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The Latest Erigs reviewed by our team

Dr Dabber XS KK

The Dr. Dabber XS is available as a standard package ($160) or as the limited edition Khalifa Kush Edition ($250). Both rigs perform the same, but the KK version adds a fun factor with a Thermo-reactive shell and carry bag, so they change colors as exposed to heat, which gives them personality and character. Regardless of aesthetics, the XS is a super-capable dab rig that has a "sports car" vibe to it. This is probably the best dab rig for beginners these days.

New Puffco Peak Pro

The New Peak Pro continues the legacy of the outgoing version and strengthens Puffcos lead in the Concentrate world. It provides an unparalleled experience that is appealing to total beginners and the most advanced pros. The 3D intelligent chamber keeps a precise temperature in the coil, and the extract tastes fresh throughout the entire session. You can use the preset heating profiles or use the app for deep customization, but either way, the new Peak Pro is as good as dabbing gets.

Yocan Phaser Max

The Yocan Phaser Max is an ergonomic eRig compatible with wax/dab. It features a small bubbler, RGB lights, an OLED display, and precise temperature control between 400-750F. The vaporizer is comfortable to hold and use. It uses TGT coils, which are hard to clean and lack real temperature control. Despite this, the vapor quality is better than its counterpart, the Celestial, and is reasonable for its $160 price tag.

Yocan Black Celestial

Yocan Black Celestial is an eRig compatible with wax/dab. It stands out with its spherical base and pyramid-shaped glass bubbler. However, it uses TGT coils which are hard to clean and lack real temperature control, leading to a subpar vapor quality. The device burns wax too quickly and produces harsh vapor. Despite its unique design, it falls short in performance compared to other products like the Yocan MAX. It has a cool design but falls short on performance.

Yocan Pillar

The Yocan Pillar is a simple, straightforward extract vaporizer. It has adjustable airflow, three temp settings, and a simple interface. It comes with two coils and while the vapor quality is not top notch, it is better than eRigs in the same price range. For around $100 you can't get much better than the Pillar.

Ooze Electro Barrel

The Ooze Electro Barrel e-rig offers a compact, user-friendly design powered by a C-Core Onyx Atomizer with an azul ceramic dish. Key features include adjustable temperature settings, a 2000mAh battery, safe sesh cycles, and pass-through charging. Designed for optimal heat distribution, it ensures flavorful hits with minimal residue. The device is easy to start, use, and clean, with replacement parts available. Priced at $68, it's a budget-friendly alternative to pricier models, ideal for both novices and experienced users seeking potent hits on the go.

Utillian 8

The Utillian 8 is a simple-to-use eRig that provides great value for the price. It is a good-looking Rig with premium features such as a 3D Chamber, a long-lasting 3100mAh battery, a Zirconia carb cap with a built-in dab tool, and USB-C charging. The vapor quality is not as good as the Puffco Peak Pro, but it is also half the price. If you're a beginner looking for a mid-tier Rig, this is a good choice and has a high price/performance ratio.

Kind Pen The Don

The Don is a fully functioning dab rig - packed into a sleek and very-portable vape. It features a swiveling glass mouthpiece, a temperature range of 320°F – 800°F for precise dabbing, coil-less heating, a removable quartz cup, and unique self-contained water filtration.


The XMAX Qomo is an inexpensive, micro E-rig with a built-in water bubbler, a ceramic cup chamber with three temperature settings, an LED light indicator, and a 1350mAh battery that charges via USB-C. It's probably one of the smallest all-in-one e-Rigs we've ever tested, and so far, the easiest one to use.

Dr. Dabber Switch

The Switch is currently on the frontlines of vaping technology and it’s anything but subtle - constructed with premium materials and sporting a loud and flashy design. The Switch is a show stopper. It is everything you would expect if you decided to shell out $400 on a single device. It features cutting-edge induction heating with dual compatibility (Extracts + Dry Herb). The resulting vapor is rich, flavorful, and well worth its price tag. It is easily the best Dab rig of this year.

Linx Apollo

The Apollo is a well-made, sturdy wax vaporizer/ eNail hybrid that is the best of both worlds. The included glass bubbler is uniquely and artfully designed although not the most discreet. The device features smart heating technology, several pre-set heat modes, and Linx’s signature quartz atomizer, this device allows you to really taste and experience your material – without wasting it.

Boost EVO

The Boost EVO is another release from the famed brand: Dr. Dabber. It also features the brand’s signature ergonomic deep center curve and LED lights. All of the EVO’s components are magnetically secured, making cleaning and assembly a breeze. One of its most notable performance features is the integrated temperature sensor that ensures that the atomizer does not overheat. The EVO is a simple, yet well-performing dab rig, and it might just be a new crowd favorite from Dr. Dabber.

Vista Mini 2

The Vista Mini 2 definitely lives up to its namesake- it’s one of the smallest and most portable dab rigs on the market to date. It features a replaceable atomizer, four pre-set temperature levels, and wireless charging. It may not be the most powerful device, but the vapor quality is definitely far above average. Its straightforward user interface is appealing to beginners who are looking for their first dab rig but find others too complex or expensive.

G-Pen Roam

The G Pen Roam is a portable concentrate vaporizer that features a unique self-contained water filtration tube that results in cool & pure vapor. This is an unusual feature in any portable vaporizer but is especially interesting in a wax vape. A lot of thought and creativity went into designing and engineering this vape. The Roam is a dab rig packed into a vape that can fit in your palm.

Leaf Buddi Wuukah

The Leaf Buddi Wuukah is a portable dab rig with unique features that make it stand out. It gives you three different nails, precise temperature control, and a big, cool-looking LED screen. It’s perfect for anyone who has ever wanted more customization choices in their portable rig.

KandyPens Oura

The KandyPens Oura is a portable dab-rig constructed with zinc alloy and sports a design that has curves and edges that make the entire device slightly reminiscent of an art piece. Featuring four preset temperature levels (capping off at 800°F). Its kit also comes with the option to choose between ceramic or quartz atomizers, further allowing you to have better control of the already terrific overall vapor quality. Ergonomic and well designed, the Oura is a premium vape that performs at par with its price.

Pulsar RöK Review

The RöK is a uniquely-designed versatile dab rig that can vape both wax and dry herb. It has an inverted design which means the water bubbler is used as a base and features a disc percolator that further filters the vapor. It also has 3 temp settings that range from 680-850°F and features a sesh mode which some vapers might find useful.

Focus V Carta

I’ve enjoyed all the portable dab rigs I’ve tried so far and the Focus V Carta is no exception. It has the superfast heat time and great flavor I expected. But it goes a few steps further and adds a smartphone app and removable batteries. But, possibly best of all, is the fact that it costs less than the competition.

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  • Is it ergonomically designed so that it feels good to hold?
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  • How many sessions can you get per charge?
  • What type of connection does it use, i.e. micro USB, wall adapter, etc.?
  • Is the battery removable or fixed?
  • Can it be used while it recharges?
  • How much does the vaporizer cost?
  • Is the price justified by the quality and performance of the vaporizer?
  • Is the vaporizer worth more or less than the listed price?

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