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In recent years, there’s been a LOT of pushback on smoking. 

And chances are, the reason why you’re here is because you’re looking at dry herb vaping as an alternativeSo, which is better – vaping or smoking?

Here at The Vape Guide, we can’t decide for you.

HOWEVER, we can break down the advantages and disadvantages of vaping and smoking so you can decide for yourself.

Without further delay, here are all the pros and cons of vaping versus smoking:


If you didn’t know already, traditional smoking relies on combustion, or burning dried plant material to create smoke.

In order for this process to occur you need insanely hot temperatures. Whenever you bring a flame to your substances, your lighter is delivering heat around 3,578°F! Even without a direct flame, temperatures for smoking reach around 1652°F during a puff and fall to about 752°F between puffs.

When it comes to your health, combustive smoking is far from butterflies and rainbows. As it turns out, most of the smoke you inhale from combustive smoking consists of products you DO NOT want in your body. Here’s why:

smoking will kill you

Whenever dried plant material is combusted (burned), thousands of chemical substances are produced in its smoke. This process of burning thereby breaks down the chemical bonds of your herb and, in turn, produces products called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH).

In case you didn’t know, PAHs are HIGHLY TOXIC and known to cause cancer. When you smoke through combustive heating methods, you are not only damaging your health but mutilating your ability to heal. The build up of tar in your lungs from combustive smoking is severely detrimental to your health.

Health problems directly caused by combustive smoking include: congestive heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema, asthma, stroke, acute myeloid leukemia, damaged blood vessels and blood clots, chronic bronchitis, birth defects and reduced fertility, cancer in almost every part of your bodyand so much more…

Need more proof that combustive smoking is bad for your health? Watch this.

What about Vaping?

You don’t have to give you getting high. In fact, vaping may be the perfect alternative for you.

Vaporizing refers to the process of heating dry herbs which are then converted into water vapor (rather than smoke). By using an electronic device called a vaporizer, products are heated just below the point of combustion. Learn more about how dry herb vaporizers work here.

As it turns out, you do not need to burn your product to produce the desired effects. In fact, it’s actually better to heat your products into a vapor because you are inhaling more of what you want (cannabinoids) and less of what you don’t (carcinogens). The orange chart below proves that you don’t need temperatures as high as 3,578°F to release the desired effects of weed.

how to vape dry herbs

Here are the boiling points for the following cannabinoids:

THC – 314.6℉

CBD – 320℉ to 356℉

Delta-8-THC – 347℉ to 352.4℉

CBN – 365℉

As we have proved, by vaping, you are still able to get high without having to sacrifice your health.

Keep in mind, this does not mean that vaping is healthy. Because vaping is relatively new, there is not a lot of longitudinal data which reveals if there are any health consequences to vaping. At the end of the day, it all comes down to choosing the lesser of two evils – which happens to be vaping.

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In terms of convenience, vaping is by far the more convenient option.

Oftentimes, smokers run into the obstacle of not being allowed to smoke in certain areas or in certain crowds. Many non-smokers consider it rude to smoke in their presence, and this can become an obstacle to the formation of long-term friendships.

friends who vape

By switching to vaping, however, you no longer have to worry about whether or not you can vape in a group of non-smokers.

Not only is vaping discreet, but it also removes the harms of secondhand smoking.

As you know, the person vaping is not inhaling smoke, so the cloud they exhale is absent of this smoke as well.

Because vaping offers you a cleaner option to enjoy your substances, when and where you vape is no longer an issue.

In addition, vaping does not hold as much of a negative stigma as smoking does. If you are a smoker, more likely than not, you’ve received dirty looks for your “habit”. Whether it be from complete strangers or family members, this doesn’t feel great.

With vaping, however, you don’t receive this negative social backlash. Because vaping is acknowledged as the more conscientious choice, most people do not mind being around someone who vapes.

no smoking but vaping allowed

Furthermore, numerous restaurants and public areas that ban smoking actually allow vaping. Again, because of the reduced risk for secondhand smoke, many public and private establishments allow vaping.

Clearly, this is a convenient advantage vaping has over smoking.

Keep in mind, however, that certain locations such as planes and movie theaters do not allow smoking or vaping.

If you are ever unsure if you can vape somewhere, just ask. Or click here to learn more about your state’s regulations on vaping.

In addition, it should be understood that this does NOT suggest that it is okay to vape in front of children or youth under the age of 18. Because youth are still developing, their exposure to possibly harmful substances should be limited at all costs.

In terms of cost-effectiveness, vaping seems to be the more preferable choice. If you are a heavy smoker, switching to vaping will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars every year.

Depending on where you live, a pack of cigarettes can cost anywhere between $6 to $12 (maybe more). This means that, if you are smoking a pack everyday, you are wasting around $3,285 on average!


Now, I know what you’re thinking – quality vaporizers can seem expensive. But, vapers hardly ever regret the initial investment because it pays itself back

According to Time Magazine, vaping is about 40% cheaper than traditional smoking.

So, rather than wasting thousands of dollars every year, vaping will provide you with a cost-effective way to enjoy your substances!

Because of the re-usability of vaporizers, you are longer burning your money away in the ashtray. By reusing and refilling your vapes, you are enjoying your dry herbs in a far more efficient way.

Accordingly, Time also finds that you will save an average of $2000 per year! That is a lot of bang for your buck! So, to put things in a more concise manner, vaping is the way to go for a happy bank account.

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In terms of availability, traditional smoking holds the upper hand.

For traditional smoking, you only ever really need a lighter and your substances. These are things you can quickly pick up at any convenience store at… your convenience.

convenience store smoking

For vaping, however, this is a slightly different story.

While vaping products are becoming more and more readily available, at the moment, they cannot be as easily purchased at a convenience store.

However, there are numerous vape stores and online distributors that will deliver your products efficiently.

So, need not worry, the vapeworld is rapidly catching up to the modern demands of consumerism.

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Smoker’s Smell

If someone says that you “smell like a smoker” – they are NOT complimenting you.

Most people agree that the smell of a smoker is gross. Often the thick scent of ash they carry bites at the nostrils and nauseates the mind. Furthermore, many non-smokers find it unpleasant how smoke clings to their breath and their clothes.

smokers smell bad

Smokers smell nasty. And, whether or not you’d like to come to terms with this, it’s a fact.

I mean, have you ever walked into the house or car of a smoker? Yuck.

Clearly, the thick, persistent scent of smokers is a disadvantage. This smell follows you in ways you might not expect.

From job interviews to dates, the scent of a smoker inadvertently speaks louder than words and hinders one’s personal and work life.

However, with vaporizing, you no longer have to worry about the thick scent of smoke.

Because you are inhaling water vapor, this smell doesn’t stick to your clothes. In fact, this scent dissolves a lot faster because it avoids combustion. By vaping, you avoid all the deleterious consequences involved with a “smoker’s smell”.

While you are condemned to “that” smell while smoking, when it comes to vaping, you can free yourself of negative social repercussions.

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Getting High

When it comes to getting high, the distinction between vaping and smoking lies in your personal preference. While cannabis strains certainly influence which high you achieve, your smoking method also plays a significant role. 

couch potato smoking lethargy

Combustive smoking is known to induce lethargy or the “couch stuck effect”. Rather than feeling high like you’re floating on clouds, this feeling encompasses an inability to stand up and a sluggish vibe. While people may like this, this is certainly not for daytime smokers who still seek to be productive about their days.

Another feature of combustive smoking is paranoia. While this side effect depends on the user, heightened senses often leave users unable to relax. This in turn can lead to insomnia and a horrible night’s rest. Furthermore, the “munchies” are very common in this type of smoking (which can be a hindrance to you if you’re on a budget).

By contrast, vapers often report feeling more of a euphoric, “cerebral high”. Users often experience peace and inner relaxation because vaping allows for a clean high. With just a few hits, sore muscles are instantly relaxed, and the problems of the day just shed away.

vaping creativity

Another feature of a “vape high” is that many individuals feel a sense of heightened creativity.

With the world in a much more vivid light, vapers experience and sense everything in a raw, organic, and beautiful sense.

Aside from the effects, the actual high elicited from vaping happens to be far smoother and cleaner than smoking.

Many vapers report that they are still able to function while vaping because they avoid negative effects such as lethargy. Therefore, vaping is great for daytime smokers as well.

Furthermore, because vaping does not burn your dry herb like smoking does, you are actually releasing more and more of the latent cannabinoids like THC. In effect, you actually get higher with less herb by vaping.

A final consideration to make that is still “high up” in the list (pun intended) is the amount of herb you need for vaping vs smoking. Often smokers run into the problem of habituation – they always have to smoke more and more to reach a previous high. With vaping, however, because herb consumption is far more efficient, the results are more consistent. Vaping allows you to use the same amount of herb every time, set at the same temperature every time, for a mind-warping high every time.

Final Thoughts

In the debate of vaping vs smoking, it really comes down to choosing the lesser of two evils. Here’s a quick recap:

► As we have shown, vaporizing is the smarter choice for your health. By employing various heating methods such as conduction and convection, vaping is able to avoid the devastating health consequences of combustion. Therefore, you can still get high without the risk of toxic residue.

► In social settings, vaping is more convenient because it removes the harmful effects of secondhand smoke and is therefore more socially acceptable.

► Furthermore, vaping is effective in terms of your wallet. By making the switch, your money will no longer end up in the ashtray.

► In terms of availability, however, smoking still holds the upper hand. While conventional smoking may be more available in the market as of today, the tides are rapidly turning. More and more vape stores are popping up around the world.

► Another advantage vaping has over smoking is that it removes the nasty smoker’s smell from your lifestyle. Not only will you become more attractive to future employers, but also to potential lovers.

► And last, but not least, vaping allows you to achieve a euphoric, cerebral high. While lethargy and even paranoia can be side effects of smoking, euphoria, creativity, and productiveness are side effects of vaping.

The truth of the matter is: vaping is the future. Therefore, we HIGHLY suggest you make the switch to vaporizing.

And if you are making the switch, the best way you can start is by checking out some of this year’s best dry herb vaporizers and grinding accessories.

Or, if you’d like to learn more about vaporizing different forms of THC, come check out our THC Extract Vaping for Beginners.

We hope this has helped!

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