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The V2 Void by XEO is a device designed for MTL vaping. One of the very few e-cig devices that has features that will let you enjoy the familiarity of MTL vaping. Which you can only experience on an advanced device like the powerful box mods. Inexpensive, well-made, and sturdy e-cig device for vapers who are first-timers and still getting the feel of vaping.

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V2 XEO VOID Review:

The V2 Void is designed by XEO, a German electronic cigarette company who has been leading the European market in design quality. To comply with European regulations, a series of quality standards have to meet and vape tanks have to be leak proof. Precision design, quality, and leak proof are what you can expect with this e-cig device. Let’s take a look

The V2 VOID Designed by XEO

The V2 Void is a diverse device designed for a mouth to lung vaping or MTL. Perfect for those who are looking for their first e-cig or still getting the feel for vaping. An electronic cigarette that has a battery and a separate tank that you manually fill with e-liquid. It has a larger battery (1500 mAh) and holds 2ml of e-liquid. Unlike the other V2 e-cigs this device has variable airflow settings so you don’t have to worry about the tight draw when inhaling, an experience you get from v2 pro series 3 and series 7.

The V2 Void by XEO is very well-made and sturdy looking vaporizer made from a high-quality material.


I like the leak proof construction that features on this device, that’s a big plus for me. I also love that V2 Void by XEO comes with two interchangeable coils that can only be found using advanced devices. One is at 1.0ohm and the other is rated at 0.6ohm.


Word of Advice
When you prefer much flavor rather than vapor production, the 1.0ohm coil is the best to use with 50/50 VG/PG blend or even a standard PG blend of e-Liquid will work just fine. Now, when you prefer vapor production go with the 0.6ohm coil, choose something with at least 70% VG. With a high percentage of VG on e-liquid and lower resistance coil, you will get more vapor.

Final Verdict

In my opinion, if you’re new to vaping start with a basic MTL device like V2 Void, the same sensation and feel when smoking cigarettes. This is one of the very few e-cig devices that will let you enjoy the familiarity of mouth to lung or MTL vaping. Which you can only experience on an advanced device like the powerful mods shaped like a box that has a big tank on top. For me, this is a plus because you can enjoy more vapor with this e-cig device without the complexity of an advanced device with a heavy price tag that can cost an arm and a leg.


I recommend purchasing the V2 XEO Void Vaporizer directly from V2 Cigs. To ensure safety in terms of warranty and services.

V2 XEO Void Vaporizer

Buy the V2 XEO Void Vaporizer directly from V2 Cigs.


  1. Can’t replace battery yourself. V2 customer support is terrible. Unit is quite cheap quality. Avoid. Save your money buy something that a bit more decent.

  2. This is without a doubt the best All-In-One around. I have dozens of AIO’s, and the Xeo is still the best after 6 months of usage. Chinese design simply can’t beat German design yet. I’m waiting for Xeo to come out with a larger juice capacity device. 4ml or 6ml would be nice. Hopefully soon!

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