VaporFi Bites e-Liquid Review

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Rich vanilla ice cream drizzled with a smooth caramel sauce. What more could you ask for? ūüôā

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VaporFi Bites e-Liquid Review Bottom Line

Max VG! Bites is a cloud machine and a very enjoyable vape flavor, all in one package. VaporFi sure is on a roll being creative with their juice lines. This is for the vapers who love ice cream or any sweet e-liquid flavor and produce massive vapor at the same time.

Best Deal: Buy the VaporFi Bites e-Liquid at VaporFi

VaporFi Bites e-Liquid Review:

Another beautiful creation from VaporFi! Bites e-Liquid¬†is one of their specialty blended juices like the Slushy Juice and Shortcake. A premium blend¬†juice at an affordable price point, I hope they make more of these “one of a kind” blends because I simply love them! VaporFi is consistent with being on the top tier of e-liquids of 2016!

VaporFi Bites Features:

The e-liquid comes in a fancy ice cream pint container which they call “Collector’s Cup” and the juice itself is presented in a clear glass dropper bottle with two size options. Bites e-liquid¬†is advertised as a Max VG juice, which usually means, 80%-99% VG base. You’ll be able to produce thick and huge clouds while enjoying its excellent flavor!

  • Bottle Size: 30ml / 60ml
  • Nicotine levels: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg
  • PG / VG: Max VG

VaporFi Bites Flavor:

Vanilla Caramel Swirl (vanilla ice cream drizzled with caramel and a hint of bavarian cream) –¬†Since this juice is Max VG, we expect a very smooth vape with a barely noticeable throat hit depending on the nicotine content. As you take in the vapor into your lungs, you will immediately taste the richness of vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce. Right after enjoying the inhale, a slight hint of bavarian cream will creep in your taste buds on the exhale.

The Vape Guide Recommends the VaporFi Bites for:

We recommend the Bites by VaporFi to all vapers who is looking for a nice sweet ice cream flavor and can produce a lot of vapor. For beginners, we suggest Max VG e-liquids be used with a good vape mod and dripping or sub-ohm atomizers because this juice is very thick, and you may need some practice or guidance to make them wick properly with a rebuildable tank atomizer.

We recommend buying directly from VaporFi.

VaporFi Bites e-Liquid

For the sweet tooth and cloud chaser inside of you.


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