E-liquid vaping for beginners

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New to e-Liquid Vaping?

There is an immense amount of information about e-liquid vaping, but it can be hard to sort through it all and find what’s most important.

Don’t feel overwhelmed – we have everything you need right here.

For this section of our education series, we will cover all there is to know about e-liquid vaping and why you should get in on the action with an e-cig or vape mod.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

If you are new to e-liquid vaping, you can learn everything you need to know to become a pro here:

How do e-Liquid Vaporizers Work?

You can expect to find 4 different components in e-liquid vaporizers: a battery, an atomizer, e-liquid, and a mouthpiece.

The battery appears differently in both e-cigs and vapes. In e-cigs, the battery attaches to the atomizer; in vape pens and mods, the battery is usually built in. The atomizer functions as the heating element. In e-cigs, the atomizer (cartomizer) is found inside the cartridge and in vape pens and mods, the atomizer comes in the form of a tank where you would place your e-liquid.

E-liquids are stored differently depending on the vaporizer. In e-cigs, the e-liquid is found in the cartridge while in vape pens and mods, one would insert the e-liquid into the tank. The mouthpiece is where you draw and inhale the vapor. In e-cigs, the cartridge acts also as the mouthpiece and in vape pens and mods, the mouthpiece is removable and can come in different materials.

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E-liquids, e-juice, and vape juice are fluids used in e-liquid vaporizers. They come in many flavors, with and without nicotine, and in variations of VG, PG, and both.

VG (vegetable glycerin) is an organic compound used in e-liquids. It has a thicker consistency which allows for a slower rate of absorption, however, this clogs up vaporizers. It has a sweeter taste and less of a throat hit which is perfect for cloud chasing or beginners.

PG (propylene glycol) is the most popular of the two. Unlike VG, it has a thinner consistency which allows for faster absorption and less build-up in vapes. It doesn’t have any taste but has a strong throat hit that simulates tobacco cigarettes. However, PG can cause allergic reactions.

E-liquids can have no nicotine or varying strengths of nicotine. If you are a smoker, choosing your ideal strength depends on how much you used to smoke. For a different kind of nicotine, one can always indulge in nicotine salts which comes in a more processed form.

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Vaping and smoking affect the body in different ways. While smoking contains many harmful chemicals that poison your body and cause life-threatening health conditions, vaping may be a safer alternative, however still carrying the hazard of potential nicotine addiction.

Despite being readily available, smoking is expensive, prohibited in many public places and is not pleasant to be around. It leaves a stench on your breath, your clothes, and your hair and affects others around you with second-hand smoke.

Vaping, on the other hand, is more tolerable in public. It isn’t as accessible as smoking but is gaining popularity and is a cheaper alternative to smoking (in the long run). It doesn’t leave a horrible stench and doesn’t impact one’s health as excessively as smoking. However, vaping is going the way of smoking in terms of where one is allowed to vape.


There are plenty of options to choose from if e-liquid vaporizers are your thing. You have e-cigs, closed pod vapes, vape pens, and vape mods.

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E-cigs or minis are first generation and most resemble a tobacco cigarette. They are 2-piece and 3-piece options but the most common are the 2-piece models. They are perfect for first-time users and former smokers. Closed pod vapes are like minis but slightly larger and less of a hassle. They are easy to use by simply popping out the old cartridge and popping in a new one. To use, just draw from the cartridge which is also the mouthpiece.

Vape pens are considered mid-sized models and are equipped with better features and performance like better battery life and limited customization. They come with tanks so they are refillable. Vape mods are top class in the e-liquid vape world. They have the best features and you can customize them for the ultimate vaping experience. You can use different types of tanks like sub-ohm and types of atomizers like rebuild-able and rebuild-able dripping to create clouds and a better throat hit.

To inhale your vapor, there are 2 techniques that you can use which are mouth to lung and direct lung inhale.

For mouth to lung, you first inhale the vapor into your mouth and then inhale into your lungs. This method is best for PG e-liquids, has less of a throat hit and more flavor. For direct lung inhale, you would inhale straight to your lungs. This method is best for cloud chasing and has a more intense hit.

To use e-cigs, you would either use the e-cig until it’s finished and throw away (disposable) or use and then replace the cartridge (replaceable). Closed pods are simple to use by simply popping in a new cartridge when the old one is done and draw.

To use vape pens, all you have to do is refill the tank with e-liquid. To turn on or off, simply press the firing button 5 times and to use, hold the fire button while drawing.

For sub-ohm tanks in vape mods, you can fill them from either the top or bottom. To fill, take the dropper from the e-liquid bottle and fill at an angle. After that, you are all set.

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Things to Consider When Buying an e-Cig or e-Liquid Vaporizer

Before you make your first e-liquid vape purchase, consider:


Start out with a simple vape and pick your favorite e-juice. Experiment until you find the combination that suits you.

Before you buy, do your research and look at vaporizer reviews. They can tell you which products are good, if the price is worth it, and any flaws or malfunctions they might have. Hint! We offers a round-up of the best coupon codes 😉

Save your money and purchase a starter kit. If you are a newbie, they will have everything you need to start vaping.

Get the best deals on vape juice and vaporizers by using coupons. TheVape.Guide offers coupon codes from all the biggest stores so that regardless of where you buy, you will always have a round-up of the best deals.

Figure out what kind of e-liquid you want by considering if you want nicotine, no nicotine, PG for a kicka** throat hit or VG for more vapor (cloud chasing).

If you are a former smoker or have never vaped, be patient when making the transition. Everyone’s body works differently and will adjust accordingly.

Buy the best vape for your needs meaning if you want to cloud-chase, get a vape mod or if you want something that resembles a cigarette, get an e-cig.

Make sure that you know whether or not you can vape in a public place and always have extra supplies for your vape.

Lastly, don’t be cheap on your first vape.

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