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VapeDynamics NOX Preview

VapeDynamics NOX Background

The NOX is a new, versatile e-cigarette that’s set to launch soon, and it’s looking like a device that’s worth keeping an eye on for quite a few reasons. The main one is its versatility, even though I call it an e-cig, the NOX is an open pod system that is capable of vaping THC and CBD oil, as well as wax extracts, using different pods for each substance. In fact, that’s where it’s name comes from, Nicotine salts, Oil, and eXtracts. So, if you’re not into dry herb vaping, then this could be the only vaporizer you ever need.

It also comes with a carrying case that can hold the NOX, two pods, and doubles as a charger. It is easily one of the coolest accessories I’ve seen offered by a company yet. So, it’s looking pretty promising so far, but VapeDynamics is still making modifications and improvements before launch. That means that this will only be a preview, but based on what I’ve seen so far, the NOX could be one of the all time great e-cigarettes.

Preliminary Kit Contents

VapeDynamics Nox pod selection

The NOX can vape oil (L), wax concentrates (M), and e-liquids/nicotine salts(R).

This could change in the final retail version, but so far the kit contains the following:

  • VapeDynamics NOX battery
  • One refillable liquid pod
  • One charger carry case
  • USB charger

How it is Designed

VapeDynamics Nox mouthpiece

The NOX features a stylish V shaped viewing portal that is used to monitor the liquid level in the pod.

The NOX is made from a lightweight aluminum alloy and looks a lot like your typical e-cig. However, it has a cool design flourish in the V-shaped window used to monitor the level of liquid left in the pod. Another nice touch is the VapeDynamics logo on the bottom of the device that lights up different colors depending on the battery level and the preheating function, which is another nice design touch.

Whenever you are using wax extracts, you can preheat the NOX for a better vaping experience by shaking it. All of the interactions with the NOX are as simple as that, since it shares the e-cig trait of being button-free and draw-activated, so it’s very easy to use. The pods are also easy to refill, which is a must with these open pod systems, and the fact that there is a different pod for each substance is a nice touch. The only problem is that they are not labelled, so you have to identify which pod vapes what by how it looks, fortunately, they all look pretty distinct.

The charger/carrying case is an excellent accessory and easily one of the most practical offered by any manufacturer. It holds the NOX and two of its pods, it can recharge the NOX, and it is no bigger than a cell phone, so it’s very portable-friendly. If you’re as concerned about style as you are practicality, then you don’t need to worry, because the carry case looks pretty good. So far, this is a good-looking, solid-functioning device.

How it Performs

VapeDynamics Nox charging case

The carrying case can hold one NOX vaporizer and two pods, plus it can recharge the NOX in one hour.

Vapor Quality: Naturally, we’re waiting for the final retail version so that we can test out each of the different pods. Once they arrive, you’ll get our opinion on whether you should throw away your extract vaporizers or if you should keep them around.

Battery: The battery of the NOX is 350 mAh, which is bigger than most and lasts longer than most. The carry case is 2100 mAh and can charge up the NOX in about an hour, so all day vaping is definitely an option. It’s unlikely that this will change in the final version, but we’ll see.

The Last Word (For Now)

The NOX is looking pretty promising so far, it has a versatility that’s unmatched by any current e-cig or oil vaporizer, and the charger/carry case is an awesome accessory. You’ll be the first to know whether the VapeDynamics NOX lives up to its potential when it finally launches.

When the NOX does launch, you can get it directly from VapeDynamics for $50 and you can use coupon code TVG10 to get a 10% discount.

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A huge proponent of the vaping lifestyle who would love it if everyone who smokes makes the switch to vaping instead. Loves CBD and would like to see it infused into everything. Aside from the world of vaping, he also loves reading, health & fitness, gadgets & technology, and culture, both the pop and regular kind.

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  1. Awesome device. Ive had mine for a week and Im totally satisfied! No leaks and no spitback. No dry hits! Thick oils not a problem! I love how I can have different pods on hand and change them quckly. As well as not having to worry about charging with the battery pack! VapeDynamics got it right with this one!

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