10 Things to Consider When Buying a New Dry Herb Vaporizer

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Here’s the bottom line:

When it comes to purchasing the best vape for your lifestyle, there are a few things you seriously need to consider.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know from purchasing considerations to user expectations.

Before you do anything though, make sure that you know how a dry herb vaporizer works and the options you have when choosing one (heating methods, type, etc).

Without further delay, here’s your ultimate guide to buying a dry herb vape:

Price Point

When it comes to buying a dry herb vape, price is often one of the top considerations consumers make before purchasing.

Truth be told: there are plenty of affordable vapes out on the market today.

However, remember that you get what you put in – if you buy a knock-off vape, you’re most likely going to inhale low quality vapor. Likewise, pen vapes tend to be cheaper than other types of vaporizers (but they generally do not have precise temperature controls). Portable vapes tend to be reasonably priced for a kickass vaping experience.

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The oven of your dry herb vape is where your herb is heated and transformed into water vapor.

That being said, the size of your oven is important depending on your lifestyle. If you generally plan to vape alone, a smaller oven will suit your needs perfectly. However, if you generally plan to vape with others in a session, larger ovens are absolutely necessary.

?Optimizing the proper oven size for you lifestyle is key. In this way, you remove the hassle of under-cooking your herb and the hassle of constantly needing to refill your chamber.

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Believe it or not, the materials used for your dry herb oven can make a big difference in the vapor quality you get. There are three main oven materials used: ceramic, stainless steel, and glass.

Ceramic ovens are high quality. Because this material is inert, it will not add any flavors to your vapor aside from the purity of your dry herb. This material is also, however, quite fragile so you must be careful how you set your vape down. In addition, ceramic ovens are also very porous which can make cleaning a hassle.

Stainless steel ovens are also inert, so they preserve the purity of your herb’s flavor. Unlike ceramic, stainless steel is not porous, so it is very easy to clean. However, stainless steel ovens are more expensive and heavier for vapes.

Glass ovens deliver superior quality. These are inert, nonporous, and easily replaceable. However, glass is extremely fragile – so you’re oven is likely to break if you’re clumsy.

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?Note: If, for some reason, you run across a vape that uses an oven made out of plastic – avoid it! Plastic adds a terrible, artificial flavor to your vapor. In addition to unenjoyable vapor, plastic ovens usually do not stand up to heat very well. All in all, for the sake of your health, avoid plastic.

Another necessary consideration you should make before purchasing a vaporizer is its size. Fellas, even though size may not matter in certain areas of your life, for your vape it is absolutely, 100% important. The size of your device should reflect your lifestyle:

► If you are constantly on-the-go and need a discreet way to enjoy your herb, invest in a vape pen.

► If you’re on-the-go but care about high vapor quality, purchase a portable vaporizer.

► Or, if you’re a homebody who prefers shared sessions, contemplate buying a desktop vaporizer.

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?Note: For more details on the different types of vapes you can buy, check this out.

Another thing to consider is whether you want a vaporizer that works on-demand or in sessions. In case you’re unsure of the terminology, on-demand refers taking a hit and going about your business and possibly taking another hit later. A session refers to a specified period of time where you are taking hits.

This distinction is a result of the heating method of your vape.

Convection-style vaporizers are on-demand. They allow you immediate, on-the-spot drags that you can stretch out throughout your day. For this reason, this kind of vape makes your herb last a long time.

► On the other hand, conduction-style vapes are made for sessions. These allow you to enjoy your herb after your vape has heated up. This is great for leisure downtime and sharing with friends.

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This simply cannot be emphasized enough.

Vaping is NOT smoking. Smoking relies on combustion, which is known to have serious consequences on your health. Vaping, on the other hand, relies on heat distribution and water vapor. Rather than inhaling carcinogenic smoke, users inhale a vapor with released the cannabinoids from marijuana (or nicotine from tobacco). To learn more about the difference, check out our comparison of vaping vs smoking.

Because of these fundamental differences, your vaping experience will be different from your smoking experience. While smoker’s feel an intense throat hit, vapers feel a smooth inhalation. Additionally, while smokers exhale large clouds of smoke, vapers do not typically exhale large clouds (this also depends on your vape). Vapers typically exhale more discreet and mild clouds. Therefore, if you are a visual person, consider the cloud density you seek from your vape and plan accordingly.

Vaping is an investment. And as previously discussed, when it comes to vapes, you get what you pay for.

Generally, superior quality vaporizers begin at upwards of $150. These babies excel in all areas – vapor quality, versatility, operating systems, and efficient heating.

In the next tier, you have vapes in the price bracket around $100-$150. While these vapes may not have the “fancy schmancy” shenanigans of the upper tier vapes, they still deliver high quality vapor and typically have the best qualitytoprice ratios.

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Depending on the type of vaporizer you get, a general rule of thumb is that you should expect lower quality with anything under $100. Something is bound to lack in vapor quality and sturdiness. If you’re dropping money anyway, you’re better off saving up some more and purchasing a higher quality vape.

Keep in mind, that these are very general price point expectations. There are plenty of exceptions in every price range.

Great vaporizers come with clean air paths (this refers to the mouthpiece and delivery system of your vaporizer).

By clean air paths, we are referring to the material your vape’s mouthpiece is made of. Consider the following for a second: your vape is constantly exposed to heat and water vapor. Therefore, you want to make sure that whatever your air path can withstand these pressures.

Like glass ovens, purely glass air paths deliver the purest, most flavorful vapors.

However, conflicting materials such as plastics, rubbers, glues, chemicals, etc. severely affect your vapor quality – not only in terms of flavor but in terms of health. Inhaling heated plastic is a definite no go. If your vape contains any of these materials, chances are that you are not receiving the best possible vaping experience.

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Owning a properly functioning vaporizer comes with responsibilities. To keep it up and running, regular maintenance is required.

For this reason, read your damn manual! Take the time to review any recommended maintenance for you vaporizer. Regular cleaning is a MUST. Not only will you enjoy future vape sessions but you will also preserve your vape’s functionality. In addition, filters and screens need regular replacement.

While it is easy to slack on your vape’s maintenance, avoid this as much as possible. Improper care will only undermine your vape’s performance.

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Last, but certainly not least, expect to get SUPER fucking high with your vape.

Vaporizers are incredibly efficient. By employing optimal temperatures, vaping releases more latent cannabinoids (like THC) than smoking.

So, not only will you get higher with vaping but you’ll use less herb. Talk about getting more bounce for your ounce.

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Final Thoughts

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