Types of e-Liquid vaporizers

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For those interested in using e-liquids, there are many types of vaporizers that you can choose. You have electronic cigarettes, closed pod systems, vape pens, and vape mods.

E-cigs are perfect for users trying to quit smoking. They resemble tobacco cigarettes and are easy to use with some only needing to change the cartomizer.

Closed pods are similar to e-cigs but have better battery life and have better features.

To change the cartridge, it’s as simple as popping out the used one, putting the new one in, and draw.

Vape pens are a step up from both e-cigs and closed pods. They are larger, have better battery life, are refillable, and have some customization. Vape mods are at the top of their class for e-liquid vapes and have advanced features like bigger batteries, temp controls, and better vapor production.

To help you get started, you can reference my best e-cig and best vape mod pages while you read.

E-liquid vaporizers are plentiful in the vaporizer market. Let’s take a look at what you can choose from:


Electronic Cigarettes

Minis also referred to as ‘first generation’ electronic cigarettes are e-liquid vaporizers that most resemble a conventional cigarette. They are an ideal choice for first-time users or those who are trying to quit smoking.

JUUL eCig Review

Pod Vapes

Pod systems are modern e-cigs. They utilize the same concept as “cig a likes” but with a dramatic update on how it works. Vendors created these pod vapes with their target market in mind of providing an e-cig that produces less of a hassle.

v2 pro 3x review

Vape Pens

Mid-sized models or vape pens, called as such since they resembled pens, are larger than minis and, as such, perform a lot better and longer than the first generation.

SMOK Alien 220W

Vape Mods

Vape Mods or advanced personal vaporizers (APV) are essentially vape pens on steroids. They are the next step up from vape pens and provide far better features like longer battery life, better throat hit, better vapor production, and more customization.

Electronic Cigarettes

When one hears the term electronic cigarettes, they think many things. Are they talking about those vaporizers that look like cigarettes or vape pens?

Well, my friend, electronic cigarettes cover the scope of all vaporizers but for the sake of argument, let’s define electronic cigarettes as those e-liquid vaporizers that aim to help others quit smoking.

These e-cigs come with a couple of options such as disposable and replaceable cartridges. While they are an inexpensive option, they lack in many features like battery life and flavors.

There are quite a few brands to choose from, and they are widely available through online retailers and in most stores.

Every e-cig has a standard model number that helps distinguish between different sizes and thread types. If you are knowledgeable on the series, you can most certainly mix and match parts from vendors with the likelihood that they will fit together.

The most popular models out right now are the KR808 and the 501 series.

The KR808 refers to the 2-piece e-cigs and is frequently used by popular brands like Halo and V2. Do note that the KR808 comes in two different systems, D-1 and D-2, and unfortunately, you can not interchange the two. The 501 series is composed of the 3-piece models commonly used by larger models today.

If you are indeed looking for a “mini” e-cig, I would suggest checking out the My Von ERL.

Pod systems are still small, but they were made to be slightly larger than the first-generation 2-piece e-cigs. This change in size allows for a bigger battery so now you can look forward to a battery that hits the target of 300mah. This might still seem small, but compared to their predecessors, which topped out at around 90-180 mah, it’s an improvement.

That isn’t the best part about these babies though. The secret to their design is in the atomizer. While cartomizers worked well enough, they had severe limitations in power and in how much e-juice they could hold which quickly led to the common problem of the filling material inside burning quickly.

Pod vapes sought to the right this wrong by swapping out the filling for disposable tanks that mimic clearomizers. They have all the standard quirks like wick, coil and the capacity to hold e-liquid, but in a disposable package.

While pod systems only occupy a small portion of the e-cigarette market, they are expected to become more familiar.

If you want to try out one of these, JUUL makes a stylish and flavorful pod vape.

As the e-cigarette craze grew, users in the vaping community demanded a vaping device that offered more features like better battery life, more capacity for using vape juice, and better vapor quality.

In response to this request, the second generation of e-cigarettes was born called vape pens.

The only quirk to using vape pens versus e-cigarettes is that they use a manual battery. This means that you have to press and hold the on button to power the heating element in the vape pen.

Most vape pens utilize the 501 series design (3-piece); however, there are some on the market that still use the KR808 2-piece design.

Vape Mods allow for such features as use with iPhone apps and can even be used as power banks to power smart devices.

You can customize your vape mod to your preference by interchanging different components like variable voltage and wattage, rebuildable atomizers, rebuildable dripping atomizers, and custom wicks and coils.

There are a few different mods that you can choose from like mechanical mods, variable voltage mods, and variable wattage mods. Each serves a purpose based on user preference.

Mechanical mods or mech mods are just casings where you would place batteries. From there, one would attach their choice of the atomizer (or clearomizers if you choose). These are recommended for only advanced users because there is a chance of that, if used correctly, they can be dangerous.
One would have to have a basic understanding of resistance and voltage before purchasing one of these bad boys.

Next, we have variable voltage mods which are vape pens with power control. These mods allow you to adjust the voltage of the device which also regulates the temperature. These mods accomplish this by changing the current which interacts with the ohms in your atomizer. These allow you to have more control over cloud production and the flavor of your e-juice.

Variable wattage mods utilize the same concept but in a more direct way. They are perfect for users who like to swap out their atomizers. If you have an ideal wattage that you like to vape at, it will automatically adjust the wattage even if you change your atomizer.

Vape tanks are pretty much huge clearomizers. They allow vapers to fill up with more e-juice, enabling them to vape for longer periods of time. Also, most vape tanks are built from glass rather than plastic, and most utilize a bottom coil design.

Many vape tanks use a 510 thread which can easily be covered up with a beauty ring.

Another great thing about most vape tanks is that they allow better airflow to your coils. This makes a considerable difference between a tight draw that resembles a tobacco cigarette and a light, more airy draw that although it sacrifices flavor, it significantly improves on vapor production (you can bust out those big clouds in no time!).

Starre Pure Kit

Sub-ohm tanks are similar to standard tanks but come with a lower resistance (usually less than 1 ohm). These tanks can better handle higher wattages and substantially boost flavor and vapor quality. Sub-ohm tanks also have bigger wicking ports which help the tanks keep up with your e-liquid supply as fast as its vaped. They can also hold up to higher VG juices as well.

If you are looking for a quality sub-ohm tank, check out the FreeMax Starre Pure.

iStick Pico Mega SS EC NC Head

For your vape mods, there are two types of atomizers that you can use. You have a choice between RBAs and RDAs.

RBA stands for rebuildable atomizer, and RDA stands for rebuildable dripping atomizer.

RBAs are atomizers that you build yourself. Therefore, it is safe to say that these are for more experienced users and require a basic understanding of coil construction. The best thing about RBAs is that you can customize and rebuild them as much as you like which will better your vaping experience.

Another perk of using RBAs is that they come with a huge tank so you would only have to fill up once with your favorite vape juice and it lasts a lot longer than a standard tank would.

RDAs are the same thing as rebuildable atomizers with the exception that they do not have a tank attached. Instead one would only drip their e-liquid directly onto the wick inside. The amount of e-juice required will depend on how big of a wick you use.

RDAs are ideal for vapers who want to switch between different e-liquids to customize their vaping experience. You will have to drip more vape juice onto your wick every few puffs though.

Glad you made it to the end.

Wrapping up, there are many types of e-liquid vaporizers that you can choose. There are e-cigs, closed pods, vape pens, and vape mods. E-cigs are considered first generation and most resemble a tobacco cigarette. Some are disposable and some have replaceable cartridges. Closed pods are like modern e-cigs and have better battery life than e-cigs. They are easy to use with a simple “pop and draw” process. Vape pens are larger than minis and closed pods and have better features like longer battery life, the ability to refill with e-juice, and some customization. Finally, vape mods are top in their class and have the best features. You can mix and match different sub-ohm tanks and atomizers like RBAs and RDAs.

Next up in our series is how to use e-cigs & e-liquid vaporizers!

Enjoy! 🙂

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