Latest Dab Straw Reviews

The Latest Dab Straws reviewed by our team

Yocan Black Phaser Arc

The Yocan Black Phaser Arc is a comfortable, ergonomic eRig for wax/dab, retailing at $100. It operates as a dab straw, dipping the coil into the extract container. It features a trigger activation button, RGB lights, and an OLED screen. Despite not being the cheapest, it stands out for its quality and intuitive design, making it a top choice among similar devices.


The Xmas Fyra is the "Swiss army knife" of vaporizers with triple functional (carts, wax, herb) and a built in water bubbler. The vapor quality was good with all three methods, but especially with wax & extract. The "dab straw" style of the vape works efficiently with very little waste of wax.

Ooze Booster

A compact, user-friendly vaporizer offering a high-quality vaping experience. Features variable voltage, excellent flavor, strong vapor production, and a durable design. Ideal for both beginners and seasoned vapers.

Releafy Slidr Kit

The Releafy Slidr vaporizer is a compact and discreet device that is perfect for on-the-go use. It has a sleek and stylish design, and is easy to operate with a single button control. The Slidr is compatible with concentrates, and features a Quartz heating tip that provides a smooth and flavorful vapor. The device also has a long battery life, allowing for extended use before needing to be recharged. Overall, the Releafy Slidr is a reliable and high-quality vaporizer that offers a convenient and enjoyable vaping experience.

Kandypens Oculus

The KandyPens Oculus is the brand's first Honey Straws and in true KandyPens fashion, it goes beyond basic by also having the Oculus glass water bubbler built right in. Water filters vapor, rids it of impurities- so you get only the cleanest, most flavorful results. It also features a unique design, a zinc-alloy main body, a single-button operation, a quartz mesh tip, and is powered by a 500mAh battery that charges via USB-C.

Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus

The Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus is an ergonomically designed portable Honey Straw that showcases the brand's expertise in glass. It features a glass vapor path, a removable glass mouthpiece, a see-through quartz tip, variable voltage, and dual-use modes. Powered by a 650mAh battery and charges quickly via USB-C. Priced at $43, it's a mid-range Honey Straw that's well worth it.


The Yocan Loki is a beginner-friendly Honey Straw, with an XTAL tip, variable voltage, a 650mAh battery, USB-C charging, and a Zinc + Aluminum Alloy body. There's a lot of freedom of choice with the Loki; cold or hot dabs, three pre-set temperatures, and two use modes to choose from: on demand and session mode.

Terp Pen & Terp Pen XL

The Terp Pen XL is an upgraded version of the original Terp pen that was released in 2019. They essentially function in the same ways, as a draw-activated Honey Straw that can also be used as an eRig for smaller stemmed water pipes. For devices that are well below $100, these Terp Pens are a great device that makes it easy for anyone to vape concentrates on the go.

Yocan Dive Mini

The Dive Mini features a dual functionality which means that aside from using it as a normal vape pen, you can use the concentrate straw to dab directly onto your wax. It also comes with an additional mouthpiece with a water bubbler which works great on both modes since it makes the vapor less harsh and bearable for first-timers. It produces above-average vapor and flavor but not comparable to high-end vapes. Even so, for a $45 vape, this is a suitable choice for beginners and intermediate users.

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What we consider in our reviews

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  • How potent is the vapor?
  • Is the vapor cool and smooth or hot and harsh?
  • How dense are the vapor clouds?
  • Is the design of the vaporizer distinct or interesting?
  • Is it ergonomically designed so that it feels good to hold?
  • Are the controls are easy to access?
  • If it’s a handheld vaporizer, how portable-friendly is it?
  • Does the vaporizer have any unique features that make it stand out?
  • Are those features actually useful or are they gimmicky?
  • Does the vaporizer have a smartphone app and is it useful?
  • Do you need the app to access any of the vaporizer’s features or can they be accessed on the device itself?
  • What kinds of materials are used in the vaporizer?
  • How often do the parts need to be replaced?
  • Are the components sturdy or do they break easily?
  • Longevity & Brand reputation
  • If it’s a dry herb vaporizer, what type of heating method does it use?
  • How long does it take to heat up?
  • Does it have precise temperature/voltage control or does it use presets?
  • What is the temperature/voltage range, or what are the temperature/voltage settings?
  • What type of material is the oven made of?
  • What is the size of the oven/ chamber?
  • What is included in the kit?
  • Does the kit have all the tools you need to get started?
  • Are there any optional accessories?
  • Is the setup simple or complicated?
  • How easy is it to load & operate?
  • Is the draw resistance of the vaporizer high or low?
  • Is it easy to clean the device?
  • How often do you need to clean it?
  • Are any cleaning accessories included in the kit?
  • How easy or difficult is it to access or replace parts of the device?
  • How long does the battery last?
  • How long does the battery take to recharge?
  • How many sessions can you get per charge?
  • What type of connection does it use, i.e. micro USB, wall adapter, etc.?
  • Is the battery removable or fixed?
  • Can it be used while it recharges?
  • How much does the vaporizer cost?
  • Is the price justified by the quality and performance of the vaporizer?
  • Is the vaporizer worth more or less than the listed price?

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