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Vaporin Minimax Pro Preview ↓

Vaporin has new kids on the block. An e-cig a size of a key chain great for CBD and e-Liquids. Although I don’t have much to say about it yet. This device can handle 0.5ml of juice with VV functionality, all for $40.

As soon as I get my hands-on on this device, I will work on my review right away (Vaporin Minimax Pro Released Date is still Tentative), so check back soon for updates, and in the meantime check out my top picks for e-cigarettes of 2017.

Vaporin Minimax Pro Feature

  • 0.5ml Tank
  • Switchable Action
  • Great for CBD and e-Liquids
  • Variable Voltage Functionality
  • Preheat Setting
  • Perfect Key Chain Accessory
  • MSRP: $40

Stay tuned for the full Vaporin Minimax Pro Review

Release Date: Coming Soon!

Available at: Vape-Smart

Stay tuned for the full Vaporin Minimax Pro Review

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