Yocan Uni Review

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yocan uni review

The Good: Adjustable shutter can fit any size cartridge | Height of cartridge chamber can be modified | Pleasant feeling texture | Very portable friendly | Highly affordable

The Bad: No battery life indicator

The Bottom Line: I love the convenience and versatility the Uni gives me. It can easily and securely fit all of my cartridges and it feels good to the touch. I can comfortably take it anywhere and the battery lasts for a long, long time. I can easily see this becoming one of the most used oil vapes in my collection.

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Kit and Accessories

yocan uni kit
The Uni includes a magnetic adapter that is taller than most in order to make good use of the chamber height adjustment feature.
  • Yocan Uni
  • Magnetic 510 threaded connector
  • Micro USB charging cable

Compatibility: The Uni is compatible with pre-filled THC and CBD oil cartridges.

Design and Features

yocan uni design
The Uni features an adjustable shutter that allows it to hold any cartridge no matter the size.

General Design: The Uni definitely stands out from the crowded field of box style 510 batteries thanks to some unique design touches. You’ll no doubt notice the knob just beneath the opening of the cartridge receptacle. This knob is used to adjust a shutter in the receptacle opening that allows it to accommodate cartridges of any diameter. You just turn the knob until the shutter clamps down firmly on the cartridge so that it doesn’t rattle or shift around.

The other innovative feature is a lever on the bottom of the battery that adjusts the cartridge chamber to three different heights. So, now you can choose how far you want the mouthpiece of your cartridge to stick out. The magnetic 510 connector is taller than normal in order to enable this feature. Both of those features make the Uni a truly universal—yep, that’s what Uni stands for—battery that can fit any type of cartridge.

The Uni also has a window that enables you to view the oil level of your cartridge no matter which height you choose. The power button is well placed high on the device and the USB port is on the side, so it stands upright while it’s charging

Portability: The Uni is a little taller and wider than some other 510 batteries, but it still very portable. I never had any problems slipping it into my pocket and it feels good in my hand. In fact, it feels better than the really small batteries since I can reach the power button with my thumb more easily.

To give you some perspective, it’s smaller than the Yocan Delux, but bigger than the mini oil vape that is part of the Delux. The Uni doesn’t feel particularly bulky and it is very light, so it never feels too intrusive when it’s being carried around.

Build Quality: This battery has a texture that is really pleasant to the touch. It feels like silicone paint sprayed over plastic and I like it better than most metallic finishes. The reason is that it doesn’t get scuffed or scratched, so it will stay looking as good as new for a long time.

How to Use

yocan uni how to use
The Uni has a lever that allows you to change the height of the cartridge chamber.
  1. Screw your cartridge onto the magnetic adapter and then place it into the cartridge chamber.
  2. Use the knob to adjust the shutter until it holds the cartridge firmly in place.
  3. (Optional) Use the lever to adjust the cartridge to the height you find most comfortable.
  4. Press the power button five times to turn on the device.
  5. Press the power button three times to select a voltage setting.
  6. Once the voltage has been reached, inhale from the mouthpiece.

Voltage Settings: 3.4V | 3.8V | 4.2V. Note that these settings are not indicated anywhere on the device, this information comes from the manufacturer.

Performance and Vapor Quality

yocan uni performance
There are three voltage settings on the Uni, the lowest is great for flavor, while the highest is great for generating big clouds.

Device Performance: The Uni was able to securely hold any cartridge I used without any problems. The adjustable shutter works like a charm to hold the cartridge nice and tight without any jiggling or looseness. Height adjustment is also great because it means that I can adjust my comfort or stealth level. The highest setting feels the most comfortable, but the lowest one is great for vaping low key. Heat up times are quick too, so no complaints on that front.

Vapor Quality: I prefer to use the Uni on its lowest setting because it felt the most comfortable to me. That setting brings out the full flavor of any of the cartridges I used. However, cloud production is minimal on that setting. If it’s big clouds you want, then choose the highest voltage and go to town.  

Battery Performance: The battery has a capacity of 650 mAh and lasts for a long time before it needs a recharge. When it is time for a recharge, you don’t have to wait long because it charges in under an hour. The main downside to the battery is that there isn’t an indicator to show you how much juice is left, so it can suddenly die on you if you don’t charge it regularly.

Yocan Uni vs Atmos Micro Pal vs KandyPens C-Box 510 Battery

The Micro Pal and C-Box are both high quality batteries that are good alternatives to the Uni if you want more voltage settings. The Pal is the smallest of the lot if size is your priority. The C-Box includes different sized adapters so that you can choose the height of your cartridge. But, as you know by now, the Uni has that function built into it.

Yocan UniAtmos Micro PalKandyPens C-Box
Compatible with510 cartridges510 cartridges510 cartridges
Battery Size650 mAh650 mAh390 mAh
Number of Voltage SettingsThreeFourFour
WarrantyFifteen daysFive year limitedLifetime
Price$39.99 directly from Yocan$44.95 directly from Atmos$44.95 directly from KandyPens

Bottom Line

yocan uni
9.6 Total Score

The Yocan Uni is easily the most versatile 510 battery around because of the amount of customization options it has available. Both the diameter and the height of the cartridge chamber can be adjusted to fit any size of 510 cartridge. The long battery life and fast recharge time are just icing on the cake. Add in the lower than average price and you have one of the best 510 batteries available.

Who is it for: Oil vapers who regularly use a variety of different sized cartridges. Vapers who want a reasonably priced battery with great features. 

Who is it NOT for: Vapers who want a wider range of voltage settings.


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  1. I’m really torn between the Ccell Palm, O2Vape flip and the Yokan Uni. While preferring to by US products (for the environmental impact), I am drawn to the Uni.
    I have Vessel and Kandy pens and both are still harsh on my throat. I’m a once daily user for sleep and anxiety.
    Which might you suggest of the 3, if smoothness and compatibly are my top concerns?
    Your time is appreciated!

    • I’d say that the “smoothness” depends on your cartridge/ oil more than the vaporizer. I’d go for the UNI out of the three you mentioned. You can set it to the lowest voltage and that should be easy on your throat.

  2. I’m got the uni for use with a simple cure cartridge. I have tried all three settings and am not getting any visible smoke. I’ve tried 2 separate cartridges. Any ideas?

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