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The Yocan Loaded is a wax vape that includes the standard dual quartz coils as well as more intense quad quartz coils, giving a choice to both casual and hardcore vapers. That should theoretically give it a wider appeal, but the average flavor holds it back. Still, it does have a lot of cool features like a retractable mouthpiece, a chamber that makes switching between coils very simple, and a nice storage container built into the base. These are all great features that can help to make up for any other shortcomings.


$69.99 directly from Yocan

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Vapor Quality
Ease of Use
  • Includes dual quartz and quad quartz coils
  • Coils are very easy to switch out
  • Retractable mouthpiece is a convenient feature
  • Storage container built into the base
  • Long battery life
  • Vapor flavor is just average
  • Short airpath causes harsh vapor
  • Lengthy charge time

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Yocan Loaded Review

Yocan Loaded Background

The Yocan Loaded is a wax vape that seems to be aimed at both beginning extract vapers and experts. That’s because, in addition to the dual quartz coils, it comes with a monster quadruple quartz coil that’s definitely not for newbies.

Normally switching between two different coils would be a pain, but the Loaded has a cool, innovative door built into it that makes exchanging the coils really simple. So, is the Loaded better suited for beginners or experts? Honestly, it’s kind of hard to say, but my Yocan Loaded review is definitely meant for both.

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Contents of its Kit

Yocan Loaded kit

L-R: Instruction manual, dual quartz coil, dab tool, Yocan Loaded, USB charger.

  • Yocan Loaded
  • One dual quartz coil
  • One quad quartz coil
  • One dab tool
  • One USB charger


Yocan Loaded coil chamber

The Loaded has an easily accessible, magnetic chamber where the coils can be switched out.

The Loaded has a similar look to most of the other Yocan vape pens, somewhat chunky with shiny metal on either end. However, this one has a few tricks hidden up its sleeve. And I do mean hidden, since a lot of its design features involve concealment. Let’s start with the mouthpiece, which can be retracted when it’s not in use. That keeps it clean and out of the way, both great for portability, though I wish the mouthpiece were a little longer when extended.

The door that gives you access to the coil chamber is also cool because it makes replacing coils a much simpler procedure than in even the best vape pens. The magnetic door is very secure but is easily opened using a handy, little notch carved into the body of the Loaded. The last (best?) hidden feature is the magnetic wax container in the base of the vape. No longer do you need to fumble around with any external containers, just remember to fill it up before you leave and you’re good.

How it Performs

Yocan Loaded coils

The dual quartz coils of the Loaded (bottom left) are less intense than the quad coils (bottom right).

Like I said, that quad coil is a monster, it hits hard and produces huge clouds. It’s definitely not for newcomers because it’s a little hard on the lungs and throat. For a gentler, more flavorful experience, stick to the dual quartz coil, that’s the case whether you’re a newbie or an expert, though obviously newbies will appreciate it more.

The overall flavor, is mostly just average, though. It’s not bad, but it won’t blow you away, either. The short vapor path means that the vapor is usually pretty hot, even on the lowest of the three preset temperature settings. Precise temperature control would have been preferred, but that probably wouldn’t have been too beginner friendly.

Battery: The battery has a capacity of 1400 mAh, which means that it can go for days without a recharge. A recharge does take about three hours though, so make sure to set some time aside.

The Final Word

The Yocan Loaded is one of the more intense vape pens I’ve tried in a while thanks to the quad coil atomizer, so if you just want intensity, this is the vape for you. If you want convenience, then this is still the vape for you because of great features like easily switchable coils, a retractable mouthpiece, and the built-in storage container.

If you want great flavor too, then you might want to try another vape. The dual quartz coil is better for flavor than the quad quartz coil but that flavor is still just okay. So, is the Yocan Loaded better for beginners or experts? Honestly, both groups have better options, but if you want a simple to use dab pen with a lot of cool, user-friendly features, then this is a decent choice.

Yocan Loaded

A dab pen that features dual quartz and quad quartz coils


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