VapeDynamics Cora Review

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VapeDynamics Cora Review

The Good: Can use e-liquids and oil | Large battery capacity | Great vapor quality with e-liquids | Interesting design

The Bad: Pods need to be replaced fairly frequently | Oil performance is just okay | Not draw activated

The Bottom Line: The VapeDynamics Cora is a nice looking e-cig that manages to stand out from the crowd. I like how nicely it uses e-juice and nicotine salts, but wasn’t too impressed by the oil performance. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t anything special either. My biggest gripe is how often the pods need replacing, that could make a cheap e-cig become really expensive really quickly.

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Design and Features

VapeDynamics Cora Design
Cora is made from aluminum alloy and zinc and has a magnetic connection for the pod.

Background: The Cora is an open system vape pen that is compatible with both e-liquid and oil extracts, so it is a pretty versatile device. However, it only uses proprietary refillable pods, which means that there’s no 510 compatibility for pre-filled CBD or THC carts. It includes one of those pods in the package, but you can get more from the VapeDynamics website. You can also get their own brand of nicotine salts there as well if you’re interested.

General Design of the Cora: The Cora is one of the better looking e-cigs on the market. Or is it a vape pen? However you want to categorize it, this is an attractive device. It has a slim rectangular profile like many e-cigs but with a slit in the top to accommodate the magnetic, refillable pod.

With the pod attached, the Cora has a sleek, interesting look because of the visual contrast between the slim pod and the slightly thicker battery. If you think that most e-cigs are too samey looking, then the Cora challenges that assumption. The Cora is a little taller than other comparable e-cigs, but it is just as portable-friendly as any of them.

The design is functional too since the slit also allows you to keep an eye on how much liquid is left in the tank. However, it’s slightly less functional than other e-cigs in one way, and that is it is not draw activated. You need to hold down the power button while inhaling, which isn’t the most inconvenient thing in the world but it is less convenient than draw activated e-cigs. It is the standard operating procedure for vape pens though.

General Design of the Cora Pod: The pods have a 1 mL capacity and can work with oils and e-liquids of any viscosity. The only problem is that the filler holes are pretty small, so using thicker oils can be tricky and may cause some spillage. Otherwise, the pods are quite secure, with the filler holes completely sealed once the pod has been filled.

Each pod can be used five times before it needs to be replaced or else the flavor deteriorates. That’s a little disappointing honestly, even though the pods are cheap and have a high capacity. If you vape heavily, then you could go through a lot of these pretty quickly, and that could get expensive.

Build Quality: The body of the Cora is made from aluminum and zinc, so it’s pretty durable. These metals also give it a nice, high end look, plus they feel great to hold.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Since the Cora uses pods, there isn’t a whole lot of cleaning or maintenance to worry about. However, since the pods are refillable, you need to be careful about the liquid spilling out. If it does, then you just wipe it down before inserting it into the battery.

How to Use

  1. Rotate the base of the cora pod 90° to expose the filler holes.
  2. Fill the pod from either hole using a syringe or dropper bottle and then close the pod.
  3. Press the power button five times to turn on the device and start the heating process.
  4. Once heating is complete, inhale from the mouthpiece while holding down the power button.

Priming the Pod: Before using the pod for the first time, it is recommended that you let a little e-liquid or oil sit in the pod for about five minutes. Saturating the pod like this improves the flavor and vapor production of the Cora.

Performance and Vapor Quality  

VapeDynamics Cora Performance
The pod of the Cora can work with both e-liquids and oil extracts, but is more effective with the former.

E-liquids: The Cora uses e-juice just as well as any other open pod e-cig. It delivers a strong mouth to lung hit, so former smokers—and anyone who likes that kind of experience—will likely enjoy using the Cora. I tried it with regular e-liquids and nic salts, and i got the full flavor from each of them with the Cora.

Oil Extracts: Using CBD or THC oil with the Cora is decent, but the lack of temperature or voltage selection limits the experience. The coil on the Cora has a resistance of 1.5 ohms so you won’t be getting big clouds either. Overall, it works okay for oils but is better for e-liquids and I’m happy to say that I didn’t have any leaking issues with either substance.

Battery Performance: The battery has a 500 mAh capacity and is good enough to last for a whole day of vaping. It takes about two hours to recharge, which is a little on the long side, but not too bad. Unfortunately, there isn’t any way to check the battery level while using it, which seems like a strange oversight.

VapeDynamics Cora vs KandyPens Rubi vs VapeDynamics Nox

The Rubi and the Nox are both open system e-cig style vaporizers that can use e-liquids and oil extracts, and in the case of the Nox, wax extracts as well. The Rubi is one of the better e-cigs around because of its style, ease of use, and versatility. All are pretty inexpensive, though the Cora is the cheapest and it is the only one that is button activated instead of draw activated.

VapeDynamics CoraKandyPens RubiVapeDynamics Nox
Compatible withE-liquids, oil extractsE-liquids, oil extractsE-liquids, oil extracts, wax extracts
Pod SystemOpenOpenOpen
Battery Power500 mAh280 mAh350 mAh
Price$39.99 directly from VapeDynamics$49.95 directly from KandyPens$49.95 directly from VapeDynamics

Bottom Line

8.7 Total Score
VapeDynamics Cora Review Bottom Line

The VapeDynamics Cora is a nice e-cigarette, vape pen combo that works with e-juice and oil extracts. It could easily become your go-to vape pen, but it’s unlikely to become your favorite oil vaporizer. It’s an attractive, inexpensive device but the relatively frequent need to replace the pods does become expensive. If that isn’t a problem for you, then the Cora could become your new favorite e-cig.

Who is it for: Anyone who wants an affordable way to vape e-liquids and oil on a single device. 

Who is it NOT for: Dedicated oil extract vapers. Anyone who doesn’t want to replace their pods too often. 


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  1. I actually love this vape pen. Not only for its convenience of its dual functionality but the size and flat square shape make it discreet. Along with it being super easy to use.

    • Are you kidding me all day on charge more like twenty puffs then it goes in the red and takes forever to charge . Then the pods start falling apart with a couple weeks of use . The magnet s come loose or the pods crack around the magnets . Total garbage the only good thing is they honor the warranty on battery .

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