V2 VERTX Plus Review

V2 VERTX Plus Review 4K video

The all-new V2 VERTX eCig is here and it did not disappoint.

9.1 Total Score
V2 VERTX Plus Review Bottom Line

V2 VERTX (Plus version) is packed with more power than any other battery in the micro e-cig category, delivering hours of enjoyment without sacrificing vapor production. Plus, its innovative features such as the touchscreen control is never before seen in micro e-cig products today. I'd say this is the new generation of e-cigs, innovative and powerful above else.

Recommended store: Buy directly from V2 Official Store.

In-Depth V2 VERTX Plus Review:

Vertx and vertx plusOne of the nation’s leading company of e-cigs and vaporizer, V2. Launches its all-new product the VERTX and VERTX Plus (this July of 2016). But in this review, we will focus more on to the latest innovation feature which has never before seen in micro e-cig products, the VERTX Plus.

“With the VERTX Plus, we deliver the power and innovation of our V2 Pro® open-system products in a sleeker, micro-cig form factor,”

Jan Verleur CEO and co-founder of V2

Innovative Features of VERTX Plus:

Touchscreen Controls: It’s the first ever touchscreen control e-cig. Like today’s smartphones, a simple swipe of your finger allows you to adjust the variable voltage from 3.5V, 4V, and 4.5V and even controlling the brightness settings (I’ve heard you can even Turn Off the screen for stealth operation).

Battery Life: with powerful 420mAh battery life. It is said to be the longest and most powerful battery than any other battery in the micro e-cig category. It comes with a nice magnetic charger, which you don’t need to plug it into any ports no more. Just snap it and you can use it while it’s charging. Also, the Power Meter Indicator lets you informed the status of your device as you do your session.

Advanced Design: It is packed with extensive features and maximum performance into a sleek and refined, new design. Edgy and unique, nothing else looks like VERTX and the VERTX Plus version.

Advanced Cartridge Technology: 3 Cartridges are included in the box and are available in various flavors (V2 red, Sahara, Congress, V2 menthol, Peppermint, and Green Tea Menthol) each cartridge contains 1.2ml of e-Liquids with different nicotine strength. The V2 VERTX Plus prefilled cartridges connect magnetically inside a recessed cartridge chamber, virtually eliminating the risk of breaks or leaking and no more threading.


The Overall usage of the VERTX Plus is very joyful. It does not perform like vape mods where you can get massive clouds (It is a great thing for a lot of people because vape mods produce too much smoke especially if you’re in public places). But it performs more like a cigarette, which you can get a pretty much the same cloud that you will be getting if you’re smoking cigarettes. Also, I love the fact that the cartridges are replaceable which you don’t need to refill it and get your own hands messy, it’s pretty convenient to just purchase prefilled cartridges on V2.com.

The V2 VERTX Plus will be appealing to you if you’re trying to quit cigarettes and looking for a better alternative smoking where you don’t have to mess with e-liquids and filling up cartridges.

Where to buy?

In addition to the VERTX Plus, the model without touchscreen control is called VERTX. These models are currently available exclusively on V2.com. I recommend purchasing this new line directly from V2 for safer warranty and services.

V2 VERTX Plus Kit

Buy directly from V2 Cigs for safer warranty and services.


  1. Reply
    dany January 9, 2017 at 3:30 pm

    i’ve tried the Vertex blanks, but honestly i like the pre-filled carts better. i feel like they last longer? but since i vape mostly Red, it makes sense for me to use the pre-filled anyway. i’m lazy lol.

  2. Reply
    Michelle February 7, 2017 at 7:30 pm

    I can’t even get my brand new one that just arrived to activate so I can not use it. I pushed the button as you showed on the video and nothing happens and yes I fully charged it first. Any ideas why?

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