Vaporesso Nebula Review

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Vaporesso Nebula Review

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Vaporesso Nebula is a powerful and easy to use TC Box Mod. It can be powered by one 26650 battery or 18650 battery with removable adaptor sleeve. Built-in OMNI Board allows the user to use various working modes: Smart VW,CCW, VT (Ni200/SS/Ti), CCT, TCR, and Bypass mode. It also features multi-protection functions for maximum battery life.

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Vaporesso Nebula Review:

Vaporesso is back with a new mod on the line, I’m talking about the Vaporesso Nebula ($69.90 from Heaven Gifts). The Nebula was inspired and much more like an updated box mod of the Target Pro by Vaporesso. Still, has the same main features with a little bit of an update but different body chassis. Let’s find out if this box mod has a place on my best vape mods this year.

First Impression

The Nebula is powered by one 26650 battery with a maximum wattage of 100W. But the Nebula is also applicable with 18650 battery which provides up to 80W of power only. The ergonomic design of its battery handle has a rubberized finish so gripping this mod makes it convenient and easy. The futuristic gun metal look of the Vaporesso Nebula makes it aesthetically beautiful in every corner.


Vaporesso Nebula has a sliding battery door that is fully furnished with rubberize coating.

With a dimension size of 82mm x 48mm x 32mm, the Nebula sure is a tiny box mod. Just a little taller from its Lithium-ion battery.


OMNI Board Chipset

Just like other Vaporesso products such as the Target Pro and Attitude Mod to name a few. It features an OMNI Board which allows the user to move with ease between Smart VW or Temp Control vaping, even offering bypass mode, and the advanced CCT and CCW modes which customize settings to squeeze every bit of your build tanks.


The OMNI board chip can supply you with 6 output modes: Smart VW, CCW, VT (Ni200/SS/Ti), CCT, TCR, and Bypass mode. These modes can be applicable for almost any kind of coils you’re using.


An advanced setting to VW is the CWW (Customized Curve of Wattage). You could actually customize the curve of the output wattage, according to its respective second, up and down in a pattern with this setting. You can set the wattage output of your every second vaping which minimizes ramp up time and maximize pleasure.


An advanced setting to VT is the CCT (Customized Curve of Temperature). Have you been upset that the 1st few drags are not hot enough? Have you ever been burnt after vaping for a while? The CCT setting addresses those issues and gives you a customizable vaping experience. With the CCT, you could have your 1st few drags at higher temp, and then automatically lower it so there’s no risk of over-heating.

Smart VW:

But what I love about the OMNI board is its Smart VW mode. For it will automatically recommend you the ideal output wattage for your tank. I think this feature is an ideal for new use tanks because you haven’t still figure out the best wattage to vape it, right? Although sometimes the recommended wattage may not be the perfect one, at least its a good starting point, and from there you can just play and test the best wattage for your tank. It’s easy to adjust and it takes less effort.


0.69″ OLED Scree Display with OMNI Board Chipset

It also features multi-protection functions for maximum battery life such as Low Voltage Protection, Output Short Circuit Protection, Low Resistance Protection, Overheating Protection, Current Protection, Load Protection, Timeout Protection, and Anti-Loaded Battery Protection.

Where to buy the Vaporesso Nebula TC Box Mod:

Vaporesso Nebula TC Box Mod is still on the pre-order list in some major stores. I recommend purchasing it from Heaven Gifts. They have one of the largest selection of e-cigs with 24-hours Shipping and Fast Shipping methods. Customer Satisfaction guarantee.

Vaporesso Nebula TC Box Mod

Buy the Vaporesso Nebula TC Box Mod from Heaven Gifts. Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

$69.90 $87.38



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