V2 Cigs Review

Quitting to smoke traditional cigarettes requires a commitment and dedication. If you decided to seek the help of an Electronic Cigarette, you are making a wise choice as multiple studies show that it is easier to quit smoking using an Electronic cigarette. Of course the higher goal is to quit the e-Cig as well at some point. It is healthier to not smoke or vape anything at all, and the Electronic Cigarette should only be used a phase on your way to nicotine free life.

There are many types of Vaporizers out there but on this article we will focus specifically on the e-Cig style Vaporizer. An e-Cigarette Vaporizer is a battery-powered device designed to simulate the sensation of smoking. It is similar to a traditional cigarette in size and feel. The e-Cig will vaporize the active ingredients of tobacco or other herbs or blend for the purpose of inhalation. By supplying the user with Vapor nicotine, the chances you will crave a traditional cigarette dramatically decrease.

There are a lot of different brands to choose from, and all promise reliability, performance, customer service and much more. Unfortunately, most do not deliver. In this article we will focus on one of the largest brands in the game- V2 Cigs. They pretty much set the standard for Electronic Cigarettes, and offer some of the best e-Cig starter kits we examined.

V2 Cigs is the only e-cigarette brand that we know of that tests and publishes their results of each batch on the Web to ensure customers receive the best quality products. The V2 Standard Starter Kits are shipped with standard length batteries (79 mm) in both automatic and manual switch varieties. The V2 batteries are designed to give a perfect balance between smoking time as well as physical weight per charge cycle.

V2 Cigs offers 5 different tiers of starter kits. From a very simple and basic “plug and play” option, to more customizable and advanced option. In this V2 Cigs review we will explain the differences between the different e-Cig Starter Kits to help you make a better choice on which is right for you. The five offerings are-

  • V2 Standard Starter Kit– 2 Batteries, 10 Cartridges.
  • V2 Standard E-Liquid Kit– 2 Batteries, 2 25ml e-Liquid bottles, 3 e-Liquid Tanks.
  • V2 Standard Plus Kit– 2 Batteries, 10 Cartridges, Portable Charging case.
  • V2 Ultimate Kit– 3 Batteries, 25 Cartridges, Portable charging case, 1 Power Cig, Metal carrying case, Car charger.
  • V2 Power-Cig Kit– 1 Power Cig, 5 pack cartridges.

  • All V2 starter kits come with everything you need in order to start right out the box. That means battery, charger, and liquid. V2 Starter kits range from $25-$150.
  • All Flavor Cartridges are filled with V2-Cigs patented e-liquid to produce between 150 – 250 puffs (depending on depth of puffs).

Let’s explain each one in detail-

V2 Standard Starter Kit:

The V2 Standard Starter Kit comes with all the essentials necessary to start vaping. It is one of the most popular and affordable electronic cigarette starter kits on the market today. This battery powered device designed to vaporize tobacco is equipped with the patented V2 Smart Charger. Boasting a high-tech internal chip, the Smart Charger has sophisticated features designed to prevent overcharging and charge your battery twice as fast.

Features of the V2 Standard Starter Kit-

  • 12 V2 Classic Flavor Cartridges including V2 Red, chocolate, coffee, vanilla and many more.
  • A Wall Adapter
  • A Smart Charger
  • 2 V2 Classic Batteries- These batteries can last from 1 to 7 days before they require recharging but then again this depends on your puffing style and smoking frequency. They can be fully recharged in 1-2 hours using the Smart Charger.
  • 1 V2 User’s Manual

V2 Standard Starter Kit: General Usage Information-

This vaporizer is made up of 2 primary components; the Flavor Cartridge component and the battery. The Flavor Cartridges are filled with the manufacturer’s patented e-liquid; a solution of water, propylene glycol, flavorings and nicotine. Other flavors may lack nicotine. The best part about these cartridges is that they have built-in atomizers to cut the need for cleaning or maintenance.

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V2 Standard E-Liquid Kit:

The V2 Standard E-Liquid Kit perfectly gets you started with your indulgence in e-liquid. It offers everything you require to indulge in V2 Platinum E-Liquids and EX Blanks. This fantastic e-liquid kit from V2 is slightly different from its Standard Starter Kit counterpart due to the fact that it comes with the new EX cartomizers which are prefilled and designed with an airtight seal. The outcome of this groundbreaking invention is; a considerable difference in taste of the vapor and in “throat hit”. Throat hit is a phrase used to describe how satisfying or powerful each puff is. Featuring everything you require to get started, the Standard E-Liquid kit is an easy solution for any beginner.

Features of the V2 Standard E-Liquid Starter Kit-

  • A Pack of EX Blanks (3 Blanks per Pack)
  • 2 V2 Platinum E-Liquid 25 ML Bottles
  • 2 V2 Classic Batteries
  • The Smart Charger
  • A Wall Adapter
  • A V2 User’s Manual

V2 Starter Kits: General Usage Information-

The V2 Standard E-Liquid Kit is one of the newest starter kits from V2 Cigs. It works pretty much like its new counterparts. To use your V2 e-cig, simply screw a flavor cartridge on to the end of the battery and puff on it just as you would a regular cigarette. When you inhale air through the cartridge, the heating element will automatically activate and produce aromatic vapor creating a smoking sensation. You will know that the battery has run low and needs recharging when the device starts to blink. When the vapor becomes weak and has a burnt taste, this would be an indication that you need to dispose the cartridge. Cartridges are “throw away” and can be disposed at this point. Simply screw off the old cartridge and replace it with a new one.

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V2 Standard Plus Kit:

The V2 Standard Plus Kit has all the essentials you will require to begin vaping right away. It is also 100% customizable, meaning you can fully customize it to suit your taste! This remarkable e-cig kit comes with a wide variety of color and flavor options for battery, charging case and vaping flavors respectively.

Features of the V2 Standard Plus Kit-

  • 10 V2 Flavor Cartridges
  • The patented Smart Charger
  • 1 V2 Manual Battery
  • 1 V2 Automatic Battery
  • A Portable Charging Case- Ideal for keeping your batteries charged while on the move.
  • A Wall Adapter
  • A V2 Manual

V2 Standard Plus Kit: General Usage Information-

To enjoy the thickest vapor, you may want to rev up your e-cigarette. Take a few strong puffs in quick successions before taking a long, gentle puff. This will heat the e- liquid to the right temperature and form thicker vapor in subsequent puffs. The kit works excellently. It generates a remarkable, thick cloud of vapor without an effort. With V2 Standard Plus Kit, you can expect plenty of e-liquid vapor and remarkable “throat hit” that is absolutely smooth and rewarding.

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V2 Ultimate Kit:

The V2 Ultimate Kit delivers an unforgettable vaping experience. It produces remarkable vapor, and comes with all of the most popular e-cig accessories offered by V2 Cigs.

Features of the V2 Ultimate Kit-

  • 25 V2 Flavor Cartridges
  • 1 V2 Smart Charger
  • 3 V2 Batteries
  • 1 V2 Metal Carry Case
  • 1 V2 Portable Charging Case
  • 1 V2 Power-Cig
  • 1 V2 Car Adapter (2amp)
  • 1 V2 Wall Adapter
  • 1 V2 Lanyard
  • 1 V2 Manual

V2 Ultimate Kit: General Usage Information-

The V2 Ultimate Kit is also one of the newest starter kits from V2 Cigs. It works pretty much like its counterparts. The Kit’s vapor production and throat hit is quite incredible. When it comes to power, the batteries perform quite remarkably.

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V2 Power-Cig Kit

The V2 Power-Cig Kit is a wonderful vaping device equipped with remarkable features. It’s the ultimate vapor machine designed to generate super thick vapor for an awesome vaping experience. The Power-Cig heats up e-liquid to the right temperature to create a smooth and very thick vapor. And the best thing about it is that it is not susceptible to battery decline, so the vapor thickness remains consistent.

Features of the V2 Power-Cig Kit-

  • Comes with 1 5-pack of V2 Flavor Cartridges (your choice of flavor)
  • USB plug (attached to the cord)
  • 7.2 foot (2.2 meter) stretchable cord
  • Manual push-button (located on the device)
  • 5 volts (the power rating)
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