KandyPens Rubi vs Pax Era Comparison

KandyPens RUBI vs Pax Era

The KandyPens Rubi is an open system e-cig and the Pax Era is a closed system oil vaporizer, so why compare them? The reason is that the Rubi can vape oils as well as e-liquids, plus they both have some similarities that make them great choices in their respective categories. Find out their similarities and differences, as well as their strengths and weaknesses, in this comparison between the KandyPens Rubi and the Pax Era.

KandyPens Rubi vs JUUL Comparison

Pax Era VS KandyPens RUBI comparison

The KandyPens Rubi and the JUUL are two great e-cigs that nonetheless have their own strengths and weaknesses. So, which one’s strengths are greater and which one’s weaknesses are more glaring? That’s what this comparison will help you to find out. They are both great but one is better. Read the comparison to find out which one that is.

Your Guide To Extract Vaping

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Your guide to extract vaping is the best place to get a nice little summary of every page related to extract vaping and extract vaporizers. Whether you want to learn about the different kinds of extracts, the types of extract vaporizers, or how to clean them, you will find the answers here. So take a look and get a better idea of what extract vaping is all about.

Extract/ Wax Vaporizers Buying Guide

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There are so many extract vaporizers to choose from that it can be overwhelming for new users. Even seasoned users can feel inundated by the wealth of options available. This extract vaporizer buying guide is here to help all users sort out all of the various different kinds of extract vaporizers available to them. It is also here to help give them an idea of which one of those extract vaporizers is right for them based on their experience level and the vaporizers’ price point. So dive on in and let us be your guide to extract vaporizers.

Extract Types: Wax vs Oil

So, you’ve heard about dry herb vaping, and with marijuana laws and restrictions across the country becoming looser, you’ve decided to give it a shot. But where do you even start? If that’s something that you’ve been wondering about, then you’re in the right place. This is where you’ll learn everything there is to know about how to vape dry herb.

How To Clean Your Wax Vaporizer

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Nobody likes to clean, but it is clearly necessary if you want your vape pen to remain operational. You can see that vape pens are a little more high maintenance than other vaporizer types. But when you consider the convenience of using them and the amount of vaping pleasure they can bring, you realize that the relatively high maintenance is a worthy trade-off. So keep that vape clean if you want to keep that vape working.

What Is The Best Temperature For Dabbing?

KandyPens Amber Rose wax dab

There are a lot of different factors when it comes to dabbing and the temperature is one of the most important. That is because it has a significant impact on the vaping experience, especially to newcomers. That is why this guide is here to help you learn the most effective temperature for dabbing.

Types of Extract Vaporizers

There are so many different types of extract vaporizers that choosing just one can seem overwhelming. That’s why this guide is here. It will help sort out all the different extract vaporizer categories so that you can make an informed decision about which one suits you the best. When you’re done, you will know all you need to know about, vape pens, oil vaporizers, e-nails, and portable dab rigs.

How To Use a Wax Vaporizer

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Using a wax vaporizer isn’t a complex thing, in some ways, it’s even easier than using a weed vaporizer. That goes for whether you are using a wax vaporizer, an oil vaporizer with a refillable battery, or a 510 battery that works with pre-filled cartridges. All of them are pretty easy to use, which you will know after reading this article on how to use a wax vaporizer.

How Extract Vaping Works

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For some people, extract vaping is more of a mystery than dry herb vaping, which is perfectly understandable. Weed vaping is pretty straightforward, while extract vaping uses a lot of different, highly scientific techniques. This article is here to clarify and simplify those techniques to help you understand how extracts are made and the type of extracts that are made. So, if you have any lingering questions about how extract vaping works, they will be answered right here.

Coil Types of Extract Vaporizers

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If you’re thinking about getting into extract vaping, then vape pens are one of the easiest ways to get started. The only thing you have to think about is the type of coil that you want to use. There aren’t too many kinds of coils to choose from, but they each provide a substantially different vaping experience, so you should know what that experience is. You can find out in this guide to the different coil types of extract vaporizers.

How To Clean a Dry Herb Vaporizer

Cleaning is never fun, but a dirty vaporizer is even less fun. So, if you want to keep enjoying your vaporizer, then you need to learn how to give it a thorough cleaning. Not only will it last longer, but the vapor it produces will remain flavorful as well. So if you want to know how to clean your dry herb vaporizer, then this is the place to be.

Heating Methods Of Dry Herb Vaporizers

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Dry herb vaporizers can use various different methods, each of which is capable of producing high-quality vapor. The methods used are conduction heating, convection heating, and a hybrid of the two. Each heating method of dry herb vaporizers has its advantages and disadvantages and you can learn all about them in this article.

Types Of Dry Herb Vaporizers

Even though there are different types of vaporizers, portable vapes are pretty much the name of the game. That is because they come in such a wide variety that most vapers will be able to find one that appeals to them. Desktop vaporizers are more suited for hardcore, old school vapers, while analog vaporizers are more for niche users, so neither of them can match the wide appeal of portable vaporizers. Nonetheless, desktop and analog vapes still have their place, proving that the market has room for all types of vaporizers.

How Do Dry Herb Vaporizers Work?

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Dry herb vaporizers are actually fairly simple devices despite how complicated they might seem at first. Each one consists of three common elements, the battery, the herb chamber, and the mouthpiece. Once you learn more about each of these elements, you will get a better idea of how dry herb vaporizers work and also which of those elements is most important to you.

How to Use a Dry Herb Vaporizer

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So, you’ve heard about dry herb vaping, and with marijuana laws and restrictions across the country becoming looser, you’ve decided to give it a shot. But where do you even start? If that’s something that you’ve been wondering about, then you’re in the right place. This is where you’ll learn everything there is to know about how to vape dry herb.

Pax 3 Tips and Tricks

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How do you make the best even better? It’s not easy but this list of tips and tricks for the Pax 3 vaporizer is a good start. The Pax 3 is already one of the best weed vapes and this list will help to push it to its maximum potential. Even if you don’t own a Pax 3 you’ll likely find a lot of these hacks useful for any type of vaporizer.

5 Reasons why vaping weed is better than smoking it

Vaping your weed is better than smoking it, common knowledge right? You would think so, but sometimes people need to be reminded of why that is. That’s understandable, after all, a vaporizer can be an expensive proposition for many people so they want to be sure that there investment is worth it. It is, but they might want to know why, so here are five big reasons why vaping weed is better than smoking it.

Pen Simple VS Easy Grinder


Most vaporizer aficionados swear by manual grinders, but that doesn’t mean you should count out electric grinders. They are easier to use, which may be important for some people. If you are one of those people, then check out the PenSimple vs Easy Grinder comparison to find out which one is right for you.

Crafty vs Mighty Comparison

crafty vs mighty comparison

The Crafty and the Mighty are two of the best dry herb vaporizers ever made. They are both easy to use and they both deliver excellent vapor quality. The choice between the two comes down to whether you prefer to vape on the go or to vape at home. No matter which choice you make, you will be getting an excellent vaporizer that can stand up to any challengers.

Vaping VS Smoking Weed

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There are a lot of reasons why vaping weed is becoming more popular, and many of them involve the fact that it is a superior alternative to smoking weed. Vaping is more efficient, more cost-effective, it’s cleaner, and it’s less detrimental to your lung and respiratory health. If you need more details, check out the complete article to find out the differences between vaping and smoking weed.

How To Use a Vape Pen

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Wax extracts are a popular way of using marijuana and vape pens are a popular way of using wax extracts. That’s because vape pens are very easy to use, plus they are convenient, since most are portable enough to be taken anywhere. So vape pens allow you to use wax whenever and wherever you want. Learn how to use them right here in this article.

When to Replace Herb in Vaporizer Oven

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Yes, your herb is precious, and you want to preserve it for as long as you can, but you need to know when it’s completely spent and you need to refill your chamber. This can be a little tricky if you’re new to vaping, but with this guide, you won’t be left wondering when you should keep vaping and when it’s time for a new batch of weed.

Session vs On Demand Vaporizers

Session vs on-demand vaporizers

Session vaporizers and on demand vaporizers each offer their own set of positives and negatives. Session vapes tend to be more consistent and easy to use but they don’t give you much of a choice of your session length. On demand vaporizers are more efficient when it comes to herb usage and battery life, but they tend to be more difficult to use.