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vaping vs smoking

Vaping and smoking are not the same. Period.

There are many differences between the two such as how they affect the body, how well they are accepted by the public, how easy they are to use, and the stigma that comes with using them.

If you are a smoker (or were never one) and want to learn more about vaping before making the decision to switch (or try), then read further.

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Vaping and smoking are not one in the same. They are quite different and affect people in different ways. Let’s explore!

Effects on the Body

Many people are still undecided on whether or not vaping is truly a better alternative to smoking.

However, I am sure that there are users in the vaping community that will say otherwise.

To help you wage your opinion of the two, we will first discuss what kind of effects that vaping and smoking have on the human body.




Some people still claim that vaping carries health risks. However, the only confirmed risk that is associated with vaping is nicotine dependence since nicotine is an addictive chemical. However, one can’t compare this small risk (which may be avoided by using e-liquid with no nicotine) with byproducts of long-term smoking like lung cancer and emphysema.

For now, there is no scientific evidence linking vaping with smoking in terms of health risks.

Many e-cig studies point out nicotine addiction in youth as the main risk for vaping; however, there is no conclusive evidence on the long-term effects of vaping.


If you were not aware, smoking tobacco cigarettes comes with significant health risks.

Not including tar, there are over 70 different chemicals within the smoke of tobacco cigarettes. Many of these chemicals are cancer-causing agents.

Some of these chemicals include arsenic, benzene, nickel, and formaldehyde.

Once these chemicals enter the body, they can cause damage to major organs like the lungs and heart. Many studies have established that smoking causes minor (like a cough) and major (like heart disease) health risks.

More than half of Americans will die from their smoking habits.

A statistic from the American Cancer Association also states that smoking cigarettes kills more Americans than alcohol, car accidents, HIV, guns, and illegal drugs combined.


Many are still unsure whether or not vaping is safe and if it can serve as a successful smoking cessation tool.

In 2017, a study conducted by Cancer Research UK found that people who swapped out smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes for electronic cigarettes or nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) for a period of at least six months, had a much lower level of toxic and cancer-causing substances in their body than people who continued to smoke traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Another study conducted by Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center also supports the claim that electronic cigarettes are a less harmful alternative to smoking and that health benefits are expected in smokers who switch from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes.

Now that we have taken a brief overview of vaping versus smoking comparison let’s dive into great detail on the two. We are going to put vaping and smoking neck to neck on health and safety, cost, regulations, accessibility, and social acceptance.

Without further ado, let’s take a look:

Health and Safety


While vaping is not nearly as dangerous as smoking, it still does carry some risk. Many e-liquid vaporizers use nicotine-based e-liquids but they are not as potent as in tobacco cigarettes. The difference lies in how the material used produced and delivered.

Secondhand smoke is also a concern as it leaves an odor behind on your hair, your clothes and your hands. Others around you can still inhale this residue smoke like children which can affect their health as well. 

For vaping, secondhand smoke is only a concern if vaporizers are used improperly. A simple solution, for instance, is education on the subject.

Vapes release vapor rather than smoke. Vapor is made up of water and the byproducts of the e-juice. Inhaling vapor is safer than inhaling smoke; however, there is still risk of inhaling leftover chemicals from the e-liquid.

Cost of Vaporizers vs Cigarettes

When people consider making the switch from smoking to vaping, they wonder if they will save money.

Well, I can tell you with confidence that choosing vaping over smoking can save you a lot of money. There are many types of vaporizers out there that come in different price ranges. You can pick up cheap ones or opt for a better one, like the JUUL by PAX Vapor.

After making an initial investment on a quality vaporizer, all you would need to purchase is your favorite e-liquid. E-liquids are not that expensive depending on the brand you decide to use.

On the other hand, smoking can be an expensive habit and based on how often you smoke, you can end up spending a lot of money every month buying packs of cigarettes.

JUUL eCig Review

Laws on Vaping and Smoking

No vaping no smoking

Tobacco cigarettes have steadily been phased out of public places like airlines, government buildings, restaurants, stores, and everywhere else.

However, there are still many states that maintain more lax regulations regarding what areas you are allowed to smoke.

For vaping, there are still many who associate vapor with smoke and are afraid to inhale secondhand smoke. Others simply despise smoking and vapor can aggravate such pet peeves.

Due to these misguided notions, the vaping community is slowly starting to see that their vaporizers are not welcome in many public places.

Unless new research is released, it is likely that vaping will go the way of smoking.

Access to Vapes and Cigarettes

Tobacco cigarettes are not in short supply.

You can find them at the grocery store, at gas stations, casinos, online, and in many other businesses.

However, vaporizers are not so readily available to the public like cigarettes.

In the past, the vaping market was small with only a handful of options to choose from; however, the vape market has steadily grown with more places to shop

For instance, if you want to order e-liquids for your vape, it’s as easy as shopping online and ordering.

My favorite place to get e-liquid is through Zamplebox where you can customize what e-liquids you want.

Social Acceptance of Vaping and Smoking


Smoking, by far, is not socially accepted. It smells, discolors your teeth, makes your breath smell bad, and makes other people choke when they are around you.

However, vaping doesn’t have the same effect.

When you vape, you don’t have to worry about discolored teeth, bad breath, or stinky smoke clouding around you. Depending on the type of e-liquid you use, you can have a pleasant smelling vapor that comes out when you inhale.

Unlike smoking, you can vape in the office, at home, or in the car and not worry about the nasty; smelly after effects like you would from smoking.

However, do remember to check where you are allowed to vape and any laws within your state regarding vaping before doing so in any place.

Vaping and smoking are not the same and affect us in different ways. 

While there is not much evidence on the health effects of vaping, there is, however, an abundance of evidence on the devastating effects that smoking has on health. I thoroughly compared the two in regards to safety, cost, social acceptance, where it is accepted and how readily available they were. While my opinion is my own, I would strongly suggest to any smoker, that they should definitely give vaping a chance. It’s less expensive in the long-term, less likely to cause health problems and is more socially acceptable than smoking cigarettes.

To read the next page in our education series, visit here where we take a look at what types of e-liquid vaporizers are available on the market so you can make the best choice when purchasing.

Happy Vaping! 😉

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