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The Hera 2 dual use vaporizer is VaporDynamics bid to conquer the vaporizer market--or at least they are trying. This vaporizer combines a revolutionary touchscreen interface with a stylish modern design and highly customizable features. The result is a vaporizer that commands attention while also earning your respect. This vape accommodates dry herb and wax and comes at a very respectable price tag in this market.

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Background: Hera 2 Dual-Use Vaporizer

If you ever wanted to know what it would be like if Apple made a vaporizer then you no longer have to wonder because the Hera 2 ($199.00 from VapeDynamics) may be as close as you’ll get. The Pax 3 may be getting a run for its money here. This hyper-advanced device is a dual-use vaporizer that works with dry herb and concentrates.

VapeDynamics is known for its high quality vape pens like the Cora and the Laguna, both of which impressed us. However, they impressed us due to their simplicity, where by comparison the Hera 2 is one of the more advanced vaporizers on the market–and more dry herb oriented than the previous products.

VapeDynamics has raised the bar with the Hera 2; expectations are high but they have showed us time and again that they are capable of meeting such high expectations with premium products.

Kit: Hera 2 Dual-Use Vape

The Hera 2 keeps things fairly simple with what is included in the package; you have a choice of two different mouthpieces, a flat one that is more discreet and a raised one that is more traditional. You also get a packing/stirring tool, a cleaning brush, and a USB charging cable.

We can’t forget the instruction manual, which you will definitely need. Seriously, don’t lose it.

The packaging is quite elegant and at first glance, most people will think that the Hera 2 is a fancy new mp3 player or remote control; your new Hera 2 will serve purposes every bit as important as your iPods and beats. Of course, you won’t be listening to music, but rather vaping dry herb and concentrates, which can be just as pertinent for your sanity.

Hera 2 Kit
The Hera 2 includes two choice of mouthpiece, a flat one that is more discreet and a raised one that is more traditional. You also get a packing/stirring tool, a cleaning brush, and a USB charging cable.

Hera 2 Vaporizer Key Features

The Hera 2’s main feature cannot be missed; the big touchscreen on the front of the device. It might seem a pointless extravagance to some, other vaporizers have fared well with analog controls after all, but it actually works rather nicely.

There is no haptic feedback like you would get on more advanced devices like the Pax 3, but again, the Hera 2 comes at a less expensive price tag than the Pax vaporizer. One minor issue is that your thumb covers the display while you’re using it so you have to stop adjusting the controls to see the current setting.

Another less flashy, but much appreciated, feature is the removable battery that you can replace at your convenience. It’s nice that VapeDynamics went the extra mile to provide such a feature, one that vapers always like but seldom see. This way, you can always be charged up and never worry about running out of juice at the right time.

Hera 2 Chamber
Ceramic & Stainless Steel dual-chamber

Design Features on the Hera 2 Vape

The Hera 2 fits modern design trends of being simple and understated rather than loud and garish. It has a sleek rectangular design with rounded edges that make holding it quite comfortable, at least when you’re not vaping, but more on that later.

It stands 5 x 1.5 x 0.79 inches, making it very pocket friendly. The body of the Hera 2 is made from a smooth aluminum alloy that feels very durable and the matte black surface won’t get smudged so it always looks brand new.

In addition to the touch screen, there is a vertical strip of five LED lights on the side of the Hera 2 that will light up in sequence as it heats up, it looks cool and is pretty useful to boot. You can turn them off using the touchscreen interface if you want to be more discreet.

One potential problem is the placement of the power button on the side of the Hera 2, when you’re vaping it is hard to reach no matter which hand you use. The alignment of the mouthpiece (either one) makes it hard to press the button while vaping.

The ideal placement would have been on the back of the Hera 2, on the opposite side of the touch screen; as it is, you have to hold it in a peculiar way where you use your index finger to hold down the button while vaping. It feels awkward initially but you get used to it after a while, even though it never feels natural. All-in-all, this is a small con and not a determining factor when deciding whether or not to click buy.

Hera 2
Made from Sleek Aluminum Alloy for that very Discreet and Compact Design.

Using the VapeDynamics Hera 2

The Hera 2’s learning curve shouldn’t be too steep if you are used to modern technology but there is a period of acclimation while you get used to it. The touchscreen controls all the functions of the device, namely the temperature setting, the vibration setting, the LED setting, and the herb or extract setting.

Loading is easy as the mouthpiece snaps off to reveal the dual chamber, replace the mouthpiece after you’ve finished putting in your choice of extract or dry herb. Next, you choose the mode corresponding to the substance you’re vaping with; if you choose extract then the Hera 2’s display will show the word extract and the temperature will stay at 450 degrees Fahrenheit while you vape.

If you choose dry herb then the display will show the word heating while the temperature climbs to the desired setting; if the LED’s are turned on then they will sequentially light up until the chosen temperature is reached. Once you get over the shock and awe of the touchscreen, the Hera 2 is pretty easy to use.

One small note on vaping herb with the Hera 2: you will definitely need to use a good grinder like the Easy Grinder, which is electronic, or the SLX if you favor manual types. The reason for this is simple; this device requires that your weed be broken down considerable and in a consistency that only a grinder can truly accomplish. Best in invest in both tools and make sure that you’re vaping sessions are streamlined and you are getting the most efficient usage out of your dry herb.

VapeDynamics Hera 2
VapeDynamics Hera 2 uses micro USB charging and replaceable 2680 mAh Li-ion battery.

Hera 2 Performance and Vapor Quality

We’ve covered the flash, now what about the substance? Thankfully, the Hera 2 performs just as well as we expect from VapeDynamics based on the excellent quality of their previous vaporizers. The Hera 2 delivers considerable and flavorful vapor. The vapor tastes excellent regardless of the medium you are vaping–though we really preferred the dry herb. Concentrates do really well in this device too, which is nice and unexpected from a dual use device.

The battery has an impressive 2600 mAh capacity and can last for a quite a few sessions before needing to be recharged. Recharging takes the standard 3 to 4 hours but there is no pass-through function, so you can’t use the Hera 2 while it is being charged. That’s not a problem because as previously mentioned–just keep these batteries charging on the regular in an external charger as it is removable and you’ll never find yourself in juiceless-jam.

Hera 2 Temp Control Screen
Has a Precise Temperature Control at your Fingertips.

Hera 2: Our Final Thoughts

The Hera 2 is aiming to join the ranks of the best rated dry herb vaporizers and it is certainly on its way. Its sleek, futuristic design, robust feature set, and compact stature make it perfect for vapers who want a portable all-in-one device that performs at a consistently high level. This vaporizer allows for an impressive level of customization; from the various mouthpieces to the temperature settings to the choice of using dry herb or concentrate.

Clearly VapeDynamics wants the Hera 2 to be the only vaporizer anyone will ever need.

Where to buy the Hera 2?

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