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Tonix e-Liquid is a new line by Element e-Liquid. With a 73% VG mix, its one of the premium e-liquid that Element was ever release. Flavor explosion with every inhale and exhale, huge clouds in every hit! Made with Superior Ingredients such as nicotine extracted from natural American tobacco and comes in 5 incredible flavors. That's what you expect from the award-winning Element e-Liquids.

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In-Depth TONIX e-liquid Review:

Tonix Sub-Atomic Compounds are a range of premium e-Liquids by Element, the creators of Fresh Squeeze and Frost! With a 73% VG mix, there’s still that same high VG goodness, and the same lip-smacking, flavor explosion with every inhale and exhale!

Choose 50/50s in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg nicotine. 70+ VG strengths come in 0 mg, 3 mg and 6 mg nicotine. 50/50s come in 10mL and 30mL bottles. Drippers come in 30 ml and 100 ml elixir bottles. With a delicious of dessert flavor mixes, this is definitely a range to keep an eye and taste buds on. We will go ahead and taste every flavor and I will give you my honest full review of each flavor.

Element e-Liquids

Left to Right: Element e-Liquid, Tonix and Far e-Liquid.

  • Cherry Almond“Bright and lively cherries with subtle notes of sweet candied almonds. Tonix e-Liquid review Cherry AlmondAn enchanting rich blend of roasted candied almonds with lively sweet cherries delicately intertwine with soft creamy notes. A perfectly smooth treat you so richly deserve.”

Flavor Review: This is a really soft cherry. It’s a 50/50 cherry/almond flavor. You get both big hits on the inhale and both on the exhale it lingers on your tongue wanting to go back for more. Element is really good on making INCREDIBLE ejuice all-the-time. Never failed to impress me. Just WOW


  • Tangy Tart A daring rendition of sweet and tart certain to knock your taste buds out. Satisfy your inner tangy lover with our full-bodied blend of fruity confections. Tonix e-Liquid review tangy tartLoaded with lip-smacking flavors, this infusion swirls sweet and tart together delivering a sensory treat as unique as you.”

Flavor Review: The branding is like a midcentury steampunk style. It’s a citrusy blend that you can feel cakey flavor. It’s quite tarty like a lemony tart jam you can get on your favorite bake shops. Really thick, smooth and lovely. It tastes exactly what I imagine.


  • Blood Orange“Bright bursts of citrus and naturally sweet blood orange blend. Inspired by the soft breezes of the Mediterranean, this citrus splendor captures the vibrant and colorful flavors of both Spain and Italy. Slices of sweet blood orange immersed in its own naturally sweet juice, is the perfect refreshment for a hot summer day.”Tonix e-Liquid review Blood Orange

Flavor Review: If you tasted the original line of Element e-Liquid “Fresh Squeeze” famous for being fruity flavor, this is similar to that – no difference. Its good don’t get me wrong. Maybe they put other elements in their like lemons but it’s still the same taste as Fresh Squeeze.


  • PB & Blueberry Jam“Luxuriously creamy and undeniably dreamy union of peanut butter and jam. This romantic duo of rich peanut butter mingling with the oh-so-sweet blueberry jam is destined to live your taste buds asking for more.”

Tonix e-Liquid review BlueberryFlavor Review: Wow! These juices have not failed me to impress so far. It’s hard with peanut butter there are so many creamy peanut butters alike on the market today but no one can beat this – it hits them on the head. This is PEANUT BUTTER it’s a HUGE hit of peanut butter straight on the inhale and on the exhale and aftertaste you get that lingering fruity blueberry jam it’s in here. No bitter taste like you get with some peanut butter ejuice and the fruity cream that soften the whole flavor. AHH! This is INCREDIBLE!


  • American Apple Pie“Sweet cinnamon and crisp apples intermingle rendering a blend that is bold in flavor and heritage. An all-time classic delight of delicious apple slices and sweet cinnamon infused with notes of flaky pie crust to create unforgettable home cooked treat.”Tonix e-Liquid review Apple Pie

Flavor Review: Holy WOW! This vape tasted like warm cinnamon apple pie. I can taste the pie crust in my mouth in every vape. Sometimes cinnamon can really take over the flavor this hasn’t done that. It just sits below the apple taste. And on the exhale you get that sort of doughy pie crustiness. In every vape, it gets better and better like you’re eating your favorite apple pie. Of all the Tonix e-Liquid flavor this would be my favorite. Get yours now!



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Tonix e-Liquid

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tonix e-liquid review

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