V2 Pro Series 3X Review

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V2 Pro Series 3X Review
9.6 Total Score
Pro Series 3x Review Bottom Line

If you like an all-in-one device for e-Liquid, Wax or Dry Herb, V2 Pro Series 3x is a great option to consider. The magnetic cartridge and charger connection is super-convenient. You can also purchase herb or wax cartridges to make the V2 3X a functional 3 in one vape pen.

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In-Depth Pro Series 3x Review:

If you have used V2 products in the past like the Series 7, you would love the new V2 Pro Series 3X ($99.99 from V2 cigs).

V2 Pro Series 3x New Design

There are a lot of improvements and added features in this new 3X line. The 3X includes interchangeable atomizers, allowing you to choose between 0.9 sub-ohm, 1.2ohm and 1.5ohm. This will help you find the right setting for your individual tastes. Almost everything about the 3X is customizable now, including the ability to adjust voltage, temperature settings, and airflow. The 3X also uses ceramic cartridges, which offer a much cleaner pull when in use. They are a little more expensive to manufacture, but certainly a welcomed upgrade for anyone that is starting out, or looking for a more “premium” device to use day-to-day. If you are stepping up from the V2 Series 3 line, you should be happy to know that all of your current attachments and accessories will work with the 3X model.

V2 Pro Series 3X

Everything about the V2 Pro Series 3X is customizable now unlike its predecessor the series 3. This includes the ability to adjust voltage, temperature settings, and airflow.

The Pro Series 3x embeds a battery-life indicator but all of the lights and LEDs were designed to be minimalistic. This is a wonderful feature, and you would know that if you have ever used a vaporizer in a dark room and were suddenly a beacon of attention within the crowd. No one wants to be a lighthouse when using a vaporizer, and the 3X won’t make you one. It’s also the same reason that we loved the V2 Vertx Plus when it was released last year.

Pro Series 3x e-Liquid Cartridge

The Series 3X kit comes with one e-liquid cartridge and three interchangeable atomizers. The filling of the e-liquid cartridge is easy, just take your time and tilt the cartomizer slightly dripping down the wall of the tank. Once full, the mouthpiece screws into place and the cartridge simply drops and attaches magnetically to the body of the e-cigarette.

Pro Tip: I let things sit for 5 minutes to allow the wick to soak up the juice and then took my first drag. The results were excellent, for this type of tank I was getting plenty of vapor and the flavors were very prominent.

Just like previous installments, the 3X series was designed to be sleek, offer a low profile, and be extremely convenient. There’s no screwing anything in, and you won’t find threads to strip in the 3X series. The cartridge is held in place magnetically, and the charger is connected magnetically at the bottom of the device.



series 3x interchangeable cartridges

The fully re-designed e-liquid cartridge now allows switching between interchangeable 0.9 sub-ohm, 1.2 ohm and 1.5 ohm atomizers. This gives the V2 Pro Series 3X a global e-juice compatibility with both high VG and high PG e-liquids.

Updated from V2 Pro Series 3X: The Series 3X will no longer come with the VG carts but will instead come with the new and updated PG carts. This new carts has a ceramic heater that produces more vapor and flavor than the original Series3x cartridge. Refillable up to 40 times.

Different Cartridge Offerings

One of the things that make this e-cig not only different but more attractive to a wider audience is the different ‘vaporizing’ options. The Series 3x offers replacements cartridges for all 3 materials: e-Liquid, Herb chamber, and a Wax coil. So the 3X can be used as an all-in-one vape pen.

The default kit only comes with the e-liquid cartridge (and 3 coils). The Herb/Wax cartridges are available for purchase separately:

  • Loose Leaf Cartridge – $24.99
  • Wax Cartridge – $24.99

I have 3 herbs (loose leaf) cartridges, so I can load and take them when out of the house. Once one is finished, pop in the next one, and you are good to go without actually reloading. Easy and convenient design.

Replaceable Atomizers (for the e-liquid tank) are available in 0.9 Ω, 1.2 Ω, and 1.5 Ω 3-packs for $15.99, which is a substantial price reduction! The E-liquid Cartridge itself does not need to be replaced – the Atomizers are replaceable.

Another aspect that makes the V2 Pro Series 3X Eliquid Cartridge so unique is that it is FULLY COMPATIBLE with the existing V2 Pro Series 3 device. Anyone who currently owns a Series 3 Unit can UPGRADE their vapor experience simply by purchasing the S3X Eliquid Cartridge, at $49.99, which also comes with a 3-pack of Atomizers. The Series 3X Liquid Cartridge also features interchangeable mouthpieces to further customize the experience.

The Pro Series 3x has an advanced technology system which makes the battery of this device reacts differently to each different cartridges.

The Series 3X eLiquid Cartridge features interchangeable mouthpieces and the device itself is FULLY COMPATIBLE with old version- V2 Pro series 3.


Pro Series 3x is a premium vape pen. The magnetic connection works very well, the e-liquid cartridge is only a 1.6ml capacity but this can be overlooked due to the great performance both in terms of flavor and vapor volume. The V2 3X follows the same lines of V2’s previous products- simple and functional.

The V2 Pro Series 3x has the distinction of being a vape pen that has the ability to vape dry herbs, wax oil, and e-liquids.

Where to buy the V2 Pro Series 3x?

Buy directly from its manufacturer V2 Cigs. To ensure safety in terms of warranty and services.

V2 PRO Series 3x Vaporizer

Buy the V2 PRO Series 3x directly to its manufacturer, V2. They offer FREE Domestic Shipping on orders over $50





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  1. How are you filling the tank? When I open mine there is a plastic cover with a slit. I have bought 3 new tanks because after several refills the slit grows large and it allows juice in mouth when puffed. Am I doing something wrong?

  2. I have never been very picky and to be honest since i got Vapour2 series 3x from my girlfriend i have not tried any other vaporizers. I have never heard of this brand before and now i am glad i found out it exists.This one really suits me. I like the shape of the pen, no useless buttons(just what u need) so very easy. Not very visible LED battery life indicator and good magnetic cartridges and charger, what is great.

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