VaporFi Atom Review

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The VaporFi Atom dry herb Vaporizer is the newest flagship vaporizer from VaporFi. Loaded with three different temp control settings; this device also uses motion sensing technology to check the status of the battery life. The VaporFi Atom has 3000mAh battery so you don't have to worry on when this device will drain and expect more features from this high-end vaporizer by VaporFi.

Recommended store: Buy directly from VaporFi Official Store.

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In-Depth VaporFi Atom Review:

The VaporFi Atom is VaporFi’s newest dry herb vaporizer in the block. In this review, we will further strip down why this device is the newest benchmark vaporizer from VaporFi.

Design and Performance

The VaporFi Atom boast their new dry herb vaporizer as the most powerful and consistent way to vape your dry herb material. The pocket-friendly design is made for functionality and convenient to use.

VaporFi Atom Temp Indicator

The VaporFi Atom has a temperature range from 360°F – 464°F / 182°C – 240°C and features a single click activation system in its firing button to choose from three temperature options with varying LED lights to communicate its temperature:

  • Blue represents 360°F
  • Yellow represents 410°F
  • and Red indicates 464°F
vaporfi atom review

VaporFi Atom chamber and magnetic oven lid

A large ceramic heating chamber located at the bottom of the device allows extended sessions with less time repacking and more time enjoying. Due to the location of the heating chamber, air runs freely in the stainless steel airpath making great tasting vapor as you take a draw in its food graded mouthpiece. So you can experience a nontoxic, odorless, and environmental friendly vapor. That’s what you expect from a high-end vaporizer by VaporFi.

Stylish and modern, the Atom blends in with my other gadgets ?

Stylish and modern, the Atom blends in with my other gadgets ?

An advanced chipset employs sophisticated hardware protecting overcharging, over-discharging, and providing comprehensive safety protection for users. The VaporFi Atom features a motion sensing technology same intuitive technology use by other high-end vaporizers like Pax 3. Its battery life indicator allows you to shake the device to view its battery life status:

  • Green Light indicates Full Battery
  • Yellow Light indicates Partial Battery
  • Red Light indicates Low Battery
  • Other LED temperature indicator includes Purple Light for heating up and White Light when ready to use

VaporFi Atom Battery IndicatorThis device contains a 3000mAh battery so you can vape it with no worries on when this device will drain. Unfortunately, this device has no pass-through feature so you can’t use it while charging via USB. It also features a life preservation feature which allows the Atom to go into standby mode when 30 seconds has gone with no use.


Although this device is not that slim and not that good-looking compared to other vaporizers in its category. Its performance and vapor quality is phenomenal. Compact and pocket-friendly device with motion sensing technology make it a high-end vaporizer from VaporFi.

Where to buy the VaporFi Atom

I recommend purchasing the VaporFi Atom Vaporizer directly from VaporFi. Buying from the manufacturer is always the safest option.



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  1. Reply
    James November 24, 2016 at 2:06 am

    Just ordered the Atom, I’m excited! I’m new to vaping, if I pack this chamber fully, about how many puffs can I expect and how do I know when its all used up? I assume the lowest temp is best to start off for this one? Thank you

  2. Reply
    Michael December 21, 2016 at 10:38 am

    This is a great looking device, thank you for the review. Could you let me know how it holds up after a month or 2 of use?

  3. Reply
    Leo G Zugner June 26, 2017 at 10:15 pm

    My atom died after 4 months. They wouldn’t do anything but give me a discount on another one. No way. Their tech support is someone reading from the manual. Made in China.

  4. Reply
    Anne Persico October 12, 2017 at 8:21 pm

    Leo, I’m on my 3rd VaporFi Product. First, I got the Orbit. It has a sleek design and got good reviews. I loved it. After just under a year, it simply stopped working. It would show a full charge, but then when I’d unplug it, it would simply turn off. I decided to just replace it and I went back to the website and saw they had a new product, the Atom. I had $20 in rewards so the price was the same. I bought the Atom. Again, I love it! I had it for less than a month and the same thing happened – it showed charged, but then would just blink and shut off when I turned it on. I contacted the company and they were very nice and said that if I sent them the product, they’d look at it and if it was faulty, they’d send me a new one. Well, a few days later, I got a brand new unit. That was in the middle of July. It’s now the middle of October and once again, the unit shows a full charge, but then when I turn it on, it blinks a bunch of times and turns off.

    I have learned my lesson. The vape is great. Its battery sucks in a major way.

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