Uwell Nunchaku Review – Sub-Ohm Tank

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Uwell Nunchaku Tank Review: Bottom Line

The Uwell Nunchaku Tank is a great Sub-Ohm Atomizer, especially for Beginners. It has a plug and pull pre-made coils that can be easily replaced within seconds, compared to traditional threaded coils. A helix internal design that adds a big boost to its overall aesthetic value.

Uwell Nunchaku Tank Review: Background

A very interesting pre-made coil with a ‘Plug-and-Pull’ Mechanism, you can now easily replace your coils within seconds. All Beginners who would like to try a sub-ohm coil without putting an effort to create a custom resistance wires will greatly benefit from this tank.

The Uwell Nunchaku Sub-Ohm Tank ($29.99 from VaporDNA) has an awesome helix designed internal cage that has greatly boost its overall aesthetics.

Uwell nunchaku review background
Portable Size

What’s in the Box?

What will you get on Uwell Nunchaku Sub-Ohm Tank Package?

  • 1x Uwell Nunchaku Sub-Ohm Tank
    • 0.25-ohm coil
    • 0.4-ohm coil 
  • Replacement Glass
  • Spare Parts
  • User Manual
Uwell nunchaku review package

Key Features of Uwell Nunchaku Tank

What are the key features of Uwell Nunchaku Sub-Ohm Tank?

Uwell Nunchaku Sub-Ohm Tank

  • Plug and Pull Coils – A Unique pre-made sub-ohm coils with a plug and pull mechanism, it would be easier to change from different coils compared to a traditional screw type coils.
  • 25.2mm Diameter – It has a 25.2mm overall diameter that will fit into most regular size Box Mods or Tube Mods.
  • Bottom Airflow – Dual adjustable air holes located at the bottom that can be adjusted up to 10mm in size that can produce massive vapor productions.
  • Nunchaku Sub-Ohm Coils – This tank is created with Nunchaku own coils with 0.25-ohm and 0.4-ohm pre-made coil heads.
  • Helix Internal Design – One of the best design features is having a helix design inside the tank that literally boost its overall aesthetic value.
Uwell nunchaku review airholes
Adjustable Bottom Airholes
Uwell nunchaku review disassembly
Easy To Disassemble

Design of Uwell Nunchaku Tank

The first impression on seeing the Uwell Nunchaku Sub-Ohm Tank has been great. I am really amazed on its internal design, adding a helix cage inside. The Uwell Nunchaku Tank is also small compared to other regular tanks with just 49.6mm in total height and 25.2mm in diameter.

The paint job is also done professionally, it feels and looks like a quality device. You can find 6 color options at VaporDNA, I suggest getting the Sapphire Blue as it really looks amazing to me.

Uwell nunchaku review design
Stunning Internal Design

Performance of Uwell Nunchaku Tank

The included pre-made coil with a 0.25-ohm resistance will definitely provide all users a great vapor production, also a 0.4-ohm coil for flavor chasers, I suggest minimize down your airholes while using this coil for a better flavor output.

All beginners will definitely benefit with this sub-ohm tank, not worrying about creating a custom coil.

Uwell nunchaku review performance
Sub-Ohm Performance

Uwell Nunchaku Tank VS Similar Tanks

What is the key difference of Uwell Nunchaku Tank to other Sub-Ohm Tanks?

  • iJoy Captain X3S Tank vs Uwell Nunchaku Tank – In terms of design for a beginner sub-ohm tank, Uwell Nunchaku Tank is way better than the X3S tank, it is also more compact with the overall height.
  • Geekvape Blitzen RTA vs Uwell Nunchaku Tank – Both of these Sub-Ohm Tanks has great overall design, I can’t pick to which is better. Geekvape Blitzen RTA is more of an advance atomizer as for Uwell Nunchaku is better for beginners with its pre-made coils.

Final Thoughts: Uwell Nunchaku Tank Review

The best thing for me about the Uwell Nunchaku Tank ($29.99 from VaporDNA) is the helix designed internal cage, it has provide a great boost in the overall aesthetics, just look how awesome it is. Also, the color options from VaporDNA is great, all of them has a professional paint job.

The plug and pull mechanism is very useful when replacing new coils, it is easy and time-saving feature that all Beginners will definitely have a benefit using this device.

Where to buy the Uwell Nunchaku Sub-Ohm Tank?

Uwell Nunchaku Sub-Ohm Tank

Buy from VaporDNA to save $5 off

$29.99 $34.99

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