Session vs On Demand Vaporizers

Session vs on-demand vaporizers

Session vaporizers and on demand vaporizers each offer their own set of positives and negatives. Session vapes tend to be more consistent and easy to use but they don’t give you much of a choice of your session length. On demand vaporizers are more efficient when it comes to herb usage and battery life, but they tend to be more difficult to use.

JUUL Alternatives: Top 4 JUUL-like Vapes

JUUL alternatives

If you don’t want to follow the e-cigarette crowd and get a JUUL, then there are a bunch of other choices that will allow you to forge your own path. These JUUL alternatives are either just as good as the JUUL, or in some cases, even better. The e-cig marketplace is fiercer than ever and there is more competition than ever, so if you want to try something besides the JUUL, now you can.

How to Get More Vapor from Your Weed Vape

tips to get more vapor from herb vaporizer

If you want to get bigger and thicker vapor from your vaporizer, then you’re in the right place. In this article, you’ll learn all the tips and tricks you need to get the maximum amount of vapor from your dry herb vape. You won’t be challenging vape mods or concentrate vapes for vapor supremacy anytime soon, but you will be getting a lot more vapor than before.

Do Vaporizers Smell like Weed?

Zeus Arc Vaporizer Ground Weed

Do vaporizers smell like weed? If you want to enjoy your cannabis in secret, then that is a question you may be asking. The answer is somewhat complicated, but overall, vaping your weed is a superior alternative to smoking it, for several reasons. Some of those reasons are that vaping doesn’t create any harmful chemicals and that it is more convenient. Is a less obvious scent one of the other reasons? You’ll find out in this article.

Analog vs Digital Vaporizers

Dynavap M wooden container

Butane vaporizers occupy a small niche in the vaping world compared to electric vaporizers. Is it a niche that deserves to be bigger or does it deserve to stay under the radar? Find out the answer in our article about the difference between butane and electric vaporizers.

The Rise of THC Oil Pod Vaporizers

closed system oil vaporizers

Oil pod vaporizers have become a popular segment of the vaporizer marketplace because of their convenience and how easy they are to use. The only thing holding them back is that the sale of them is limited to a few states in the nation. Find out how this market became so popular and what its future may hold in the rise of the THC oil pod vaporizers article.

7 Ways to Clean Your Wax Vaporizer

Keep your wax vape with the tips and advice found in this article. Avoid foul tasting vapor and clogged airpaths by cleaning your vape pen regularly. This article shows you all the ways to keep your vaporizer pen running as good as new.