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Twelve's Juno Ultra Portable Kit is an e-vaping system intended to go head to head with the infamous Von Erl, JUUL, and MyJet systems, features a draw activated firing system with a 380mAh rechargeable battery and three included prefilled 36mg strength 1.6ml Juno Pods which are non-refillable. An overall performance kit with strict airflow when taking a draw, so vaping on this device feels so natural like taking a smoke on a cigarette.

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Twelve Juno Kit Review:

Today we will be looking at the JUNO vaping system by Twelve ($39.99 from VaporDNA). An eCig similar to the JUUL, My Von Erl, and MyJet and probably can go head to head with this three popular vaping system. Let’s dive in and see if this device will have a slot on my best e-Cig of this early 2017.

Design and Features of JUNO

The device itself features activate firing mechanism similar to what you find on the JUUL and MyJet, this feature will automatically fire up when you take draws due to its lip sensing technology, a similar technology found on some high-end vaporizers like Pax 3 and Era. The JUNO has a strict airflow when taking a draw, so vaping on this device feels so natural like taking a smoke on a cigarette.

The JUNO Portable Full Kit features activate firing mechanism and LED sensor that senses every time you take draws.

The JUNO has a tiny LED sensor located at the bottom of its logo name, so when it starts firing, the LED sensor will turn Green and when its starts dying it will eventually turn Red. The micro-USB port is on the bottom of the device and you can charge it in with its standard USB cable included in the kit.

E-Liquid and Cartridges

As for its cartridges, this will work similar to MyJet and JUUL, simply pop it out and replace it with new pods – there are only 3 available pods included in the kit and each pod has a capacity of 1.6ml of e-Liquid which is equivalent to one pack of cigarettes. Keep in mind that these pods are not refillable unlike the MyJet eCig. Although this will be a little bit of disappointment for some, for me this feature is great to have since it will NOT make any spit backs like the MyJet does after refilling its cartridges with e-Juice. Try to check VaporDNA. They sell JUNO’s four decadent flavors for just $17.99 per 4 packs.

The Kit comes with only 3 cartridges/pods which are not refillable.

The e-Liquid that comes on the JUNO e-vaping system are Menthol, Tobacco, Dessert, and Fruit. I personally like the Tobacco and Dessert flavor but for the remaining two flavors it is quite subtle especially the menthol one. In my personal opinion, the Menthol flavor is A-Okay, but it doesn’t hit the mark to my personal taste. Although some people really liked it, it’s hard for me to give it an A+. But please don’t stick to my opinion only. Try to find other reviews and see it for yourselves.

JUNO eCig pods are available in FOUR decadent flavors: Fruit, Tobacco, Menthol, and Dessert.

What’s in the Box?

In the Kit you’ve got 3 cartridges, an extra and very short micro-USB cable, an instructional manual thou I’m not sure if you’re gonna need it since the device is super easy and simple to use.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the kit performed well, the 380mAh battery can’t support your all-day vaping but it has fast charging feature so this is fine for me. I didn’t get much spit back on this device since the pods are not refillable and very tight sealed. I have to mention that I have encountered leaking issues after I tried to messed it up and refill it with my own liquid which is supposedly not recommended but I’ve tried it for the purpose of this review! Yes, it’s possible to refill the pods with your own liquid but it will be a little difficult to crack thru and be sure you used it at your own risk.

Where to buy the JUNO Portable Full Kit?

I recommend buying the JUNO Portable Full Kit at VaporDNA. They offer Free Shipping on all orders over $49 and get 10% off when you signup for their newsletter and refer it to a friend.

JUNO Portable Full Kit

Buy the JUNO Portable Full Kit from VaporDNA and get Free Shipping over $49.




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