VapeDynamics Laguna 2.0 Review

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VapeDynamics Laguna 2.0 Review

8.3 Total Score
Laguna 2.0 Review Bottom Line

The VapeDynamics Laguna 2.0 works with any dry herb, wax, and oils. This classy pen-style vaporizer is capable of producing rich and clean vapor with its no combustion heating chamber. A unique feature that other pen-style vaporizers or combustion-style vaporizers cant do. Although a little pricey expect that the performance and efficiency on this vaporizer is an “A+” and worth it.

Best Deal: Buy directly from VapeDynamics.

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VapeDynamics Laguna 2.0 Review

VapeDynamics reengineered their popular Laguna vaporizer to improve your whole vaping experience. The VapeDynamics Laguna 2.0 ($129.99 from VapeDynamics) is simple, pen-style, convection-type vaporizer which means it produces pure vapor with no combustion and it works well with dry herbs, wax, and oils. It has similar features from the first version yet different chassis and finish. With its price tag, is the Laguna 2.0 worth your money? Let’s find out!


The VapeDynamics Laguna 2.0 has that glistening pen-style design and high-quality feel to it; it is pretty solid and a little heavy to hold. Just like other vape pens, its ergonomic design allows you for easy handling and storage, and of course, discreet vaping. Unlike the previous version where you should pull the mouthpiece and eventually deteriorate the quality. The mouthpiece of Laguna 2.0 was improved by twisting halfway and popping. This makes an easy access to its heating chamber that is covered with Polyamide (PI) which basically means it produces hot air that heats evenly into the material and generates a lot of herbal flavor and aroma than the normal combustion-type vaporizers.

The Laguna 2.0 is powered by 2600mAh Lithium-ion battery that charges for about 60 minutes and provides up to 40-45 hits. It has a micro-USB charging port at its bottom and features a pass-through vaping which allows you to vape and charge at the same time.


Available in Matte Black, Black, and Wood Grain finish.


This vape pen can be set at various temperatures ranging from 374 to 446°F and it heats up pretty quickly while giving you a good clean taste. Keep in my mind that the vapor production of this vape pen is not visually appealing to some who’s into cloud chasing like they get from box mods or e-cigs. This vaporizer doesn’t burn your materials, it heats it up to the point that it creates a vapor with absolutely no combustion. For me, this vaporizer has that restricted airflow to it when taking draw which only produces decent amount of clouds.

The VapeDynamics Laguna 2.0 features three temperature settings. The temperature settings are adjusted depending on what type of herb you vaped as well as the user’s personal preference. To cycle through the temperature settings, press down and hold the power button for three seconds: the Blue light indicates 374 °F, the Green light indicates 410°F and the Red light for 446°F.

What’s in the Kit?

In the packaging, you’ve got the Laguna 2.0 vape pen which is available in wood grain, black, and matte black finish. On the second layer of the box, you have the USB cable, a wall adapter, a black pouch which you can find the cleaning brush, dab tool, and tweezer, an extra mouthpiece, and last but not the least a canister to put your wax/concentrates.

  • High-quality vape pen
  • Convection-type vaporizer
  • Powerful Battery

  • USB port is on the bottom of device
  • Premium Price tag

Final Verdict

Overall, the VapeDynamics Laguna 2.0 is an awesome pen-style vaporizer that gets the job done. Although, a little pricey expect that the performance and efficiency on this vaporizer is an “A+”. I really enjoy the experience on this pen-style vaporizer. Unlike other pen-style vaporizers, the Laguna 2.0 is able to produce true vapor and good taste without any combustion on your material.

Where to buy the VapeDynamics Laguna 2.0:

I recommend buying the VapeDynamics Laguna 2.0 directly from VapeDynamics. Where you can buy the best electronic cigarettes, starter kits, herbal and portable vaporizers.

VapeDynamics Laguna 2.0

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