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The V-Nail by Vaporite is a sturdy desktop vaporizer that is made of high-quality metal. With temperature settings up to 800 degrees and remote control, the Vaporite has everything we expect from a high-end desktop vape.

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Vaporite V-Nail Design

The design of the Vaporite V-Nail Vaporizer is simple and gives it the look of a no-nonsense vaping device.  Its outer body is made of quality metal which makes the V-Nail one of the sturdiest desktop vaporizers available in the marketplace. The digital display is well paced and is large enough to be read from a distance. You can operate the device with the simple controls and also get a remote with the device to operate it from a distance. The overall design of the V-Nail is sleek but sturdy.  So, having a V-Nail Dab in the house is akin to driving an SUV on the road.

vaporite-v-nailUsing the V-Nail Dab Vaporizer

The V-Nail Dab Vape is a high-end desktop vaporizer that offers a lot of convenience to the user.  It comes with a quartz dish that ensures the purest vapor even at high temperatures.  The flat V-Nail heater heats up your material evenly and the big 16mm dish makes sure that you get long and fulfilling vaping sessions.  You get a wide range of temperatures that you can select digitally to personalize your vaping experience.  Its digital display shows both the current as well as the set temperature.

Using this elegant vaping device is simple and easy. Simply load the material on the quartz dish, set the temperature and you are good to go.  The vaporizer gets vapor ready within no time and you can pull big draws instantly.  The amount of vapor the V-Nail produces is humungous and the flavor remains nice all through the vaping session.  The best thing about this vaporizer is that it offers the most versatile temperature settings with the upper limit as high as 800 degrees. Its remote control lets you enjoy your vaping without getting up or leaving the company of your friends.  The auto-standby feature adds to the safety of users and also saves the precious power.

V-Nail Vaping Experience

The V-Nail is a sturdy performer that has been specially designed to give you an unmatched vaping experience every time you use it.  The amount of vapor it produces is comparable to the best of desktop vaporizers.  But what makes the V-Nail a unique desktop vaporizer is the consistency of flavor it offers from the start to the end of every session.  You will never lose the slightest of flavor while vaping with this device.  For best results turn the vaporizer off for about five minutes after every 20 minutes of usage.

V-Nail Warranty

The V-Nail comes with a limited lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship. To activate warranty, first validate the product and then register for warranty within 7 days of purchase. The Vaporite lifetime warranty applies only to Vaporite electronic components and does not apply to Vaporite E-liquid tanks or wax or herb chamber or accessories. The Limited Warranty does not apply to normal performance degradation of batteries.

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