What is a Vaporizer?

New to Vaping? Not sure where to start? Want to get to know the different types of Vaporizers available? What is a Vaporizer anyway? Why do people use Vaporizers?

If you are looking for the answer to any of these questions read on, this is a beginners guide to Vaporizers and Vaping in general. It will give you an idea of what type of vaporizer right for you, and what options are available.

what is a vaporizerFirst, what is a Vaporizer?

Going by the dictionary definition, a vaporizer is a device that vaporizes the essential ingredients of a substance so that it can be inhaled without the harmful or the non-essentials parts.  This process minimizes the release carcinogens because it simply heats the substance to a threshold where it releases only the desired elements.  As there is no combustion taking place, substances like tar and carbon monoxide are not released and the user able to keep their harmful effects at bay.

Vaporizers have been in use for a long time in the medical world. Doctors use them to get the instant effect on medicines and also to administer anesthesia to patients.  However, with time vaporizers have found their use in other aspects of daily life. Uses of Vaporizers include health or recreational use, and you can find a wide variety of vaporizers in the marketplace.

Broadly speaking the main two types of Vaporizers can be classified as:

  1. Dry Herb and Plant Material Vaporizers
  2. e-Liquid / Vape juice Vaporizers

dry herb vaporizer1. Dry Herb and Plant Material Vaporizers

Dry Herb vaporizers can further be segregated into these main types-

Portable VS Desktop Vapes,   While the portable ones come with an inbuilt battery, the desktop variety is generally bigger in size and can only be used with an external power source.  The portable variety (includes Pen Style Vapes) is small in size, easy to use and can be carried in the pocket of your trousers.  However, if you are looking for a durable device that gives you a lot of options in terms of functionality and performance, the desktop variety will provide a more powerful Vaping sessions.

Dry Herb VS Wax / Concentrates Vapes, Herbal Vaporizers are often compatible with either Dry Herb Material or Concentrated Wax and Oils. Some Vaporizers in this category can do both, sometimes with the use of extra Tanks/ Chambers/ Coils.

Conduction VS Convention-

Conduction Vaporizers:  This is the method of heating the herb or plant by bringing it in contact with something that is already hot.  In this process, the essential elements are released in the form of vapor which the user can inhale.  However, there are certain drawbacks of this process that does not make it an efficient vaporizing technique.  It only vaporizes the essential oils of the material that comes in direct contact with the hot object leaving the rest of the material unused.  If the heat is increased to vaporize the untouched material, it may lead to combustion thereby defeating the whole purpose of using a vaporizer.

Convection Vaporizers: Convection is a more sophisticated and efficient vaporizing method in which hot air is blown over the matter.  This process, heats up the whole plant matter equally and evenly thereby releasing the essential elements more consistently in the form of vapor.  Additionally, the plant matter is also used more efficiently.  However, vaporizers that use this technique are a bit on the expensive side since it takes an advanced technology to maintain air temperature.

e liquid vaporizer2. e-Liquid / Vape juice Vaporizers

The second type of Vaporizers is what previously was referred to as Electronic Cigarettes. What started as a small but heavy device that looks like a cigarette and is used as alternative nicotine intake method, has developed to a huge variety of Vaporizers that can Vape Oil and Various liquids aka as Vape Juice/ e Liquid/ E Juice.

The Liquid is usually made of a formula that contains various amounts of PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin) and Flavorings. E-Liquids also come with or without nicotine, of with different levels of nicotine strength (between .3% and 2.4%).

Types of Vaporizers in this category are-

vape pen vs box mod

Vape Pen vs Box Mod

Vaporizer Pens VS Vape Mods, Vape pens are just what the name implies- a pen-shaped device, with a liquid tank on top. Box Mods are more advanced typically provide more power, and much more professional Vaping sessions. If you are looking for huge clouds of Vapor, Vape Mods is the way to go. Mods are usually bigger and have replaceable batteries and rebuildable tanks for a more robust session.

More about Portable VS Desktop Vaporizers:

portable vs desktop vaporizer

Portable Electric Vaporizer: as the name implies, portable Vaporizers can easily be used on the go and have an internal power source.  It is small in size, easy to carry and is made up of glass.  It has an inbuilt heating system that is powered by a battery and usually do not require and skill to operate; the battery and the intelligent system of the vaporizer do it for you.  Simply ignite and enjoy aromatic vapor anywhere, anytime.

Electronic Desktop Vaporizer: Desktop vaporizers are generally much bigger than their hand held counterparts and offer a lot more in terms of functionality and durability.  They require to be plugged in to an electric outlet in order to operate.  You can choose a number of features in them including different forms of vapor dispersion, fast heating, temperature control and the ability to use for longer durations.  Desktop Vaporizers are often compatible with whip kits, water attachments and balloon bags.  Also, you usually have to shell out more money on these devices.  But it might be worth spending the extra cash for the sophistication, comfort and rich experience these vaporizers offer. If all need a Home Vaporizer, and portability is not an issue for you, Desktop is the way to go.

Final Words:

These are some of the salient features that you can expect from the vaporizers available in the marketplace.  Some manufacturers also cater to your individual tastes and requirements and offer highly customized device.   All this information notwithstanding, you must consider one fact before buying a vaporizer – quality comes at a price.  This is a relatively new technology and is fast evolving.  So, while buying a product never compromise on the quality of the material used.  If it is a glass product, make user that the glass used is of approved standard.  The plastics and electronics used in the devices should be of high standard.  Your safety is pivotal to the whole functionality of the vaporizer; so make sure that your device conforms to the most stringent norms in user safety.

Go for a vaporizer and go for the best one – that will pay off on the long run..

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