Zeus Smite Review: The Weed Vape that Descends from Mount Olympus

BEST DEAL: $129 (CAD) from TVape Ships from Canada

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Zeus Smite Review Bottom Line

The Zeus Smite is here to provide vaping thrills in a tough, nearly indestructible shell. Flavor quality isn’t left behind as the Smite delivers impressive quality. What else is there? How about a three hour battery life. All those features are available in this portable vape with the cool name: the Zeus Smite!

Zeus Smite Background

The Zeus Smite ($129 [CAD] from TVape) is an impressively named vaporizer that aims to give vapers a solid vaping experience at a fairly cheap price. The Smite isn’t really competing with the Our Favorite Herb Vaporizers but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t one of the better dry herb vaporizers. For one thing, it’s one of the toughest, most durable weed vapes out there. What else does the Smite have going for it? And will you find a vape with a better name than this? Find out in my Zeus Smite review.

Zeus Smite +

The Smite + is a fancier version of the Smite that costs $189 (CAD). It has the same dimensions but the main differences are that it has an LCD screen and precise temperature control. Those extra features come at the cost of a shorter two hour battery life but that still outpaces most vapes this size.

Zeus Smite Kit

  • Zeus Smite vaporizer
  • Plastic mouthpiece + glass mouthpiece
  • Cleaning brush + packing tool
  • Screen set + USB charger

The SLX grinder is the perfect partner to the Smite or any other weed vape because it grinds the herb down to the perfect consistency for the chamber.

zeus smite kit
L-R: Zeus Smite package, glass mouthpiece, packing tool, cleaning brush, Zeus Smite, extra screens, USB cable.

Key Features of the Zeus Smite

  • Compatible w/ dry herb
  • The mouthpiece is stored in its body so it’s protected when not in use
  • Glass mouthpiece cools down the vapor
  • Long three hour battery life
  • Three preset temperatures: 385°F (Blue) | 399°F (Purple) | 414°F (Red)
  • Retails for $129 (CAD) from TVape
zeus smite mouthpieces
A glass mouthpiece (left) cools down the vapor better than the plastic mouthpiece (right).

Zeus Smite Design

The Smite is 4 x 2.4 x 0.9 inches, weighs 0.45 lbs, is made from anodized aluminum, and has a ceramic heating chamber. It has a very basic but highly functional design, the rounded box doesn’t stand out but it does feel good and the lack of angles means that it slips easily into your pockets and feels pretty good there.

The mouthpiece is stored in a receptacle in the Smite which increases the vape’s portability and helps to keep the mouthpiece clean. The Smite is a pretty low maintenance device and it’s pretty tough too. It’s survived impacts that would finish off more fragile vapes and it did so without receiving a scratch. If you live a rough and tumble lifestyle of high adventure and intrigue—or if you’re just really clumsy—this is the vape for you.

The only drawback is that it can be sometimes difficult to open the sliding covers of the mouthpiece and herb compartments.

zeus smite compartment
The mouthpiece is stored in the body of the Zeus Smite.

How to Use the Zeus Smite

  1. Remove the mouthpiece from the bottom of the unit then slide the cover from the top of the unit to reveal the herb chamber.
  2. Fill the chamber with your herb then screw the mouthpiece onto it.
  3. Press the power button 5x to turn on the device then hold it down until the light indicates your desired temperature.
  4. Once the light has stopped flashing, inhale from the mouthpiece.
zeus smite mouthpiece
The mouthpiece screws into the herb chamber.

Zeus Smite Performance and Vapor Quality

The vapor quality of the Zeus is quite good especially with the glass mouthpiece. The vapor is pretty flavorful but the glass mouthpiece provides extra cooling for a slightly better experience.

I’ve got to mention the battery life, at nearly three hours it’s one of the longest lasting portable vapes I’ve ever used.

zeus smite dry herb vaporizer review
The herb chamber is covered up by the sliding cover.

Zeus Smite VS Similar Vapes

Zeus Smite vs Linx Gaia

The Linx Gaia is another weed vape that’s better than expected. It has a quartz herb chamber and a glass mouthpiece that provide excellent vapor quality. The Smite is a little more convenient but you can’t go wrong with either.

Linx GAIA review

Zeus Smite vs Pulsar Flow

The Pulsar Flow is an easy to use cannabis vape that offers durability and quality at a low price. The Flow has a convenient magnetic cover and a long vapor path so that even vaping connoisseurs will be impressed.

Pulsar Flow Dry Herb Vaporizer kit Review

Zeus Smite Review: Final Thoughts

The Zeus Smite ($129 [CAD] from TVape) didn’t exactly descend from Mount Olympus to bless us with its presence but you’ll have a good time with it anyway. It delivers excellent flavor quality in a nearly indestructible shell plus its battery practically lasts forever. Do any of the Best Weed Vapes have all those features? Maybe, but you’ll be paying a lot more for them. So if you want as much bang for your buck as possible, consider the Zeus Smite.

Thanks for reading my Zeus Smite review and no, there isn’t a better named vape out there.

Where to buy the Zeus Smite?

  • Buy from TVape for $129 (CAD).
Zeus Smite

A durable cannabis vaporizer with a lengthy battery life

$129 (CAD)

A huge proponent of the vaping lifestyle who would love it if everyone who smokes makes the switch to vaping instead. Loves CBD and would like to see it infused into everything. Aside from the world of vaping, he also loves reading, health & fitness, gadgets & technology, and culture, both the pop and regular kind.

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  1. I bought this based on the TVape review, and its cost!
    Wonderful vape, clean, clear and very smooth.
    Unfortunately, I only had a small amount of herb to try it out with, so I stashed my Zeus in a safe place. Safe? May be, but age has done something to my memory and I cannot find the wee thing! So, I am back again, considering a 2nd purchase. 10 to 1, I’ll buy another and then find the lost one. At the very least, I’ll have one to enjoy and maybe two to keep me in heaven.
    An excellent buy for quality and price!! And, according to the box, a Canuckian company!

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