful all glass shield exterior with a stainless steel air pathway and the battery chassis is coated with PVD mat finish. The PVD coating on the battery chassis is the same luxurious finish that can be found on Medical Equipment, Automotive Parts, and Firearms for its durability, high-quality, and scratch resistant. However, like I said earlier the Zeus Thunder 2 sports a glass shield exterior that protects its wax tank. Thus this is susceptible from breaking (if clumsiness strikes you). The wax tank, on the other hand, are disposable which is not ideal for budget conscious users. But keep in mind that disposable tanks do make the unit more hygienic, maintenance free and less expensive than having to replace the entire device.

Zeus Thunder 2 pen

The tank has a beautiful all glass shield exterior with a stainless steel air pathway and the battery chassis is coated with PVD mat finish.

The battery has a pretty standard 510 threading – 650mAh. Regarding its battery life, I haven’t had a problem with it. It tends to last for a whole day. Charging it is pretty easy, I had to charge it at night so it will not compromise my all-day sessions.

This second generation unit features an important upgrade – the metal coils found in the previous model have been replaced with a ceramic heating plate that may result in an even heating and make your vapor stronger and more flavorful.

Zeus Thunder 2 coil

It doesn’t use wire coil which tends to overheat and burn your concentrates. Instead, the Zeus Thunder 2 uses a heated ceramic disc. What’s so great about this? for it produces great flavor. Also, this is the second pen I’ve reviewed that uses a screw-on splash cap.

How to use

Pen-Style units are designed for quick and easy use. The Thunder 2 only has 1 button which makes the device so simply. Just press the button 5 times to lock and unlock the device, and press and hold the button when unlocked to engage the heating element. The Thunder 2 has a 10 seconds auto shut off time to prevent from overheating. As I mentioned above, the wax tank is disposable and can easily be dissembled for quick loading, replacing, and maintaining.


The Zeus Thunder 2 got me fly high easily, even thou the O-ring at the top of the glass shield where the mouthpiece connects felt loose and not fully secured. Despite this issue, the loose fit and slight wobbliness don’t mind me from the great amount of vapor I could pull off from this pen.

Thunder 2 O-rings

Zeus Thunder 2 is designed to focus on vaping wax and concentrates only.

Overall, I really like the Thunder 2 but I always like to vent out any negatives. In this case, I find slight flaws like – capacity and airflow. This pen does not hold much concentrates compared to other wax pens I’ve used before (Visit my top picks for best vape pen). Regarding the airflow, it could use some improvement. Because the airflow seems slightly restricted, we got decent and good pulls but had to inhale a bit harder. Of course, these are all subjective and based only in my opinion, plus I wouldn’t really consider this as a deal breaker.

Compatible with ZEUS Iceborn

ZEUS Iceborn a new cooling system device manufactured by ZEUS Arsenal, is compatible with the Zeus Thunder 2 vaporizer. The Iceborn is designed to produce cooler draws and bigger clouds when connected to the Thunder 2 vaporizer. The vapor produced is ultra-smooth and crisp and because of ice cooling, instead of water filtration. The overall experience of this unit is outstanding and satisfying.

How it works

How the unit works is once it’s filled with water and frozen it chills the vapor as it passes through the unit. The main way to use it is to have the middle port connected to the vaporizer so that it passes through the metal tubes and then finally travels over-top the ice to the exit port which is where you’d connect the hose you’d inhale from. You can check out TVape’s tutorial videos to get an extra glimpse of what I’m talking about.

Regarding its performance, I’m completely awed to its cooler vaping draws versus just taking it directly from the Thunder 2 vaporizer. I use a short whip from my SSV kit to draw from and I love the coolness that I get from being so close to the vapor just coming right off the top of the ice. On the bigger clouds perspective, I’m not totally impressed by it, I have definitely achieved more big draws using my Eyce 2.0 ice bong than this unit. With that being said, I really don’t care about what I am exhaling looks like (if I did I’d probably be into e-cigs or vape mods for that matter).

It’s pretty simple to clean and assemble, I soak the individual seals and metal tubes in ISO for 5 minutes. While the plastic body and lid I just tried to wash it with soap and water. Because of the nature of the seals, they really have that distinct odor but soaking them in isopropyl alcohol might diminish the smell. It’s good to mention that the mesh hose covers are pretty nice but I noticed the ends fray quite a bit which degraded its whole aesthetic piece and for that, I don’t even bother to use them. Like I said earlier I have a nice one from an SSV whip kit that I often use.

One thing to note in preparing the Zeus Iceborn is it must be on a level surface in your freezer or else you might affect its performance. First time I had placed it in a corner on the floor of my freezer and it was very difficult to take draws through the unit. I opened the lid and rotated it around to another spot and the problem was gone.

Final Verdict

I was totally impressed by the overall design and how it was well-made. Unlike other vape pens in same price point, this pen is constructed from high-quality premium material so it doesn’t look flimsy like pens made from polycarbonate plastic. Furthermore, the Zeus Thunder 2 is very easy to use. The user has to do is pull off the glass piece, put the concentrate on the ceramic plate, put it back together, and hit it. We found it best to hold the button down for a couple of seconds before releasing to properly heat the concentrate.

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Zeus Thunder 2 Wax Pen

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