Wismec Motiv Review

Wismec Motiv Review

8.7 Total Score
Wismec Motiv Review Bottom Line

The Wismec Motiv is a compact and ergonomically design e-cig device. The elliptic structure of the Motiv will capture everybody's attention. It feels well-made, sturdy and comfortable in your hands. The performance is astoundingly surprising for its price point. Vapor Quality and Flavor are above average perfect for starters and new B in vaping.

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In-Depth Wismec Motiv Review:

Wismec has a new compact e-cig device, designed in California, USA. The Wismec Motiv is a leak-proof device with a 2ml capacity. An all-in-one vaporizer that will attract not just beginners but also enthusiast users.


The Motiv has an elliptic style look that will capture everybody’s attention. The structure is made of stainless steel and it feels well-made and comfortable in your hand. The Motiv measures 132.6mm in height and 29mm in width. The Motiv consist of 5 parts including; the battery, top cap component, atomizer head, decorative cap and the mouthpiece.

Wismec Motiv ComponentsThe Battery

This e-cig features an internal 2ml tank, visible through a window and protected by an exterior sleeve which is all one piece with the internal 2200mAh battery. The battery life of the Motiv is exquisite, compared to other e-cig on its category. You need to refill the tank many times before it drains completely. The Motiv has a battery-life indicator that can be set into different colors; indigo, purple, red, yellow, white, or blue to tell you when the cell should be recharged via USB.

The battery light keeps in red when charging or connecting with USB cable, and goes out when it is fully charged.

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Top Cap Component

The top cap lid of the Motiv has a unique method to replace the atomizer head. It uses Child Lock System to tightly snug the atomizer from the top cap component. Although it’s hard and annoying at first this feature didn’t bother me for it makes the device leak and spit back proof. The Wismec Motiv has a top and restricted airflow which is good for a mouth to lung vaping.

Atomizer Head

The Wismec Motiv provides two coils in the box; the DS Notch Coil head and DS Dual Coil head. Both have rated 0.25ohm with wattage range 25 – 40W and 25 – 60W, respectively. The DS stands for Dual Structure but Wismec didn’t clarify if the coils are made from Kanthal.

wismec-motiv-atomizerDecorative Cap

The cap is made of delrin plastic to make the device aesthetically good looking. You can still use the Wismec Motiv even without the cap and can freely adjust the air flow where you can do mouth to lung vaping.

The mouthpiece

The 510 drip tip mouthpiece of the Wismec Motiv is made of delrin which makes it good to vape and protects you from the hot vapor when taking draws. If you want to, you can use any of your 510 drip tip with this device. Now that’s a PRO

Performance and Vapor Quality

The performance of the Motiv is astoundingly surprising for its price tag. For just under $30 this e-cig feels solid (no rattling), nice to hold due to its stylish design, the vapor quality is clean and the flavor is above average for its price point. The air flow ring is easy to open and close valve but lacks tuning which will be a CON for this device.

The restrictive air flow of this device is smooth but still restricted to massive cloud chasing. So to those vapers who loves massive air flow I think this device is not for you. The Motiv has no pass-through vaping and no replacement glass tube. Bad news, for those clumsy vapers, you need to be sure not to break the glass of else, you end up purchasing a new one.

The Vape Guide Recommends the Wismec Motiv for:

Those who are new B in vaping. It’s an all-in-one vaporizer that will satisfy a lot of vapers. The elliptic design of this device feels really good in your hands and I really like its ergonomic look. For more choices, you can check out my 10 Best Vape Mods of this year. We have made the research for you.

Where to buy the Wismec Motiv

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Wismec Motiv Starter Kit

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  1. Reply
    Gladys November 14, 2016 at 1:22 pm

    I bought one of these not impressed at all get red hot also when you turn it anticlock wise which is lowest you still carnt vapour it is to hot taste like burning rubber how else can you reduce power

  2. Reply
    Gladys November 14, 2016 at 1:27 pm

    Not impressed gets to hot turn anti clock wise which is at its lowest taste like burning rubber how else can you reduce air flow

  3. Reply
    Erran April 25, 2017 at 9:02 am

    Replacing coils is damn near impossible. Burns hot. Not for people who like to inhale to mouth then lung. But let me be clear… Changing the coil; is the most difficult of any vape i have ever used. It’s basically garbage after the first coil is spent. What a mess.

  4. Reply
    Paulo June 7, 2017 at 3:23 pm

    I think its design is awesome and bought 2 of them.

    Unfortunately, they are about to go to the dustbin.

    Coils burn quickly in less than 3 days however careful you are.

    If you open the air they don’t even last one single day, so you must keep air closed at all times.

    Pity they don’t use better cotton or better alternative materials. They only have one 0.25Ohm coil in two versions.

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