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The Yocan Dive is a good way for beginners to try concentrate straws for the first time. It is very easy to use, discreet, portable, and produces good vapor. Everything a newcomer to the world of nectar collecting could want. Veterans of this vaping style are likely to be less impressed due to the lack of precise temperature selection and vapor quality that is good, but not great. Even so, the affordability of the Dive makes it a great first choice for beginners.


$59.99 directly from Yocan

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Vapor Quality
Ease Of Use
Design & Features
  • Good vapor quality on the lowest temperature setting
  • Long airpath keeps vapor cool
  • Very easy to use
  • Discreet and portable
  • Fair price tag
  • Higher temperatures produce harsh vapor
  • Lack of precise temperature control

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Yocan Dive Review

Yocan Dive Background

Yocan Dive Kit

The Dive kit includes (L-R): USB charger, Yocan Dive, extra heating coil, coil cover.

The Dive is the latest product from Yocan, makers of inexpensive wax vaporizers, though they occasionally dabble in dry herb. The Dive is different from their usual line-up because it is a nectar collector rather than a vape pen. That means you dip one end into your wax and inhale from the other, instead of placing the wax inside the device like you would with a regular dab pen.

The Dive is an affordable vaporizer that is perfect for beginners who are using nectar collectors—aka concentrate straws or honey straws—for the first time. It’s a decent choice for anyone using wax for the first time, though there are a few caveats. Overall, this is a good wax vape for the money, but it won’t be challenging the best wax vapes for supremacy anytime soon. These types of vapes are becoming more common, but they are still relatively rare, so this Yocan Dive review was pretty fun regardless of what I think of it.

Kit Contents

  • Yocan Dive
  • Two touch coils, aka the nectar collector tips
  • USB charger
  • User manual

Design Details

Yocan Dive

With the coil cap on, the Dive looks very similar to a standard vape pen.

The Dive looks just like an ordinary vape pen at first glance which helps with discretion a little. However, it’s a little girthier than actual vape pens, which doesn’t help with discretion. That’s kind of a moot point though, since it’s pretty difficult to use a concentrate straw in public due to the nature of the device.

The Dive is pretty easy to use but I don’t like the shallow, wide, tapered mouthpiece too much, it doesn’t feel as good as longer, thinner, narrower mouthpieces do. As I said, the Dive is a little thicker than the average vape pen, but that doesn’t hurt portability too much. You can still easily slip it into a pocket, though it might feel a little awkward to some, I didn’t have a problem with it, but then I’m not a skinny jeans kind of guy. If you are, then consider some alternate form of transportation, like a backpack.

Performance Details

Yocan Dive coil

The Dive produces good vapor quality on the lowest temperature setting.

The Dive produces good, but not great, vapor, which is why it is better suited for beginners. It has three temperature settings, low (red light), medium (green light), and high (white light), but Yocan doesn’t tell you the exact number of each of those temperatures. Nonetheless, I find the vapor to have the best flavor on the lowest setting, the two higher settings produce bigger clouds, but also harsher vapor.

The vapor at higher settings may be harsh, but it is never hot because of the long airpath, that design feature is one of the reasons why some people find nectar straws more appealing than vape pens. The battery is a 650 mAh and can last for nearly a week of regular vaping before it needs a recharge, it could possibly last even longer at a more casual vaping rate.

The Final Word

The Yocan Dive is a nectar collector that is perfect for anyone trying that kind of extract vaping for the first time. It’s simple use and relatively mild vapor make it a great choice for beginners. However, its lack of precise temperature selection—or even an indication of what the temperatures are—could discourage veteran vapers.

The affordability of the Dive makes it a good introduction to the world of concentrate straws, though probably not to wax vaping in general. Once users get used to this kind of vaping, they might want to move on to more advanced devices, which makes the Dive more of a stepping stone than a permanent part of your collection.

If you’re interested, then you can get it for $60 directly from Yocan, and don’t forget to use our exclusive Yocan coupon code, TVG10, for a 10% discount.

Yocan Dive

An inexpensive honey straw for beginners


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