Vaping THC Extracts and Concentrates

You’ve heard the buzz, you’ve seen the news–but you’re still not sure what vaping THC concentrates actually means? You’re definitely not the only one that can’t wrap their head around those fancy little devices and the sticky goo that goes into them.

While concentrates and extract vaporizers may seem foreign to you–we are here to set you straight on why so many people consider this the best method for getting high.

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THC Extracts Vaping: How it Works

The evolution of THC extract vaporizers has improved the experience of using THC concentrates. These extracts are CO2 oil and Butane Hash Oil (BHO), known respectively as oil and wax. Wax pens or E-nails are the best way for recreational and medicinal cannabis users to reap their benefits. THC concentrates are produced using advanced chemical processes which extracts the cannabinoids from the marijuana plant matter. This leaves only a sticky, concentrated substance appropriately called concentrate.

Vaping wax with a dab pen or e-Nail is the gold-standard in using extracts because it induces a clear, clean high,  and does not produce any smokeExtract vaporizers heat wax and oil to critical temperatures causing the release of potent compounds like THC and CBD. Those compounds elicit the desirable pain and anxiety relieving effects that marijuana is known for. The heat atomizes the concentrate, producing flavorful, potent vapor. Extracts are the undisputed front-runner when it comes to potency. Marijuana wax and oil usually contains about 80% THC compared to top-shelf dry herb, with a mere 20%.

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Vaping THC extract is preferable to smoking marijuana because it offers more convenience and relative safety because of the lack of combustion. Vaporizers are more convenient because they tend to be small and inconspicuous, require less preparation and offer more portability than smoking marijuana does. THC concentrate vaporizers do not use combustion to ignite the marijuana which prevents the formation of toxic substances created when smoking.

Vaporization also implies that vaporizers produce little to no marijuana scent and no smoke, though, as the name suggests, they do produce vapor that quickly dissipates. Vaping THC concentrates also produces a stronger and purer high than smoking does. Overall, vaping THC extract is the best method for users who value convenience, their health, and want the purest high available.

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Vape pens and e-nails are the two kinds of extract vaporizers available, each of which is a viable option for vapers. Vape pens are the smaller and more convenient of the two and are about the same size as a pen but with a wider circumference.

Vape pens consist of five components: the battery to power the device; the chamber to store the wax or oil; the atomizer that vaporizes the concentrate; buttons to control the device; a mouthpiece for inhalation of the vapor. Vape pens offer convenience and discretion at an affordable price.

E-nails are complex devices that lack the portability and convenience of vape pens but provide a purer vaping experience. This is facilitated via the titular nail which is a device used to heat the concentrate at a consistent temperature during each vaping session.

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The coil is the part of the vaporizer used to heat up the extract and comes in either ceramic or quartz forms. Ceramic coils feature strong abrasion resistance, high elasticity, and a tolerance for very high temperatures. They take approximately 20-30 seconds to heat up and conserve the aroma and flavor of the wax concentrate better than quartz. Their high temperature resistance means that longer and deeper drags are necessary when using a vaporizer with ceramic coils. Ceramic coils are also easier to clean than quartz coils.

Quartz coils heat up faster than ceramic coils do and produce more vapor. The larger vapor production means that shorter draws produce larger hits, making vaporizers with quartz coils slightly easier to use. However, the vapor tends to be less flavorful than the vapor produced by ceramic. The strength and thickness of the vapor can be increased by increasing the number of coils. When choosing a vaporizer it is important to consider the type of coil used to know if that vaporizer is the right one for you.

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Vape pens are designed to be convenient so it is generally easy to learn how to use them quickly; nevertheless, there are a few tips and precautions beginners should know about. The first step is to make sure that the vaporizer’s battery is fully charged. The next step is to prepare the wax concentrate and the accessories needed to load the wax into the heating chamber. The wax should then be placed into the chamber with care being taken to avoid overfilling it. For users who do not want to go through this process, pre-filled cartridges are available.

The vaporizer should then be turned on and the temperature set to the user’s preference. Lower temperatures produce more flavor while higher temperatures produce stronger hits. Once the preparation is complete the vaporizer is ready to use; most vaporizers require users to hold down the power button while inhaling but it is advisable to continue inhaling even after releasing the power button because the coil is still hot. Another important tip is to leave the vaporizer upright until it cools down so that the liquefied wax can solidify. Since concentrates are powerful, new users should be careful in their initial session and after each session the vaporizer should be carefully cleaned and stored.

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If you are new to the world of vaping concentrates then there are a few factors to take into consideration. The first is choosing what kind of vaporizer you want to use, the available choices are vape pens or e-nails. Vape pens are recommended for new users because of their convenience and ease of use, though those attributes also make them attractive to more advanced vapers. E-nails are for advanced users, they lack the portability and convenience of vape pens but produce cleaner and purer flavor.

The heating coil, also called the atomizer, vaporizes the wax and is the most important component of the vaporizer. There are two types of heating coil, ceramic and quartz; ceramic coils take longer to heat up but conserve the flavor and aroma of the wax better. Quartz coils heat up faster and require shorter draws than ceramic coils but produce less flavorful vapor. Your choice of heating coil depends on whether you favor immediate accessibility or stronger flavor. The availability of the wax concentrate is also an important consideration and is dependent on your state’s laws regarding marijuana use. Once all these factors have been reviewed, you can find a vaporizer that fits your price point and join the vaping revolution.

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