10 things to consider when buying a new eCig or e-Liquid vaporizer

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Taking that first step when buying an e-cig or other e-liquid vaporizers can be frustrating and scary. There are so many options to choose from, it could make anyone dizzy.

It doesn’t have to be though.

For one, I have compiled a list of the best e-cigs and best vape mods to get you started.

Then, I have made you a list of 10 things that you need to consider before making your first purchase.

Let’s get started.

Take a comprehensive look at the 10 things you need to consider before purchasing any e-cig or e-liquid vaporizer.


Your vaping experience is not going to be the same as everyone else’s. You will have your preferences on vapes, e-liquid, how you vape, when, and more. That’s ok. It’s going to take you some time to figure out what setup is right for you.

Start out with something simple depending on your skill level and pick a vape juice that you like. Eventually, mix it up whether you try a different brand of e-juice, try out a new tank, or decide to switch to something more, like a vape mod.

Experimenting allows you to figure out what works for you and what you like best. You might find that a particular e-liquid fits your fancy or maybe you don’t like a brand of vape pen. It will take some time, but you’ll get there.

I would personally recommend JUUL by PAX Vapor. They offer a quality e-cig that comes with a variety of flavors that allows you to decide what you like best.

JUUL eCig Review
Cosmic Fog Review

Before you make any purchase, it’s important that you do your research and read up on reviews. After all, the only way (other than trying it yourself) that you will know if something is worth buying is by seeing what others think.

Once you find a brand or particular vape that you like, read up on customer reviews. They can give you their opinion on how they liked (or disliked) a particular product/brand and what they liked (or disliked) about it.

However, if you are looking for a more in-depth review of a certain vaporizer or e-liquid, well, it just so happens that you are in the right place.
For instance, I can tell you what the best e-liquids are or what 510 tanks that you should check out. Hint. Hint.

The variety of different vapes and vape juices available on the market today can make anyone feel dizzy and even worse that many of these products have different accessories that you may need for them to work better (or at all).

There is a solution. Invest in a starter kit. Starter kits come with everything that you need for vaping. Instead of having to search for all the individual parts that you would need to vape, you can get them in an all-in-one package.

For instance, if you are looking for a vape mod, you already know that you will need the mod itself, a tank, the coil heads, spare parts, and other additional accessories. Solve this problem by buying a starter kit and you are set.

Ask yourself what your budget is and what type of e-cig or vape you want; then you can find the starter kit that is best for you.

My Von Erl eCig

This one is a no-brainer. Coupons can save you hundreds of dollars a year on vaporizers, e-juice, accessories, and spare parts and it just so happens that The Vape Guide has a ton of online coupons through different vendor sites so that you can purchase the best vaporizer for you.

For instance, if you decide to buy the My Von Erl pod mod, not only will you get free shipping but also use the code TVG10 and you can save 10% on your purchase.

That’s proof that you can save some cash and still vape in style.

E-liquids come in all flavors and strengths. You can get them with nicotine, no nicotine, VG, PG, and in an abundance of fruity and fun flavors.

To help you find the right e-liquid for you, ask yourself a few questions before you buy. You can also consider some tips to help you along.

If you were a heavy smoker before vaping, I would suggest starting out with the highest nicotine strength vape juice and slowly work your way to 0. If you are a light smoker, then that’s even better. Just pick up a low strength nicotine based e-liquid and you are set. If you were never a smoker or don’t want nicotine, then opt for a nicotine free e-liquid.

Do you want more vapor? Opt for a VG based e-liquid like the Element Dripper Series.

Would you rather have an intense throat hit? Pick up a PG based vape juice.


If you haven’t already realized, vaping is nothing like smoking. While there are some e-cigs (like cig a likes) that replicate a tobacco cigarette, using an e-cig will be entirely different from smoking a cigarette. It will not only taste different but feel different as well.

With that said, don’t let this stop you from trying out vaping. If you were a smoker, give yourself time to transition to using a vaporizer. It will take some adjusting, but eventually, you will get the hang of it.

While many manufacturers try to replicate the tobacco flavor that you would expect from popular cigarette brands, that shouldn’t deter you from trying new flavors. E-liquids come in an endless variety of flavors so take some time to explore, and you might find one that you like a lot.

Not every vape on the market is right for everyone. Before you buy, you should consider your budget, if you already smoke (do you want an e-cig that looks like a tobacco cigarette), do you want to cloud-chase, are you a beginner, etc.

Taking the time to ask yourself these questions can help you decide which vaporizer is right for you. If you want to simulate smoking a tobacco cigarette, then maybe try a cigalike. If you are an advanced user, then you can opt for a vape mod. If you are interested in cloud-chasing, then choosing a vaporizer with a good sub-ohm tank would be ideal.

Asking yourself these questions isn’t just perfect for getting the best vape that will make you happy. It also keeps you from purchasing the wrong vape.
For instance, if you are a beginner, then buying a vape mod would not be a good idea. Doing your research can help you purchase a great e-cig or vape pen instead.

No vaping no smoking

While vaping is considered a better alternative to smoking, not only for yourself but the people around you, it’s important that you look before you vape. Make sure that you respect the space of not only non-smokers but of non-vapers as well.

Many businesses and government buildings have already put up signs prohibiting smoking as well as vaping and many states have passed legislations on where you are allowed to vape. If you are not sure, then it’s best not to do it.

Of course, if you are at home, vape away.

A good rule of thumb for any vaper is to have a noteworthy supply stashed for your vaporizer.

This means keeping extra batteries, coils, cartridges, and e-juice either on your person or at home.

This is especially important if you don’t have any vape shops readily available around you. You never know when your battery might give out, or your coil might burn, or if you vape through your e-juice faster than you thought. Make sure you always have your charger on the go, especially if you decide to stay out for longer than normal.

A great tip would be to buy some of these items in bulk especially if you are on a budget or only have a few chances to purchase items. This way, you will never have to worry about running out, especially if you are trying to quit. There is nothing worse than not being able to vape and being tempted to reach for that pack of cigarettes.

If you are just starting out in the vaping community, then this should be your number one lesson. Never be cheap with your first setup.

Smok OSUB 40W

This can be very tempting especially if you have the common preconceived notion that, for instance, spending $100 on a decent vape kit is a lot. If you are a smoker, such a closed minded thought is understandable if you are used to spending between $5 to $10 a day on a pack of cigarettes (if you smoke a pack a day).

However, doing this can result in you buying some of the cheapest e-cigs, vape pens, and vape mods out there which are not always the greatest. They will either be poorly made with low-quality batteries or will have low-end clearomizers. In the long run, these won’t last long, and you will end up spending more money buying another vape.

For that, you might as well set aside a good chunk of money in the beginning and invest in a good quality vaporizer that will last you a long time. This also applies to e-juice as well.

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Final Thoughts

Purchasing an e-cig or vape isn’t easy. You are bombarded by so many different choices and brands that it can be hard to choose any one product.

Don’t give up hope. Use these 10 tips and all the other great info that you have learned throughout this entire e-liquid education series to make the best decision when buying an e-liquid vaporizer.

Make sure you experiment, look at reviews, check out starter kits, and use coupons. Find out what e-liquid you want to use, allow yourself to adjust to vaping, and find the best vaporizer for your needs. Lastly, look at your surroundings before you vape, keep a stash of supplies either on your person or at home and please, don’t be cheap when you buy your first vape.

If you haven’t checked out the other pages in our e-liquid education series, then you can find them all in one place here.

Enjoy and Happy Vaping! 😉

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