Yocan Magneto Review

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Yocan Magneto Review

The Good: Very long-lasting battery | Easy to use for beginners

The Bad: Built-in dab tool does not work well | Vapor quality is just okay | Very high maintenance device

The Bottom Line: I wanted to like the Magneto but it simply isn’t that great. Considering how hard it is to maintain, the vapor quality simply isn’t good enough to overcome all the issues associated with it. I can’t recommend the Magneto even to beginners, much less to more experienced vapers.

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Design and Features

Yocan Magneto Design
The Magneto uses magnetic connections, which make assembly very easy.

General Design:  The Magneto is not the most stylish wax vape around but the steel casing that’s exposed at the bottom, middle, and mouthpiece give it a distinctive look. Of course, looks aren’t everything and the Magneto has some nice practical attributes which prove that point.

There is a dab tool built right into the mouthpiece section that makes loading a lot easier. It also means that there is one less accessory to carry around with you, or that you need to worry about losing. You also don’t need to worry about taking a storage container for your wax with you because there is one built into the base of the Magneto.

All the pieces—except for the 510 threaded atomizer—use magnetic connections, so putting the Magneto together is fast and easy.

Portability: The Magneto is a pretty bulky vape pen with a much thicker girth than most other examples in this category. This doesn’t inhibit portability since it’s an otherwise petit four inches in height. It will still fit in your pocket, but you won’t forget that it’s there like you would with a skinnier pen.

It feels good when you hold it too, in fact, it feels a little better than slimmer vape pens since you can get a better grip on it.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The odd shape of the built in dab tool means that it is hard to clean and needs cleaning frequently, which is not a great combination. It’s too small to use a swab or q-tip to clean it, so you need to immerse it in isopropyl alcohol for a few hours to get it clean. You should then rinse it out in warm water afterwards, and you need to do this after nearly every session.

The ceramic coil of the Magneto is cleaned using a q-tip that’s been dipped in isopropyl alcohol. Wipe down the coil and the inside of the heating chamber to get rid of any excess residue.

How to Use

  1. Remove the mouthpiece from the rest of the battery.
  2. Remove the magnetic cap from the ceramic atomizer.
  3. Dip the dab tool of the cap into your wax and then reattach it to the atomizer.
  4. Replace the mouthpiece and press the power button five times to turn on the device.
  5. Hold down the power button while inhaling from the mouthpiece.

Voltage Setting: The Magneto has a single voltage setting, but its exact number is unknown, since Yocan does not release that information.

Performance and Vapor Quality

Yocan Magneto Performance
The built-in dab tool is hard to clean and has an overall detrimental effect on the vapor quality of the Magneto.

Vape Pen Performance: The Magneto only has a single power setting, so it is pretty easy to use for beginners. More experienced vapers who want some temperature regulation will be disappointed though. The only thing you can do is press and release the power button intermittently if you want to keep the temperature somewhere below the maximum. The Magneto can reach a pretty high temperature—and does so pretty quickly—but I can’t tell you what it is since Yocan doesn’t tell you.

The dab tool in the atomizer cover is a nice idea in theory, but in practice it has some problems. It’s shaped like a bell and the wax goes into its mouth when you dip it in your supply. It’s good at holding the wax, but not so good at releasing it. What this means is that you need to hold the Magneto vertically to make sure that the wax drips down onto the atomizer. Even then, some of the wax might be left in the mouth of the dab tool and not vaporize properly.

At least you won’t be wasting too much of your wax since the Magneto is better with small loads than large ones. You’re better off using a normal dab tool and placing your wax directly onto the atomizer.

Vapor Quality: The vapor quality isn’t the best. Most likely because of the single temperature setting, the configuration of the dab tool, the atomizer, or a combination of all those factors. Aside from the relatively average quality of the vapor, the airflow is good at first, but can get clogged really quickly.

Battery Performance: The battery has an 1100 mAh capacity, which means that you can have a few days of moderate vaping before it needs to be recharged.

Yocan Magneto vs Cloud V Flash Vaporizer vs KandyPens Prism

The Flash and the Prism are two other great vape pens in roughly the same price range as the Magneto. The Flash has a large ceramic coil that is far easier to load, and has a much larger capacity, than the one in the Magneto. The Prism includes a ceramic coil and a dual quartz coil, plus it has a glass mouthpiece to help cool down the vapor. The Flash and the Prism both have four voltage settings, but the Magneto has a much larger and longer-lasting battery than they do.

Yocan MagnetoCloud V Flash VaporizerKandyPens Prism
Compatible withWax concentratesWax concentratesWax concentrates
Atomizer TypeCeramicCeramicCeramic + Dual quartz
Number of Voltage/Temperature SettingsOne Four Four
Battery Capacity1100 mAh420 mAh320 mAh
WarrantyThirty daysSix monthsLifetime
Price$60 from Yocan$60 from Vape-Smart$98 from KandyPens

Bottom Line

Yocan magneto
7.5 Total Score
Bottom Line

The Magneto is a disappointment, especially since I know that Yocan can do better. Unfortunately, they missed the mark with this one. The built in dab tool is not well-designed and affects the vapor quality, which is slightly above average. Plus, the single voltage setting is not good enough. The best thing about the Magneto is its high capacity battery.

Who is it for: Beginning vapers who want a simple to use, affordable vape pen. 

Who is it NOT for: Anyone who wants high vapor quality and more voltage options. Vapers who want a low maintenance device. 


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  1. Nice review
    I’ve had similar experiences with the gimmicky built in dan tool
    The best solution I have had to maximize magnetic connections and a cleaner draw, was to use the top part of a Casper magneto with a ceramic coil (I don’t like the taste from a qdc) and the base of the evolve plus/yocan magneto to utilize the storage container. If the casper magneto had the storage jar in the bottom and came with ceramic donuts, it would be the perfect tool.

  2. I was in between getting this one of the Yocan Plus, sounds dont know witch one is better (judging on the con of the tool) but I also wonder how the taste/performance of the PAX3 is for WAX, any input on this?

  3. I’ve been using the evolve plus with the duel quartz coils with wax,oil and butta getting big cloud’s but seemed to go fast..I bought the magnetic coil piece hooked it up took the dab tool which looked like it was not gonna hold close to what I’m used too packed it…I played around with it making sure I was doing what I should be,long story short it has to get real hot to start it smoking and there was no big cloud and if your a daily smoker like me you’ll end up pissed because you will feel like your using a dugout like back in the day after you pack it 2-3 times to get right!! Don’t bother with buying a whole new vape buy the piece and try it first like I did saved me 50.00..or a Gram! ??

  4. I ordered the you con magnet to pen and it doesn’t charge. I called the place I ordered online they are ignoring me. Very upset with your product

  5. Terrible. The coil is junk. The evolve plus is vastly superior. Don’t but this

  6. Ok so i think you might me using the dab tool/cover. I dint fill the cup, the wax is kinda handing off the tip of the dab/tool. Than when i put the cap/dab tool back on the wax is resting on top of the chip thing. And let me tell you i get tremendous clouds.

  7. I too am not a fan with its intended coil. Like most things yocan it is interchangeable with the coil for the evolve plus. The tool is horrible for scooping into the wax, if it is warm from use it will only melt your stash,you have to have a tool to wipe it on the dab tool. I give a thumbs up to not having to unscrew every part to get the wax in. All in all thumbs up

  8. Magneto coils and the stupid dab tool are inferior to the QDC coils, have not tried ceramic donut style yet. If I have to use a magneto miracle B coil because I have no others left then I use my customized magnetic top in which I cut the dab tool off. BEWARE: taking your magneto cap off cold could break your coil as cold wax will be adhered to both coil and dab tool

  9. Bought a Magneto on 12/01/17. By the end of the first week it was ‘acting up’. 12 days after purchase it has quit working altogether. New coil didn’t help. The backlight at the power button stays on continuously. Won’t shut off, heat or anything else. And now Yocan’s website is unavailable. How convenient! Not impressed! Next purchase will be a Cloud pen. At least they’re made in the USA!

  10. My backlight on my magneto won’t turn off. So now I can’t use my vape at all. Any suggestions before I throw it through the window ?

  11. I had a bad experience with mine. Threw it out today. With a full charge, a brand new coil, new load of wax, it would get too hot to touch, but no vapor. Battery was too hot to touch. I was using the 2 second on/off, and am an experienced pen/pipe user. Magento is overpriced, temperamental, and buying expensive replacement coils every couple of weeks made this a bad buy for me. Avoid.

  12. great concept, horrible reliability and zero refunds or replacements. Don’t buy it!!!!!

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