Dry Herb Vaping for Beginners

vaping beginners

New to Dry Herb Vaping?

Don’t even sweat it – we’ve got you covered.

Vaping refers to the process of heating your substances and transforming them into inhaled vapors. But vaping doesn’t just end there. From heating methods to performance and efficiency, there’s a whole science behind vaping.

So, let’s get started!

Here’s everything you need to know to take you from a novice to a pro:

How It Works

Most dry herb vaporizers break down into the following components: an energy source, an herb chamber, a heating source, and a delivery system.

The energy source provides power and may be battery or flame powered. The herb chamber, or bowl, holds and heats your desired plant material via a heating source. The heating method controls the pace and distribution of heat for your botanicals. And, finally, the delivery system works to transfer vapor from the herb chamber to the user. Types of delivery systems include whip tubing, balloon style, and direct draw.

After turning on your vape via the energy source, your vape begins to heat up your substance so that they transform into vapor. This vapor is then inhaled via your vape’s delivery system (whip tubing, bags/balloons, or direct draw).

Many vapers are concerned with finding the ideal temperature while vaping. While this really depends on the type of vape you have, many agree that the sweet spot for vaporizing weed is around 338°F.

This temperature allows cannabinoids to be comfortably inhaled as vapor. If you’re looking for aromatic hits, it is recommended that you start at low temperatures.

Traditional smoking relies on combustion, which refers to the burning of dried plant material. This method reaches scorching hot temperatures in order for you to feel the effects of your herb. HOWEVER, as you probably already know, traditional smoking directly causes a myriad of health problems such as cancer.

Vaping VS Smoking

But don’t worry – you can still get high with vaping.

As it turns out, you do not need to burn your product to produce the desired effects. In fact, it’s actually better to heat your products into a vapor because you are inhaling more of what you want (cannabinoids) and less of what you don’t (carcinogens). Vaping is the preferable alternative to smoking when it comes to your health.

In addition, vaping also excels in areas such as convenience and cost. It further eliminates the potent smell of smoking AND allows you to get higher with less herb!

When purchasing a vape, there are a LOT of options to choose from. Generally, there are three types of dry herb vaporizers: vape pens, portable vapes, and desktop vaporizers.

atmos tyga vaporizer

Vape pens serve as a discreet way to enjoy your dry herb on-the-go

Pax 3 flavor quality

Similarly, portable vapes deliver some of the highest quality vapors both at home and abroad

best desktop vaporizer 2015

On the other hand, desktop vaporizers are stationary devices that you can use for shared sessions

Before you go out on a whim and buy a vape, observe your lifestyle and invest in something that suits you.

Your heating element is what breathes life into your herb. This is the unit responsible for the release of cannabinoids that you inhale (like THC and CBD). In dry herb vaporizers, there are two main types of heating methods: conduction and convection.

conduction vaping

Conduction-powered vaporizers rely on a direct contact for the transfer of heat.

vaping convection

Convection-style vaporizers, alternatively, rely on the circulation of heated air to cook herb.

In between conduction and convection styles are devices called hybrids. These devices employ a balance between the two methods by integrating them. In this way, hybrids achieve the best of both heating methods.

Using a dry herb vaporizer is, generally, fairly easy. Keep in mind that the following guidelines are very generic and that you should refer to your vape’s manual for more detailed instructions.

Before using your vape, make sure that you grind your dry herb and clean your vaporizer.

Then, gently pack your dry herb into the oven chamber. Afterwards, power on your vape (by holding down the power button) and then rapidly click the power button three times. This will start your vapes heating session.

To take a hit, inhale as you would breath normally (with the mouthpiece to your lips). Then exhale, sit back, and enjoy your vape session.

Here’s the bottom line:

When you’re buying a dry herb vaporizer, there are certain considerations you should keep in mind. For instance, the price you pay for your vape. Essentially, you get what you pay for. If you invest the money into your vaporizer you are more likely to enjoy its high quality vapor and functionality.

Oven size and materials are two other very important considerations to make when you are vaping. Not only will careful consideration in these areas make vaping easier for you, but also more enjoyable. The size of your device and its heating method also plays a very significant role in this decision process as well.

As far as expectations, you should remember that vaping is NOT smoking. Expect far cleaner and milder clouds (this depends on your vaporizer). Furthermore, owning a vaporizer also means that you have certain responsibilities as well. Cleaning and maintenance are absolutely necessary in order to ensure the highest quality vapor (and a functioning vaporizer to begin with).

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