VapeXhale Cloud Evo Review

  • All glass Vapor Path provides exceptional vapor taste, variety of attachments.

  • It requires a power outlet to operate, a $400 price tag, not the simplest to use.

8.5 Total Score
Outstanding Vapor Quality

What really make the cloud Evo stand out is the ability to use with/ without water attachment, and the Vapor quality. If you don't mind the plug-in, and have the cash to blow, this is a solid desktop Vape for intermediate to advanced users.

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In-Depth VapeXhale Cloud Evo Vaporizer Review

Not all vaporizers are created equal. Some are moderately priced entries to the market, perfect for beginners just discovering the diverse world of vaporizers. Others boast luxury design, name recognition and… not much else. With all the hype, it’s sometimes difficult to differentiate quality from what is, frankly, hot air.

VapeXhale are one of those companies who’ve made a name for themselves by directly appealing to the serious vapor enthusiast. With models starting upwards of $400, they’re certainly not one of the cheapest competitors on the market; but with price comes a reputation of being one of the most consistently innovative retailers on the vaporizer market. And their latest entry, the VapeXhale Cloud Evo is absolutely no exception. Let’s dive into the in-depth VapeXhale Cloud Evo Review-

VapeXhale Cloud Evo Design:



The Cloud Evo features state of the art design, ensuring a clean, fresh and ultimately healthier vaping experience. VapeXhale has already led the way in developing cloud vaporizers that are innovative in their use of an all glass vapor path; a technology that enables a pure and unaltered taste and one of the thickest vapors imaginable. Now they’ve taken the experience one step further. With a patented heating system known as PerpetuHeat, the Cloud EVO promises a heat source that is rapid (no more than two to three minutes,) reliable, customizable and non-erodable. Not only that, but the Cloud EVO’s dry glass mouthpiece is perfect for users who find the process of vaping through water allows for a diluted experience (although the option of moisture conditioning is readily available through the VapeXhale’s Hydro tube and additional accessories for those users who find dry vapors irritating to the lungs.) For those who do prefer water vaping, VapeXhale has numerous choices of accessories in various price ranges to suit your needs. And, perhaps most welcome of all, the Cloud EVO is compatible with many previous VapeXhale accessories.

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VapeXhale Cloud Evo Vaporizer Review

IS the VapeXhale worth the $450? Check it out here..

One of the more streamlined and simple to use desktop vaporizers, the Cloud EVO is actually surprisingly lightweight and compact in size for a unit that produces what has been referred to as “Olympian” clouds; a mere eight inches tall and three inches wide. Which is a welcome contrast to some of the more intimidating space-age contraptions currently flooding the luxury desktop vaporizer market. Despite its compact size, the Cloud EVO is surprisingly sturdy; even though it is an all-glass (hence, environmentally friendly) unit, the durability of the vaporizer is of an extremely high and tested quality. So long as the user handles it with caution and care, it’s doubtful it’s going to spontaneously crack or damage itself (even after numerous sessions.)

The unit is simple enough to hold in your hand, although the rapid heating time and subsequent “hot-to-the-touch” discomfort has been a complaint among some users. Luckily enough, VapeXhale has begun issuing heat-insulating bands with each purchase to protect unwary hands when handling the glass vapor path (Although it is recommended that caution still be exercised when removing certain adaptors; in particular, the VapeXNail adaptor for wax and e-liquid concentrates. Common sense though, people. The Cloud EVO isn’t rocket science.)

How to use the VapeXhale Cloud Evo?

Simplicity is one of the key benefits to the Cloud EVO’s design. Though some may find the lack of a temperature control reading off-putting, in reality simply turning the heat dial to the desired position helps ensure the consistency of the heat. Most people find that turning it to twelve or two o’clock on the dial is optimal – unless you’re using concentrates, such as wax, e-liquids and oils; at which you’ll need to set it to the maximum temperature.

While the unit is heating, load the EZ bowl (load bullets included, which actually make the process both fun and easy) with the dry herb or other material of your choice. Fifty percent full is ideal; over seventy-five percent is not recommended, since this is a convection vaporizer and needs air to help vaporize (it’s also recommended that you not pack the material too tightly if you are using dry herb or other materials, as density will also affect vaporization.)

An additional bonus is the Cloud EVO’s versatility to allow the usage of wax, e-liquids, oils and concentrated tinctures. The VapeXNail attachments (sold separately) uses the same high-quality glass design to allow essential oil users to extract concentrate using 50% less oil, and ensure a cleaner, safer and butane-free experience.

Once the heating process is done, simply load the bowl or nail attachment into the chamber and attach your tube. From that point on, the process is as easy as… taking air into your lungs.

Bottom Line:

If you’re looking for the purest, cleanest tasting and optimal vaping experience, you can’t get much better than the Cloud EVO. Not only is the unit capable of producing some of the thickest vapors imaginable, the quality and purity of the taste is exceptional and beyond reproach. For those who are seeking an unadulterated experience, the Cloud EVO allows for some of the most concentrated vaping imaginable. Despite its high price, you’re actually getting more bang for the buck, since greater density of the vapor means using less herb for a higher concentration.

The versatility of the unit ensures that both sides of the fence – dry and water vapor users – are covered adequately. Especially given the Cloud EVO’s adaptability to the wide array of accessories and other glass pipes currently available on the market; a factor that ensures hand to hand compatibility.

The glass vapor path is extremely durable, and with care should last even the heartiest of users enough experiences to satisfy them without replacement (although warranties are available.) The lightweight, classic design of the Cloud EVO makes it perfectly unassuming and attractive; and despite the hype, it commands every last bit of praise.

It may sound like a cliched, but the Cloud EVO really does take vaporizers to an entirely new level. It’s powerful, it’s sleek, and it’s state of the line. If you’re in the market for a high end desktop vaporizer, the Cloud EVO may be a vaunted contester for the title of “King”.

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