How to Use a Dry Herb Vaporizer

You’ve got the green. You’ve got your vape. Now it’s go time! If you’re one of the many cannabis consumers that have decided to vape your dry herb instead of smoke it, you’ve made a great decision. This change will help you enjoy the quality and flavor of your weed and enjoy healthier inhales every time.

When it comes to using a dry herb vaporizer, the latest tech on the market makes it so easy to load up your vape and go. Here are some important things to consider to get the most out of your vape sesh every time. From preparing your vape to working with your dry herb, and keeping your unit well maintained, we have all the advice you need to be a pro vaper in no time.

Dry Herb Vaporizer

Preparing the Vaporizer

Whether you’re brand new to vaping or just using a new unit for the first time, the first thing you’ll want to do is take inventory of your vape’s kit. Beyond the vape itself, the kit will often include:

  • Your vape’s charger
  • Extra batteries (if replaceable)
  • Mouthpiece options
  • Cleaning tools
  • Carrying case

Become familiar with your vape’s tools and attachments, and give the user manual a quick read, even just for info on how to operate the unit and recharge it. As you’re shopping, be sure to refer to our dry herb vaporizer reviews to get an idea of what’s included with your vape, and what tools you might have to purchase separately. As a quick reference, keep our website open when you’re shopping around.

Some vapes will come fully charged out of the box, but most will be either half charged or not charged at all and need to be juiced up before you can start vaping. Many vapes today can be charged up with a simple USB attachment, which is great for charging on your computer, in the car, or with a wall attachment. Usually, the wall attachments are not included, but you can use the square white wall attachments that come with most smartphones today.

Pro-tip: You might have invested a lot of time and money in finding the perfect vape, so treat it with the care it deserves! Get in a good habit of storing your vape and accessories in a stash box or even putting the vape’s components back into its box after each use. That way, you never have to search all over your house for what you need to charge, clean or, use your vape. This can make all the difference if you’re running out the door and want to take your portable vape or vape pen along, or have friends over and are ready to sesh. Nothing’s worse than having to dig around for what you need to vape your green.


Preparing the Herb

Once your dry herb vaporizer is set up and fully charged, or in the process of charging, it’s time to prepare your green. For cannabis consumers that prefer to smoke or vape dry herb, this can be one of the best parts of the experience. Handling cannabis and preparing it to release all of it’s recreational and medicinal benefits is a process rooted in centuries of ritual and tradition, but with today’s technology, the process is made so much more efficient. Here’s how to choose and prep the perfect herb for your next vape sesh.

Boundless Tera Dry Herb Vaporizer with Cannabis
Starting with good green is is key to having a great session with your new vape. Pictured here is the Boundless Tera dry herb vaporizer.

Pick your perfect strain

When vaporizing your dry herb, you’re taking hits of smooth, clean vapor that bring out the best flavors and feelings from your cannabis. Because the effects of vaping your cannabis are so pure, you’ll want to pick a strain that will give you the desired recreational and medicinal effects. That can be as simple as choosing between an indica, sativa or hybrid strain, or finding your ideal ratio of THC vs CBD.

  • Indica strains – characterized by heavier body highs and relaxing psychoactive effects. Many indica consumers experience “couch lock” which is why a great way to remember that indica can be more sedative is to think indica = “in da couch”
  • Sativa strains – expect a buzzy, active mental high. Some sativa smokers even enjoy energizing physical effects as well.
  • Hybrid – Blending indica and sativa effects, hybrid strains offer the best of both worlds in terms of energy and sedation. Keep an eye out for what the dominant strain in the hybrid is to get a better idea of the results you’ll feel.
  • High THC strains – strains high in THC will be amplified in the mental, psychoactive effects you experience. THC strains are what many recreational users go for, because of their potent high.
  • High CBD strains – CBD is one of the active cannabinoids in cannabis that delivers the “body high” feeling along with the medicinal effects from the plant.

The next thing to consider when picking the perfect herb to vape is how dry your green is. You want to choose a nug of dry herb that hasn’t retained too much moisture. When your weed is vaped, any moisture will be vaped off first, creating a harsh couple first hits that may irritate your throat and lungs. Pick a nice, dry nug—but one that’s isn’t crumbling apart in your hands—to find the perfect balance.

Kozo Herb Grinder Ground Herb
A quality grinder makes all the difference when it comes to grinding your dry herb into a fine, even consistency before you load it into your vape.

Grinding Your Dry Herb

The next step that you absolutely must not skip is taking your dry herb and finely grinding it up before loading it into your vape. While breaking up your green in your hands can work in some situations, it’s absolutely not the ideal thing to do before you vape.

The reason here is that for the heating component to evenly vaporize your dry herb, it must be ground up into an even, fine consistency. Otherwise, your herb will vape in patches and pockets, leaving quality green un-vaped while other parts become charred and harsh. This can compromise the flavor, the vapor quality, as well as the effects you feel from your dry herb.

So, ready to grind up that green? Today’s best dry herb grinders give you options at every turn. Whether you prefer to put a little elbow grease into it and use a manual grinder, or you enjoy the ease and consistency of electric, read on to learn the differences to see which model is right for you.

Manual Grinders

For old school, analog enthusiasts, the classic manual grinder gets the job done without any electric frills (or need to charge it up!). But don’t be fooled- even among manual grinders, there are basic models and more top-of-the-line choices. A grinder is a cannabis accessory that you’ll use before every sesh with dry herb, so don’t skimp. With features like ceramic, nonstick surfaces, magnetic components, and extra screen layers to catch that precious kief, manual grinders can be anything but basic.

The downsides of manual grinders are they can put a strain on your wrists after continued use, and they can be a major pain to clean. If you definitely want to go manual but want a smooth grinding experience and easy cleaning, check out a model like the SLX Grinder. It solves both of these challenges with its non-stick ceramic grinding surface that repels residue, dirt and resin, too.


Electric Grinders

You’ve already upgraded from smoking to vaping, so why not consider adding an electric grinder to your 21st century cannabis toolkit? Electric grinders save you the elbow grease and mess involved with grinding up your dry herb yourself, and they look great while doing it. While electric grinder tech is relatively new on the scene, models like the Otto Grinder have already jumped to the front of the pack for vape enthusiasts that want to pack a lot of dry herb without lifting a finger.

Banana Bros. Otto Weed Grinder Review
Stylish electric grinders take prepping your dry herb into the 21st century. Pictured here: the Banana Bros. Otto Weed Grinder

Another advantage to electric grinders is that they’re often equipped with multiple settings, so you can get your dry herb as fine or as coarse as you’d like. On the downside though, having an electric grinder as part of your routine means one more element to charge, maintain and keep track of it’s accessories, too.

Once you grind up your dry herb, you’ll want to then load it into your vape’s herb chamber. These vary in size based on the type of vape you’re using, especially if you have a session vape instead of an on-demand model. You’ll want to pack your herb chamber so it’s full, but not overstuffed, so that the head can be evenly distributed across all your green.


Tips for New Users

Brand new to vaping? You’re not alone! Every day more and more cannabis consumers learn about the negative health effects of smoking their weed, and start to explore the world of vaping. That, combined with new advancements in vape tech hitting the market every day, makes it the perfect time to ditch dirty smoke for good and switch to clean, pure vapor.

Here are some pro-tips for vaporizer users to make sure you’re getting the best experience possible from your vape, whether it’s your first time vaping or you’re just looking to elevate your vape game.


  1. Start with great weed that’s perfectly dry
  2. Keep your vape fully charged and ready to go
  3. Invest in a good grinder, and grind your herb to a fine, even consistency
  4. Load your herb chamber until it’s full but not overpacked
  5. Start at a low temperature (Above 392°Farenheit but below 400°Fahrenheit is a great starting point) to get smaller but smooth and flavorful hits, and build up from there as you get more experienced
  6. Clean your vape after each use to keep it fresh
  7. Store your vape and it’s components in a safe place, and keep it in a carrying case on the go


Vaporizer Maintenance

Your vape was probably a significant investment, so you’ll want to do everything you can to keep it clean and in good working order. Here’s a couple key steps you’ll want to keep in mind to enjoy a long and full life out of your vape.

Store Your Vape and it’s Accessories Properly

We touched on this earlier, but it’s so important to keep your vape stored in a safe, dry place at home or in a case if you’re on the go. Vapes are pretty advanced pieces of tech, and they’re built with a lot of delicate components packed into a very tight space. Your vape might also come with attachments and charging components that are specific to your unit, and could be pricey to replace. Keep them safe in a stash box or in the kit they came in, so when you need a new mouthpiece, charging cable, or battery you have it on hand.


Keep Your Vape Clean

One major bonus of vaping vs smoking is that there’s much less cleaning involved. If you’re really type A, clean your vape after each use and then each sesh will be like your vape is brand new. For the rest of us that aren’t quite as crazy about cleaning, use a small brush to clean out your vapes heating chamber and a q-tip with some rubbing alcohol on the mouthpiece after every 5-10 uses, or when you start noticing changes in the vapor quality.

Higher Standards vape cleaning kit review
Top to bottom: Stem brush, pipe cleaners, cotton swabs.

Troubleshoot any Vape Issues

Many vapes on the market today are built to be super user friendly and durable, but the day might come that you go to use your unit and it just isn’t working. The most common problem people experience is the unit not charging or turning on because of a loose battery connection. Depending on the type of vape you have, you can usually open the battery chamber and carefully use a paperclip or safety pin to re-tighten the connection.

Another problem that dry herb vape users encounter is having to pull too hard to inhale. This could be because the mouthpiece is clogged (clean with a q-tip and alcohol), or that the herb chamber is packed too tightly. The hot air needs space to circulate, so be sure to fill your chamber but leave some room at the top for airflow.

If you’re experiencing problems with your vape that aren’t listed here, a quick google search with the product name of your vape plus the word “troubleshoot” or a more specific description of the problem should return a bunch of good advice from the vaping community. Or, head to your vape’s website and find the FAQ’s page.


The Final Word on How to Use a Dry Herb Vaporizer

Compared to all the accessories and hassle needed to smoke your dry herb out of a joint, pipe or bong, vaping your green will be a walk in the park. After you’ve prepared your vape, charged it up, ground your green and loaded it, you’re good to go. Vaping with a portable or pen vaporizer is a great way to enjoy your cannabis on the go, while inhaling smooth, clean vapor that’s free of most toxins and carcinogens.

Whether you’re an experienced vaper trying a new dry herb unit for the first time, or you’re brand new to vaping all together, we hope this info helps you feel confident to enjoy your vape to its fullest potential.

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